May 1, 2004

The Wendy Benton May Day Award!!

As the year passed since I received this Special Award, I kept thinking about the important support that Kathy Dustin has given to my husband Jack and to me in this humbling attack on our family. Our son Chuck has been the Majority Leader of the Democratic Party of the Wisconsin Legislature. His goal in this position was to help enact laws, which could be fair to all and make our State a model of Civility. Why he has been targeted and what will happen in the courts has given our family heavy hearts. However, many have been good to us; Kathy Dustin in particular has been very attentive to our feelings. Kathy is always there with positive thoughts and encouragement. I guess I could quote Diane's statement in Capital Letters "YOU MUST LOOK FOR AND CELEBRATE EVERY POSITIVE STEP NO MATTER HOW SMALL."

So, Kathy, Please accept this Award for the gift of your friendship and your caring spirit.

Mary Ann Chvala