Wendy Benton Knaupp May Day Award

for Forgotten Kindness


Dear Ann

It was twenty year ago this summer. You and Dianne and Bev were sitting around Bev's table talking about the Xiong children. All three of us were hurting for them. I can't remember exactly how it happened, but Dianne had volunteered to take Shanie and Davida. You thought about it for about ten seconds and then volunteered to take Jennifer. And you still have her!

It was not ever easy. You had to handle all Jennifer's anxiety and homesickness and feelings of resentment. Then you had to continuously negotiate with her mother.

You were not only a wonderful adopted mother to Jennifer, you extended your self to all her siblings and kept in contact with them. You welcomed them into your home and made a home for Shanie and Wendy and Wendy's baby when they needed refuge.

You have been a blessing in Jennifer's life and maybe even a lifesaver. In turn, she is truly a daughter to you. Now that your health is less than perfect, you are reaping the fruit of the time and kindness you invested in her. Likewise you have been a blessing to all the Xiong children.

More people admire you and the steadfast love with which you have lived your life, than you will ever know.

For your great kindness you are awarded

The Wendy Benton Knaupp May Day Award

for Forgotten Kindness

Love, Bev and Dianne