The Wendy Benton Knaupp

May Day Award for Forgotten Kindness


Lynn Roethe

“Some people become friends and stay awhile

leaving beautiful footprints on our hearts.”

Dear Lynn,

You have such a giving heart. You have shown this through Pastoral Partners—a group we have belonged to together for many years . Your care for and love for a special needs couple in our church was shown through your many visits with them through the years and your connections with them on Sundays. When they had a fire in their apartment, you were there to check on their needs with their caregivers. You planned and had a shower for them to provide new items for their apartment and continued to offer support at a difficult time. You helped with their connections to the church community.

You have been there for others in need as well, and at this time, you again offer that same wonderful care to another church family. You are patient and kind and such a good listener.

Our work together on Congregational Life a few years back was so much fun. Many intergenerational events were planned and Party Gras was launched. You have skills for working in a group and made it all seem effortless. Just by being there, you gave me an amazing amount of support and encouragement. You are a team member extraordinaire and I thank you for that.

Most of all, you are a great friend-- a friend who cares about me and my family. You ask how I am doing, you share a smile, you leave a “footprint on my heart. Lynn, you embody the spirit of giving and kindness that Dianne received from her friend, Wendy Benton. My life has been blessed with your friendship.


Cherie Olsen