Husband: Thomas West, Baron LaWarre (1 2)
Born: 1457 in Offington, Sussex, England
Married: about 1500
Died: 11 Oct 1525
Wife: Eleanor Copely (3)
Born: about 1470 in Leigh Place, Gatton, Surrey, England
Died: 1536
Father: Roger Copely, Sir
Mother: Jane (Ann) Hoo
01 (M): Leonard West (4)
Born: about 1515 in Shoreham, Sussex, England
Spouses: Barbara Gascoigne
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    Thomas West, 8th Baron De La Warr and 5th Baron West KB KG (c.1457–1525). He was the oldest son of Richard West, 7th Baron De La Warr and 4th Baron of West and Lady Catherine Hungerford.
    Thomas succeeded to his titles at the age of 19. He had an active military career under both Henry VII and Henry VIII, and was multiply honored as a result.
    In 1478, he was made a Knight of the Bath.
    In 1497, he commanded a retinue in the Battle of Deptford Bridge.
    In 1510, he was made a Knight of the Garter.
    In 1513, he commanded a retinue in the Battle of the Spurs.
    In 1520, he was part of Henry VIII's retinue at the Field of the Cloth of Gold.
    He married three times and fathered ten children, including his heir, Thomas, and Sir Owen West, among whose heirs the Barony of West remains abeyant to this day.
    1. Lady Eleanor Percy (b. 1455), daughter of Henry Percy, 3rd Earl of Northumberland and Lady Eleanor Poynings. This marriage was to remain childless.
    2. Lady Elizabeth Mortimer (d. 1502), daughter of Lord Hugh Mortimer of Mortimer's Hall and Lady Eleanor Cornwall. They had the following six children:
    Lady Elizabeth West (1487-1526), married Charles Somerset, Earl of Worcester.
    Thomas West, 9th Baron De La Warr and 6th Baron West (1479-1554), married Lady Elizabeth Bonville.
    William West, died young.
    Lady Eleanor West (b. 1481), married Sir Edward Guildford.
    Lady Dorothy West (1483-1542), married Sir David Owen.
    Lady Anne West (1489-1510), married Thomas Clifton Fiennes, 8th Baron Clifton of Marstoke.
    3. Lady Eleanor Copley, daughter of Sir Roger Copley and Jane Hoo. They had the following four children:
    Sir Owen West (1501-1551), married Mary Guildford.
    Lady Barbara West (1502-1549), married John Gage and then Sir John Guildford.
    Sir George West (1510-1538), married Elizabeth Morton.
    Sir Leonard West (1515-1578), married Barbara Gascoine.
    He is buried in Broadwater Church, in Broadwater (now a suburb of Worthing), Sussex.

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