Husband: Robert Shelley (1 2)
Born: about 1612 in Probably Kent, England
Married: about 1660
Died: 06 Sep 1692 in Barnstable, Barnstable, MA
Father: Robert Shelley
Mother: Anne
Wife: Susanna Dimmock (3)
Born: about 1635 in Probably Dorchester, MA
Father: Thomas Demick, Elder
Mother: Anne
01 (F): Susanna Shelley
Born: about 1662 in Barnstable, MA
Died: 06 Feb 1734/1735 in Halifax, Plymouth, MA
Spouses: Joshua Ransom; Samuel Gardner, Garner
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Robert Shelley:


Per Wayne Olsen:

From "Passengers on the Lion 1632", by Sandra Sutphim Olney, Heritage Books, Inc. 1992:

Robert Shelley and his wife Anne (last name unknown) came to New England and settled in Boston. They apparently brought three children, though they are not named on Bank's list, but were apparently three of the "50 children" on board the Lion. Robert died in Boston prior to 25 Nov 1637 as on that date his wife Anne is referred to as "the Widow Shelley" in reference to her land and her house. Their oldest child was Anne, who was a maid servant to John Coggeshall's family in Roxbury and she later married Richard Foxwell of Scituate. Their marriage is of record in the First Church of Roxbury and Richard Foxwell is referred to as "a Godly Brother of the Church of Scituate." Robert and Anne's youngest child was Margaret, who was a maid servant to the William Coddington family of Boston, where she was admitted to the Church of Boston as a member 19 Jun 1636.

The only son of Robert and Anne Shelley was Robert Jr. who was admitted to the Church in Scituate 14 May 1637. He had moved there in 1636 and married Judith Garnet on Sep 26, 1636. Judith came to New England in 1634, at the age of 26, in the Francis. She was admitted to the Boston Church in Sep of 1634 as "our brother John Coggeshall's maidservant". It seems quite likely that Robert met Judith because she worked with his sister Anne in the home of John Coggeshall. Coggeshall lived for a short time in Roxbury, moved to Boston, and then later moved to RI, John Coggeshall was also a passenger on the 1632 voyage of the Lion.

Robert and Judith had 3 children: Hannah, Mary, and John. Robert Jr. was known as an honest man, a good neighbor,and a Christian, but cared little how the world moved about him. His wife, Judith, was said to be a Boston woman, proud, tenacious, of her own opinions and had no control of her tongue. In 1648, some of the women of the church had a private meeting to which Judith was not invited, so she began to tell lies on many of the church members. For 6 months they tried to get her to stop and acknowledge her fault, but she refused. She was excommunicated on Jun 4,1649. Judith apparently died before 1663, as Robert married Susana Dimmock, daughter of Thomas and Anne Dimmock. Robert Jr. and Susanna had five children: Susanna (1664), Joseph (1668), Shuble (1674), Timothy(date unknown) and Benjamin (1679/80). Robert Jr. died 6 Sep 1692 and his will was proved in Barnstable 19 Oct 1692. In his will, he left everything to his wife Susanna for the support of herself and "them that I leave with her". The only child mentioned by name in the will is his son John from his first marriage.

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    Robert Shelley perhaps came from Kent, England. He was known to have been on the good ship "Lion" in 1632. On 26 Sep 1636 at Scituate, he married Judith Garnet of Boston. In the same year, along with other colonists, they settled at Barnstable on Cape Cod. There were 3 children born to Robert and Judith between 1637 and 1642. We do not know the year of Judith's death. It seems likely that she may have lived for a considerable number of years after the birth of the 3rd child. In any event, Robert remarried before 1668, in which year there is a record indicating that his wife was Susanna. The first child of Robert and Susanna was born ca. 1662, so we can estimate the second marriage date as about 1660.

    According to the evidence presented by Edith Sumner, "names and circumstances point to the possibility that Susanna Shelley was the daughter of Elder Thomas Dimock." It is likely that she was born in Watertown or Hingham, where Elder Dimock had lived before moving to Barnstable. Shubael Dimock was one of the men who inventoried Robert Shelley's estate in 1692, a task often undertaken by relatives of a deceased.

  3. Olsen, Wayne, PAF file: Boslow_Anc_Stevens.paf (rec'd via EMail 0n 14 APR 2002).
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