Wendy Benton May Day Award for Forgotten Kindness


Sharon Kennelly

Dear Sharon,

You have become such a dear special friend to me.

Your kindness and support of my family and me during our last two hospitalizations comforted us and eased our stress at a very stressful time. You brought us wonderful things to eat prepared by your loving hands. And you sat with me in the hospital during those long hours when Heather was so out-of-it.

It probably didn't seem like a big deal to you because you do so many kind things for so many people all the time. I should include Bill in this too. I am amazed at all the people you reach out to and help during their life traumas, both major and minor. I think you are two of the most Christian people I know. Even though you say you're not.

And because you're kindness helped me so much at a vulnerable time I want you to receive this 2011 Wendy Benton May Day Award for Forgotten kindness.

Even without the food and the visits and support, I would still value your friendship!


Your Forever Friend,