Attack Option Name Filter

In CSbuild, in the 'Edit/Global Info' dialog, you can specify a location called the 'Attack Option Name Filter Location'. If there is a DSA at that location, it is called whenever the 'Attack Options' are about to be displayed. Things like 'CHOP', 'THROW', 'WAR CRY', etc. The DSA is ccalled one to three times, once for each of the possible attack options. The parameters are:

0 - The index of the character doing the attack.

1 - The attack option index. 0, 1, or 2 for the three possible attack options.

2 - An integer. Initially set to minus-one.

3 - The number of valid attack options.

4 - The Attack Type

The DSA can replace parameter number 2 with another integer. After the DSA executes, this integer is examined. If it is an integer between 0 and 65535 then it is used to fetch the associated Global Text Variable, which is displayed as the attack option name. Otherwise the default attack option name is displayed.