Wendy Benton Knaupp May Day Award

for Forgotten Kindnesses 2010

To Shirley McIntosh from Marilyn Laurion

Shirley McIntosh, you are a dear friend of mine for these many years.

Our friendship blossomed early in the 1960s when we both joined ORUCC in Madison. Our families found joy together in many activities. Camping was one of them, and along with Jim and Pat Hale, we camped at Peninsula State Park and canoed in the Flambeau Flowage. Your daughter Deborah and our son Tom were about the same age. Ruthie and your son Scott were playmates. Our Jim and Joan filled out our families. Also, Sage, your spunky terrier, went along on every trip. Having started your scavenging, Bill and you brought home large dried driftwood from the north in a little red trailer.

Then, you moved to Colorado Springs, and we visited you there, enjoying your great food and warm hospitality.

In Austin, your mother lived with you. You also discovered Mary, your brother's daughter, in foster care and brought her into your home. Bill and you stood by and helped her for these many years. Your steadfast love and guidance gave her a strong base for her adult life. You made a home for Mary and your college age son and daughter. In Austin, you also sustained an adult lunch program in your church.

Missing Colorado, you moved back and there, on our many visits, we went on trips with you and further developed our great friendship.

Then came your Pinnacle Experience. Having purchased a large empty frame of a log house, you restored it over the years into a home of thoughtful beauty. I will always remember and appreciate your magnanimous invitation to bring the McIntoshes and the Laurions together at the time of our daughter Joan's 50th birthday.

And now our several visits with Bill and you, Deborah and Paul and Adam, in Fort Collins – always your charm and welcoming spirit in your lovely home and garden.

We have been so blessed in our friendship with you. Love always,