Wendy Benton Knaupp May Day Award
for Forgotten Kindness


Lyn Laurion
presented by Sandra Dyar   

Congratulations! I have chosen to give you the Wendy Benton Award for Forgotten Kindness. This award was established by Dianne Stevens to be passed by its recipients to important people in their lives. It gives me much pleasure to have this opportunity to express my gratitude to you for the many kindnesses you have shown me over the years.

The generosity which you and Bob have demonstrated to our family has been almost overwhelming. When our boys were small, you invited us over for Sunday dinner, the first time anyone had done that. You served roast beef and showed me how to oven-roast potatoes with the meat. I have always done that since then. We enjoyed knowing your mother. We liked hearing about the hobby farm which you owned for several years. You invited us to your daughters' weddings, which were happy times. I am really glad that Ruthie called to ask why we had not answered her wedding invitation. We never did get that invitation in the mail! You invited us to your golden wedding anniversary celebration. What a beautiful occasion! Several times Bob has given us tickets to his Kiwanis pancake breakfasts. Bob even gave our Scott a tour of the Black Hawk Golf Course when Scott was researching Black Hawk. In case we did not tell you, Scott has written several papers about the Black Hawk War, one of which was published in "Buckskinner Magazine". You and Bob even took Gene and me to Madison Opera's production of "La Boheme," the only opera we have ever seen. We always have fun with you. It was Christmas in July when you gave me your fancy bicycle. I have ridden it for hundreds of miles, even in the winter when streets are not too icy. As I promised you, I always wear the helmet unless my cap is simply too big to fit under the helmet. I have missed you when you have wintered in Florida.

You have been a dear friend for almost 40 years, and we have shared many good times. Thank you for your friendship and your many gifts and kind words. I pray that God will continue to bring you blessings.