Husband: Samuel Gilbert, Captain (1)
Born: 05 Feb 1686/1687 in Hartford, Hartford, CT
Married: 17 Feb 1708/1709 in Hartford, Hartford, CT
Died: 01 May 1760 in Hebron, Tolland, CT
Father: Samuel Gilbert, Captain
Mother: Mary Rogers
Wife: Mercy Warner (2)
Born: 25 Sep 1685 in Deerfield, MA
Died: 13 Oct 1759 in Hebron, Tolland, CT
Father: Isaac Warner
Mother: Sarah Boltwood
01 (F): Abalena Gilbert (3)
Born: 10 Mar 1709/1710 in Lebanon, New London, CT
Died: 03 Jun 1774 in Sheffield, Berkshire, MA
Spouses: James Sexton
Additional Information

Samuel Gilbert, Captain:


From Wayne Olsen:

Listed in LDS Ancestral File, AFN: 3RBW-MP

From Saxton Family History in America, compiled by Charles M. Williams,1928 (updated by Ruth E. Papka 1959): Parents of Abalena Gilbert "perhaps" Thomas and Abalena (Marshfield) Gilbert.

Ancestral chart of Catherine B. Moore (Mrs. F. B. Moore), 5155 N. High St. Columbus, Ohio 43214, submitted to CT. Soc. of Genealogists, Inc on Mar 16, 1970, gives birth location as probably Hartford

From "The Descendants of Andrew Warner":

Buried in Gilead.

He probably resided early at Colchester; Dec 11, 1718, he made his first purchase of land in Hebron. His will, made Sep 20, 1754, probated June 16, 1760, mentions 5 sons and 5 daughters. The first children were probably born at Colchester, others were recorded at Lebanon, and the last 5 in Hebron. Records of this family are found in "One of the Gilberts in New England", and the Carter Genealogy.

From "The Gilbert Family, Descendants of Thomas Gilbert, 1582-1659", by H. W. Brainerd, H. S. Gilbert, and C.A. Torrey; New Haven, 1953:

Samuel Gilbert probably resided in Hartford until 1707 and removed with his father to Colchester in that year. There is a possibility that he went northward to Northfield or Deerfield, for there he met his wife, Mercy Warner. After his marriage he located not in Colchester, but in the town of Lebanon. His children were baptized by the pastor at Lebanon until 1717. About this time he removed and settled in Gilead parish of Hebron and continued there until the end of his days. He was appointed Ensign of the North Company or Trainband in the town of Hebron in 1745 and Captain of the Trainband in Gilead parish in 1749. His will (Colchester Probate Records, vol 3, p. 56) dated Sep 20, 1754, mentions 5 sons and 5 daughters. His estate, personal only was 161 pounds. He was a large landowner.

His family record begins before that of his father ends. Some have assigned to him Lydia. b. Sep 4, 1707, and Mercy, b. Oct 4, 1708. But in his will he mentioned not a daughter Lydia or her heirs. Hence we conclude that Abilena was his oldest child. There are other indications that this is the correct assignment.

Jun 22, 1712, Mercy, wife of Samuel Gilbert, publicly owned the covenant at Lebanon.

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