Husband: James Keyes (1)
Born: 13 Sep 1670 in Sudbury, Middlesex, MA
Married: 1693
Died: 25 Sep 1746/1747
Father: Elias Keyes
Mother: >>>
Wife: Hannah Divoll (2)
Born: 12 Jun 1667 in Lancaster, Worcester, MA
Died: 19 Mar 1741/1742
Father: John Divoll
Mother: Hannah White
01 (M): Elias Keyes (3 4)
Born: 18 Sep 1694 in Marlboro, MA
Died: May 1768 in New Marlboro, Berkshire, MA
Spouses: Keziah Brigham
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Hannah Divoll:


HANNAH DIVOLL KEYES from Rootsweb: Marble's Ancestors Database

(1667 - 1742) of Lancaster , Worcester County, Massachusetts

Hannah Divoll, daughter of John Divoll and Hannah White, was born on June 12, 1667 in Lancaster, Worcester County, Massachusetts and died on March 19, 1742 in Lancaster, Worchester County, Massachusetts. About 1693, Hannah Divoll married James Keyes, son of Elias Keyes and his wife, Sarah Blanchard of Marlboro, Massachusetts.

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HANNAH Divoll3 (52), b. in Lancaster, Mass., June 12, 1667. She was taken captive by the Indians from the Rowlandson Garrison house, on the destruction of Lancaster, Feb. 10, 1676-6. There is no full account of her redemption and it was thought that she died in captivity, but in the Middlesex Co. Records, Vol. 14, p. 620-21-22, I find under date of July 2, 1717, William Divoll and James Keyes, both of Lancaster, and Samuel Lummus, Jr., of Ipswich, divide land and Town Right in Lancaster, formerly belonging to John White, late of Lancaster, as a full settlement of their late mother’s estate. In the Keyes Genealogy, I find the both of the children of James Keyes and wife Hannah, also, in the records of Bolton where he, James, was the first Town Clerk in 1738. They were m. in Marlboro, Mass., ___, 1693.

James was son of Elias and Sarah (Blanchard) Keyes of Marlboro.He d. in Bolton, Sept. 25, 1746; she d. Mar. 19, 1742.

Following is the story of little Hannah's capture by the indians during King Philip's War as posted on the Ancestry Family tree of
Biographical Notes on Ensign John Divoll by Sara Stevens Patton
"Little is known about the origins of the Divoll family or the birth place or year of John's birth. Two days before Christmas in 1663, John married Hannah White, the youngest daughter of John White, a prominent citizen and largest property owner in Lancaster, MA. Hannah had lived with and cared for her father in his old age and upon his death, was left a great deal of property, so it is assumed that the couple started their married life fairly well off.
The frontier town of Lancaster--with more than 50 families-- was thriving up until 1676. A saw mill provided lumber for good houses and the meeting house, gardens and orchards thrived, and relations with their Indian neighbors appeared to be good.
That all changed in the summer of 1675 with a number of small Indian attacks on individual houses or farms in the town. Several garrisons or block houses were located in several of the neighborhoods where families could take refuge if the alarm went out. One such garrison was at Joseph Rowlandson's, the minister's home. Joseph Rowlandson was the brother-in-law of the Divolls, he being married to Mary White, the older sister of Hannah White Divoll.
On the morning of February 10, 1676, some 1500 warriors from various tribes --but all followers of "King Philip", the Indian leader, attacked Lancaster at a number of points. The main attack, however was at the Rowlandson garrison not far from the Sprague bridge and near the Old Burying Ground.
When the alarm was sounded, several families including at least 2 of Mary White Rowlandson's sisters' families, (10-12 men, the rest women and children totally at least 42 people) fled to the Rowlandsons. The garrison was guarded from the front and on two sides but not in the rear. Two hours of furious fighting ensued, with the Indians trying to set fire to the building. They finally succeeded setting fire to the rear where they were protected from gunfire from within. Anyone trying to escape the burning house was shot by the Indians.
Some twelve were killed--shot, stabbed with spears or hit with with hatchets--then stripped of their clothing. Among the dead defenders was Ensign John Divoll and his 11 year old son, John Jr.
When all but one of the men were killed, the Indians stopped the attack and rushed to plunder then burn the houses, drive off the livestock, and take prisoners--some twenty women and children from the Rowlandson house. The cries of victims --mostly men--from other burning houses and torture added to the horror of the scene. The women and children--at least those strong enough to survive, were taken into captivity and held for ransom. Many died along the way. Among those taken captive were Hannah Divoll and 3 of her children, Josiah-6, Hannah-, and William-3 and Hannah's sister Mary and several of her children. Josiah died in captivity, but the other 3 Divolls were finally ransomed.
After the attack, the settlement was abandoned as survivors sought refuge in other towns. Years later the town would be rebuilt by former settlers and newcomers alike including William Divoll, the son of Hannah and John.
Thus John was killed, heroically trying to defend his family, friends and neighbors."
=== Source ===
Henry S. Nourse, ''Early Records of Lancaster Massachusetts 1643-1725''(Lancaster 1884); also ''Birth, Marriage and Death Register and Church Records and Epitaphs of Lancaster, MA: 1643-1850'' (Lancaster 1890) Dowload at
Rev. Agijah P. Marvin, ''History of the Town of Lancaster, MA'' (Lancaster: 1879) pp 107-108. Download at
Almira Larkin White, ''Descendants of John White'' (1900) V1:24

Marriage of John & Hannah White Divol and Death Date of Joane (West) White
Divoll deaths in Indian raid Lancaster Town Records p16
Lancster MA records-Divol & Whitcomb

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    Keyes, Elias (230), eldest sone of James and grandson of Elias of Sudbury, Mass, married Keziah Brigham, at Marlboro, Dec. 13, 1718, and was one of 16 ofunders of the church in Shrewsbury, Mass. About 1742 or 3, he removed to new Marlboro, Mass, and was dismissed to the church in that place from the one in Shrewsbury. Elias (probably 230), died Feb 27, 1756.

    [from "Genealogy, Robert keyes of Watertown, Mass., 1633, Solomon Keyes of Newbury and Chelmsford, Mass., 1653, and their Descendants" p. 20]

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