Husband: Richard Belden, Knight (1 2 3)
Born: 26 May 1591 in Kippax, West Riding, Yorkshire, England
Married: 09 Dec 1622 in Kippax, West Riding, Yorkshire, England
Died: 22 Aug 1655 in Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut
Wife: Margaret Ackrenden (4)
Born: about 1591 in of Kippax, Yorkshire, England
01 (M): John Belden (5 6 7 8)
Born: 04 Feb 1630/1631 in probanly Heptonstall, Yorkshire, England (9)
Died: 27 Jun 1677 in Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut
Spouses: Lydia Standish
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    [referred to as Sir Knight]

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    The author of a Belden genealogy ("Concerning Some of the Ancstors and Descendants of Royal Denison and Olive Cadwell Belden," by JessiePerry Van Zile Belden (Mrs. James M. Belden) Printed for Private Circulation by J.B. Lippincott & Co., Phil, 1898. ) traces the English history of this family for over 800 years from before the battle of Hastings, 1066, and gives the arms.. The arms in posession of the descendants of Richard of Wethersfield have an added motto, "God my Leader." The name was first spelled Baylden until 1641; then on the Wethersfield records Beldon from 1641-1643: Belding from 1643-1736; Beldon from1736-1753; Belding from 1753-1825; Belden from 1825 to the present time. Hinman (NEHGR, vol 15, p 297) says that the spelling of the name was changed and restored to the orig. orthography through the exertions of Rev. Joshua Belden, minister at Newington CT abt 1772 by Col Elisha Williams, at that time Town Clerk of Wethersfield, who showed to him, on the early records, three several and distinct autographs of the elder John Belden.... A tradition in some branches of the family that the family is of Welch origin, that the name was orig. Bellenden, and that there was some connection with the British earldom of that name, need not be seriously credited.

    Richard, the Wethersfield settler, is supposed to have been (above ref.) a son of Sir Frances Baylden, of Kippax, Co. Yorkshire, England, and to have been bp 26 May 1591. If he is the same Richard Baylden whose bold well written signature was affixed to a document (26 March 1613) stating that he was aged 19 years of age, born at Kippax, ... it is probable that our Richard of Wethersfield had seen some military service in the Low Countries before emigrating hither. The identification of the Wethersfield Richard with the Kippax Richard seems to have hinged largely in the mind of a member of the English family on his belief that the later "was the only Richard, so far as I know, who would have had money to spend in the purchase of land, as Richard of Wethersfield did."

    It is true that the lands belonging to Richard Baylden in Wethersfield comprising 8 pieces in all, are located and described in.... as those given him by the Towne and those he bought of Jonas Woode,but it does not follow that he paid out much hard cash for them. We need not infer that he was a man of much superior means to his neighbors in the new settlement, more especially as the inventory of his etate, taken at his death in 1655 by John Talcott and John Nott, foots up only to 111pounds.

    He must have been 48 or 50 years of age when he came to Wethersfieldin 1641, and he died 1655; but during his brief American life he accumulated considerable real estate, which he left to his children; and the family which he founded has certainly exhibited a marked financial ability, as well as a high degree of moral and intellectual force. His home lot was on the corner of Broad Street and the way leading into the Great Plain and was sold in 1742.

    Richard Belden was appointed in 1646 one of the Town's cow-keepers or "herders" to look after the settler's cattle, during their daily pasturing in the meadows belonging to the Town - an office which in no wise affects our estimate of his character or social standing - since in those old days, men seem to have been willing to serve the community in any duty which was assigned to them.

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    (Summary) Born about 1631. Was made a freeman 1657; was enlisted trooper under Capt John Mason 1657-8; active in town affairs; He died 27 Jun 1677, ae 46; estate 911 pounds. He was probably a merchant as in Dec 1662, one Samuel Edsall of New Amsterdam gave him a due bill for 14 pounds, payable in "trading cloth" at 9s. per yard, and "Osenbridge at 20d. per yard, to be paid by the last of the following April, if Benfield (prob. the master of some trading vellel) come to the Manattans (Manhattan)". S.W.A.supposes this John Belden to have been the one who was licensed to be a tavern keeper, in Wethersfield, in 1673, as the only two other Johns of the same name were aged respectively only 15 and 25. He also thinks this was not the John who removed to Norwalk, CT.

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    "... states baptised Feb 8, 1634, Heptonstall, Yorkshire, England. Wethersfield records indicate he died in 1677 at age 46, suggesting that his birth was 4 years earlier, but on Feb 16, 1661, John of Wethersfield deposed that he was age 27. Freeman May 21, 1657, soldier in colonial wars, constable 1660, juror 1662, and tavern keeper 1673..."

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