Husband: Iner L. Bredeson Pierce (1 2 3 4 5)
Born: 19 Jul 1902 in Greenwood, Clark, WI (6 7)
Married: Oct 1927 in Sidney, Richland, MT
Died: 10 Mar 1986 in Terrebonne, Deschutes, OR (8 9)
Father: Frank Orlando Pierce
Mother: Martha Elizabeth Greely
Wife: Helen Uchytil (10 11 12)
Born: 24 Aug 1906 in Dickinson, Stark, ND (13)
Died: Jun 1982 in Terrebonne, Deschutes, OR (14)
01 (M): Maurice D. Pierce (15 16)
Born: about 1933
Died: 1988 in Oregon
Spouses: >>>
02 (?): Living
Additional Information

Iner L. Bredeson Pierce:


At the time of sister Winnie's death, Jan 1943, Iner is living in Searing, ND.

per Y Scheller letter of May 2004, Uncle Iner lived at LaPine, Oregon.

per Greely Manual: (Einer) and Helen lived in Terrebone, Oregon, Box 302, 97706

Per Clark County Website

BREDESEN family, Warner township
1906 sec 34 residence H. Bredeson (Henry)

from Ben Pierce, 4Aug 2013 - Henry Bredeson. He was from (Cristiana), now Oslo, Norway where he worked in the shipyard before coming to the US in about 1890. I do suspect his last name was probably correctly spelled Bredesen, and I have seen some articles where it was spelled both ways. The 'sen' is usually Norwegian or Danish, while the 'son' is usually Swedish.

BREDESON, Annie nee Anderson (27 Sept 1864 – 19 July 1902)
The community was shocked Saturday afternoon to learn of the death that afternoon, of Mrs. Henry Bredeson during childbirth, affected by kidney trouble. The case is doubly sad in that six children are left motherless, one being the newborn babe, which survived its twin brother (no name, born and died 19 July 1902, buried Greenwood cemetery). The children are Margaret, who graduated from the high school this last June and is engaged to teach a school at Tioga this coming fall. Olga, Hulda, Arthur, Jennie and the baby, Ina.
Deceased was Annie Anderson who was born near Christina, Norway. In 1885 she was married to Henry Bredeson, they coming to this country two years later, settling at Withee. Four years ago the family moved to Greenwood. Religiously Mrs. Bredeson was a Lutheran, but here she affiliated with the Presbyterians, the funeral being held from that church. Interment took place in the Greenwood cemetery. [Greenwood cemetery: Mrs. Henry (Annie) Bredesen died Sept 1908, no birth year or maiden name. Source = courthouse Second wife of this Henry Bredesen also named Annie?]

March 8, 1906: One of Henry Bredson’s little boys was bitten last Wednesday by a dog belonging to John Heggesta and as a consequence the dog and several others in the neighborhood have been sent to the happy hunting grounds of dogdom.

(The infant child called Ina above is actually Iner)

from Clark Co website 21 Oct 2011:
Source: Granton News (Granton, Clark Co., Wis.) 01/10/1913
----- Bredeson, Hilda #2 (28 DEC 1912)
(From the Marshfield News)
At the Methodist parsonage Saturday evening, Miss Hilda Bredeson of Greenwood (Clark Co., Wis.), and Mr. Earl Tompkins of Eaton, Clark County, were married by Rev. A. J. Coram. They spent Sunday in Marshfield, returning to their future home at Greenwood, Monday. Misses Alice Burns and Mary Goram attended the couple.

Ben Pierce email 6 Aug 2013 - As far as I know Iner was never officially adopted, just that he was so little (maybe just a few days old) when the Pierce family took him in that he began to use their name.

It seems the name Quinion was associated with either a horse buyer, a company that bought horses, or someone who worked for a horse buyer from back east, but was definitely involved in the sale of horses to the army. Dad left school after the 8th grade, and then he and several of the other 15-16 year old boys from the area worked for the next couple of years rounding up horses and driving the herds to load onto the railroad in Belfield. Many riders, from all over the area, worked at that too, and dad had many, many stories from those times.

One that I remember a bit of took place, probably in the winter of 1918, during the big flu epidemic that swept the country. He and another guy were holed up at a line camp one evening during a howling blizzard. Some time during the night a homesteader walked? in and asked for help. He said his daughter was bad sick with the flu and wanted to know if there was any way they could help him get a doctor. I don't know what the other guy did or the homesteader did, but dad saddled up a horse and began to ride to get a doctor that he (they) knew of. Dad said he rode all night, battling heavy wind, snow and drifts. Some time during the early morning hours his horse gave in, so tired out that he could go no farther. Dad thought he was close to the doctors place, so he left the horse and set out on foot for the doctors house. He said he got there about daybreak, roused the doctor, and they headed back toward the homesteader's place in a buckboard. They arrived there a bit before noon, but unfortunately by the time they arrived the girl had died. Later on they also found that dad's horse, probably too tired to move, had frozen to death in the blizzard where he had left him.

  1. Letter from Bessie Tucker to Dianne Stevens dated 3-11-1974.
  2. Census, Federal - 1910 - Clark Co, WI, Eaton.

    Name: Frank Pierce Age in 1910: 56 Estimated birth year: abt 1854
    Birthplace: Wisconsin Relation to Head of House: Head
    Father's Birth Place: Vermont Mother's Birth Place: New York
    Spouse's name: Martha Pierce Race: White Gender: Male
    Home in 1910: Eaton, Clark, Wisconsin
    Frank Pierce 56 WI-VT-NY m2 23 yrs farmer - dairy
    Martha Pierce 52 WI-ME-ME m2 23 yrs 3 of 7 children living
    Roy Pierce 22 WI-WI-WI Son
    Winnie Pierce 19 WI-WI-WI Daughter
    Iner Bredeson 7 WI-Norway-Nor Boarder

  3. Census, Federal - 1920 - Billings Co., ND, unorganized twsp 144N -R100W; ED# 13, sheet 4 recorded 28 Jan 1920.

    Name: Frank B Pierce [Frank O Pierce] Age: 65 Estimated birth year: abt 1855
    Birthplace: Wisconsin Relation to Head of House: Self (Head)
    Father's Birth Place: Vermont Mother's Birth Place: New York
    Spouse's name: Martha E Pierce Marital Status: Married
    Race: White Sex: Male Home owned: Own Able to read/write: Yes/Yes
    Home in 1920: Township 144, Billings, North Dakota
    Frank O Pierce 65 WI-VT-NY Head Postmaster
    Martha E Pierce 63 WI-ME-ME Wife
    Iner L Pierce 17 WI-WI-ME Son

  4. Census, Federal - 1910 - Clark Co, WI, Eaton.

    Henry P Bredeson 38
    Annie Bredeson 34
    Margaret J Bredeson 14
    Olga M Bredeson 10
    Hulda A Bredeson 7
    Arthur Bredeson 5
    Jennie O Bredeson 1/12

    [This is Iner's birth family as listed on 1900 census]

  5. Pierce, Ben (<>), email.
    (8 Aug 2013)

    The Q-Bar was where Dad worked during his horse roundup days, someplace between 1916-1919 As far as I know it was a ranch though, probably a large one for that time and place. Lester's family was likely working there at the time he was born, since dad said there were lots of riders working there, as well as other ranch help... Dad bought, or traded work, for a 1/4 section from a man named Madison... (And then) dad was working in MN..(And Then) dad had traveled back west, and ended up working on a ranch owned by the Creighton family, about 3 miles north of our ranch. Mother's sister's place was just a couple of miles away, which is how they met...After the depression hit they both worked on the Creighton ranch for a $1.00 a month, and a one room 12x12 shack. By growing gardens, picking berries, hunting game, butchering livestock, and canning everything!, as far as I know they mostly avoided having to go hungry, although they, as most did, they had little else...When I was about 2 years old dad built a one room log house (with the logs he got from the Wood's place). We all moved there into that one room cabin, and he then dismantled and moved the log cabin from the location across the river and rebuilt it at the new location. He placed it apart from the other cabin, and later connected the two cabins with another log room. My first recollection of living there were when the two cabins were connected together with just ridge logs and a roof.

  6. Census, Federal - 1920 - Billings Co., ND, unorganized twsp 144N -R100W; ED# 13, sheet 4 recorded 28 Jan 1920, ED # 13, sheet 4.
    (28 Jan 1920)
  7. Social Security Death Index.
  8. Oregon Death Index 1903- 1998.
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  10. Oregon Death Index 1903- 1998.
  11. Pierce, Ben (<>), email.
    (6 Aug 2013)

    My mother's given name was Helen, and her maiden name was Uchitil (or Uchytil), and like the 'son' vs. 'sen', it appears both ways in the census records. She was born in Dickinson, ND in about 1907. Like dad she had no birth certificate, and as was in so many cases of those times, her mother died shortly after she was born, and her brother and two sisters were scattered around with various friends and neighbors. Her older sister, Mary, went to work for the Townsend (sp) family, some of whose members went to a school with Iner, probably around Fairfield.

    Iner and Helen were married in Sidney Montana in October of 1927.

  12. Ibid., email.
    (8 Aug 2013)

    (About 1915) mother was in California, having been 'given' to a family with the name of Plant by her sister. She was about 9 at the time. I don't know where they came from, or why they went to CA, but she went along with them to Long Beach as a babysitter/household helper.
    She longed for ND all the time she was in CA, and came back to live with her sister after she graduated high school. Meanwhile, dad had traveled back west, and ended up working on a ranch owned by the Creighton family, about 3 miles north of our ranch. Mother's sister's place was just a couple of miles away, which is how they met...
    I was born in the Hospital in Sidney Montana. The ranch house at the time was a one room log cabin on the east side of the Little Missouri. Dad had driven their car around through Watford City and parked it right across the river on the west side on a section of land that they had recently acquired. When it was mom's time with me, dad took her across the river with a team and wagon, got in the car and drove to Sidney, 43 miles away.

  13. Social Security Death Index.
  14. Ibid.
  15. Pierce, Ben (<>), email.
    (6 Aug 2013)

    I had one brother who was 13 years older than I. His name was Maurice D. Pierce. He passed away in Oregon 1988.

  16. Ibid., email.
    (19 Aug 2013)

    My brother Maurice passed away in 1988 at the age of 55. He was 13 years older than I... He was drafted into the army during Korean war times, and married a woman from Canada. They had one child, a daughter Holly, before they divorced. She moved back to Canada with her mom.

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