Husband: Phillippe Kellogg (1)
Born: 15 Sep 1560 in of Bocking, Essex, England
Died: 24 Oct 1583 in Debden, Essex, England
Father: Thomas Kellogg
Mother: >>>
01 (M): Martin Kellogg (2)
Born: 15 Nov 1595 in Great Leighs, Essex, England
Died: 20 Sep 1661 in Braintree, Essex, England
Spouses: Prudence Bird
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Phillippe Kellogg:


per Wayne Olsen

From "The Kelloggs in the Old World and the New", by Timothy Hopkins,Sunset Press and Photo Engraving Co., San Francisco, 1903:

"...probably son of Thomas and grandson of Nicholas, of Debden, was the first of the name, in England, from whom the Kelloggs of the New World can, with certainty, trace their descent. He first appears in Bocking, Essex, a parish adjoining Braintree, 15 Sep 1583, when his son Thomas was baptized. Two years later he was found in Great Leighs, where his son, Robert, was baptized in 1585. That the record of baptism of all of his children has not been found, is shown by the record of the burial of his daughter Annis, in Great Leighs, 25 May 1611. The registers of Great Leighs extend to 1558. The record of the baptism of Robert is the first time that the name of Kellogg appears in the registers of that parish. There is a missing link in the chain of documentary evidence connecting the families of Bocking, Great Leighs and Debden. A close study of all the records, together with the trend of emigration from Debden, Thaxted, Bocking, Great Leighs and Braintree (in all of which parishes the principal occupation was spinning and weaving) in connection with the alliances in Great Leighs with persons of the same names as in Debden, convinces me that the line of descent from Nicholas is as given above. A search of Court Rolls of Great Leighs fails to reveal the nameof Kellogg.
No record of his death has been found, and as the records of Great Leighs are quite full, it is probably that he did not die there. He may have rem. to Braintree and had other children, but the records of Braintree extend no farther than 1660 and the earliest known date of aKellogg in Braintree was in 1623, when Moses Woll mentioned Phillippe'sson, Robert, in his will. "

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