May 1, 2016

Dear Pat

Did you know you are my hero?

You made such a difference in my life after Heather's accident when you came and sat with me every evening while Paul was at the hospital. Before you started coming I would have every kind of demon thrashing around in my head. I could visualize exactly what was happening in my dear Heather's brain. Sometimes I screamed at the top of my lungs to let the hurt out.

But within a few days of the accident you started to come and sit with me. And you were so consoling and calming. Even though you had to get up and go to work every morning, you came every evening until another friend got the idea to organize a whole group of people to come and sit with me. And then they came night after night until I didn't need them anymore. What a beautiful gift these visits were for me and you started them and inspired them all.

I also admire you for the beautiful way you have lived you life. When your daughter, Nancy, was in my Girl Scout troop you were a struggling single mother. You were very conscientious in seeing that Nancy had everything she needed and was a responsible member of the group. I noticed that.

Now in our older years, your mother has become my dear friend and a member of my Bridge Club. She regularly tells me the wonderful time you put in caring for her and your dad. She has said many tines, "Pat was put on the earth to bring happiness to people." I believe she's right!

Pat, I admire you so much! Just like my friend Wendy, you made a huge difference during one of the most difficult times of my life. Because of your kindness at a time of great need I am awarding you:

The 2016

Wendy Benton Knaupp May Day Award

for Forgotten Kindness

Love Always,

Your Friend Forever,