The Wendy Benton Knaupp

May Day Award for Forgotten Kindness

May 1, 2008

Dear Sandra,


I am picking you to receive my Wendy Benton May Day Award for Forgotten Kindness - 2008.

You have been an important person in my life who has personified Wendy's kindness so many times and in so many ways.

Here are just a few:

Remember the wonderful baby shower you gave for me when I was pregnant with Dan? (Golly! That was 25 years ago!) I had been coming to ORUCC for 8 years but I still didn't really feel I belonged, being a kind of paranoid shy person. You kept saying, "Do you know (Lyn Laurion, etc)?" And I'd say, "Well, no!" And you'd say, "Well you should." And they all came. And after that I did know them and I didn't feel so shy and paranoid anymore. That was a beautiful kindness you did for me.

Then when Heather had her accident you were there for me and us in so many ways:

*You came to hold vigil with me on those nights when Heather was still in the TLC unit and I was so desperate.

*You brought us food. When I was unable or incapable of returning the dishes, you came and rode them all home on your bicycle. I think you crashed and half of them broke. I'm sorry!

*When the church began sending folks to stay with Heather and Dan so Paul and I could have a night out, you and Gene were among the very most faithful volunteers.

* And you came not only on those designated nights but also on emergency nights like the evening I had to stay at the hospital with my mom because they had broken both her legs.

You ushered me into playing the piano at church. I was so self-conscious I couldn't do it on my own, so you played duets with me until our rears were too large to both fit on the piano bench anymore. (Oh dear! I probably shouldn't have said that!) After that I could do it on my own, even though they haven't asked me lately.

And then here's your crowning moment. You were here faithfully helping with Heather and Dan and Grandma was living with us. She had diarrhea and you mater-of-factly cleaned it up. I was so moved that you were not only willing but able to do that for us. I'm quite sure you earned your crown in heaven on that night!

You've been my good friend for over 30 years, Sandra, and I truly value your friendship even without these wonderful things, and numerous others, that you've done for me. But like with Wendy, the kind acts that you did when I was really needy will stay with me forever. I've heard God's love described as steadfast goodwill and that's what you (and Gene too) have showed for my family.

Thank you, Sandra, for your Kindness and Friendship. Thank you for being God's living love for a needy friend.

May God Bless you Always.