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TOGoS's public D5.2 server

Welcome to TOGoS's public D5.2 server.

Java 1.5 is required to use D5.2.

Read the User Guide before playing! Otherwise you will not know the controls and might make a mess of things for other users.

D5.2 is a web-based game in which players explore an infinite procedurally generated world. Players can claim sections of the map and build on them by tunneling through mountains, building bridges, making gardens, or pretty much anything else.

This game, for me, is a reaction against strategy games such as age of empires where building up a city tends to result either in its destruction, or its disappearing at the end of the game. While building in D5.2, players don't need to worry about their creations dissapearing, and so can feel free to put more time and effort into making an interesting world. Current users have described it as 'addictive in a strange, new way' and 'goddammit i need to do my diffeq homework but this is so much fun' :)

You can download the whole system (php scripts, java source and class files, basic data) from d5-2.sourceforge.net.

Send questions or comments (on the engine or this particular server) to chumps_53705 at yahoo daught com.