Wendy Benton May Day Award for Forgotten Kindness


Cherie Olsen

Dear Cherie,

You are such a dear special person, to so many people, especially me, that I want to award you the 2010 Wendy Benton May Day Award for Forgotten Kindness. You have gone so out of your way for my family many times over the years. After Heather came home from the hospital following her accident yours was one of the most faithful church families at coming to help with Dan and Heather so Paul and I could have a night out. I know that wasn't always easy or convenient. Besides helping to keep our marriage strong, that ministry helped Dan to grow up knowing there was a community of people out there that he was important to. I remember how excited he was when we finally got back to church and he would see the people who had come to our house to help out. His face would light up and he'd point when he saw you special people.

Then there was your professional ministry to both Dan and my mom. Dan was terrified of the dentist – even the children's dentist that dressed up in the clown suit! You let him lie on top of me in the dentist's chair and very gently and patiently explained each tool and each move that you made. You cured him! He was never afraid again. And then Grandma! Who ever heard of a dental hygienist that makes house calls! That was such a blessing the way you would come over and clean her teeth, knowing there was no way she was going out to the dentist with those two broken legs sticking out in front of her.

Through the years you have been such a good and special friend to Heather. I'll never forget that night at Party Gras. It was at a point where I was feeling like people at church were oblivious to her feelings. We started the Grand March and there was no way we could participate and push her wheelchair through that maze of chairs. You came forward and saved the day, directing people what they needed to do so someone in a wheelchair could feel included. That may seem a small thing, and I know I've mentioned it before. At the time it was a VERY BIG THING to me. And through the years you've always been kind and a friend to Heather in so many ways, not the least of which is your Wrapping of the Christmas Gifts afternoon.

I believe you embody the spirit of giving and kindness that I once received from my girlhood friend Wendy Benton as much as anyone I know. It is my hope that, if there is someone whose kindness has meant a great deal in your life, that you will pass this award on to them next May Day (or sometime. Instructions included! :-) ).

Thank you for being an inspiring example of God's love in action, to so many people, but especially to me.

Love Always Dear Friend,