May 1, 2014

Dear Bonnie,

Do you know how much I admire you? Let me tell you!

Though we were acquainted through church, I didn't really get to know you well until after Heather's accident when you volunteered to be one of the Eleven Wonderful Woman that were Heather's companions once a week for the eleven moths of her hospitalization. I'll bet that none of you would have volunteered if you had had any idea what you were getting into. It must have been a rather scary thing to do in the first place, not really knowing in what kind of shape you would find Heather, not being able to communicate with her and not knowing exactly what might be expected of you. But then, in spite of all those scary uncertainties, you continued on, week after week, month after month, visiting Heather and thereby, easing the burden for Paul and me and comforting Heather with your gentle loving presence. You made us feel like God was carrying us through that horrid ordeal.

Then there were other very sweet things you did throughout the years. After we were finally home form the hospital you offered to come to our house one day and entertain Daniel. Dawne had him out somewhere and we expected him home at any moment. You patiently sat here waiting for him for ages! But when he finally arrived, you were so tender and attentive with him!

I'm sure you remember the Shanie and Davida chapter of our lives. Paul and I felt strongly that kids should walk home from school, that it was good for them and they shouldn't be molly-coddled. We hired Daniel, age ten, to walk with them and be sure they got home safely. Unfortunately, Daniel sometimes teased and scared them. So you, living half-way between school and our house, offered to be a refuge for them on days they felt too hassled. And as I recall, you had to rescued them from Daniel the Terrible on several occasions!

Then there is our house! Your husband Don built our house 62 years ago and yours was the first family to live here. You'd be surprised if you knew how often I picture you as a young mother with your long braid, scurrying about within these walls. I think a wisp of your good and gentle spirit still lives here.

You, Bonnie, are one of my heros. And I think I'd like to be like you if I ever grow up!

My friend Wendy made a great difference in my life by giving me friendship at an extremely vulnerable time. And like Wendy, you saved me when I was drowning. Because of your kindness at a time of great need I am awarding you:

The 2014

Wendy Benton Knaupp May Day Award

for Forgotten Kindness

Love Always,

Your Friend Forever,