Husband: Thomas Woodford (1 2)
Born: about 1615 in Lincolnshire, England
Married: 04 Mar 1635 in Roxbury, Suffolk, MA (6)
Died: 06 Mar 1666/1667 in Northhampton, MA
Wife: Mary Blott (3 4)
Born: 1609 in Harold, Bedfordshire, England
Died: 10 Jan 1659 in Hartford, CT
Father: Robert(Thomas) Blott
Mother: Susannah Selbee
01 (F): Mary Woodford (5)
Born: 24 Jan 1635/1636 in probably Roxbury, Norfolk, MA
Died: 17 Apr 1684 in Northampton, Hampshire, MA
Spouses: Isaac Sheldon
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Thomas Woodford:


Notes from Wayne Olsen:

Additional info from Sheldon Family History.

From "Pioneers of Massachusetts: A Descriptive List", by Charles HenryPope. Genealogical Publishing Co, 1977:

Thomas, steward, embarked March 7, 1631-2, for New England. Settledat Roxbury in 1632. (E). He married Mary, daughter of Robert Blott, whonames her and her children in his will. Rem. to Hartford, CT. Thence toSpringfield, where he is mentioned in the Compact of settlers in 1636.Rem. to Northampton.

He made will April 26, 1665, prob. March 26, 1667. Beq. to dau. Maryand her children; to daus. Hannah and Sarah; to sons-in-law Isaac Sheldonand Nehemiah Allen.

From "Various Ancestral Lines of James Godwin and Lucy (Morgan) Goodwinof Hartford CT. " Compiled by F.F. Starr. Hartford. 1915.

Was passenger on the "William and Francis", arrived in New EnglandJune 5, 1632. Joined in the church at Roxbury about a year and a halflater, was a man servant. He afterward married Mary Blott and removed toCT and joined the church at Hartford.

Thomas was made a freeman of the Colony of MA Bay on Mar 4, 1634-35.

Received 6 acres of land in Hartford, Jan 3, 1639. In 1655, received3 pieces of land on the east side of the CT River.

Removed to Northampton, MA between 1653, its founding, and 1655.Town document in 1656 indicates he had become a Northampton resident andwas active in public affairs. In 1657-58 he was elected on of theTownsmen. Home lot was located on the east side of the present Kingstreet extending to Market street. This lot was perhaps next south ofSummer street. In addition to this lot he had two acres on the west sideof King street, and there were recorded to him 5 acres in Great Rainbow,alias Old Rainbow, 10 acres in the Third Squart, 6 and one quarter acresin the Last division, one acre in the Great Swamp, 10 acres at Munhan,besides other lands.

The Northampton Church was organized June 18, 1661. A Covenant wasadopted the same day, the organizing members of the Church signing it.The third signature was that of Thomas Woodford. The name of his wifedoes not appear among the members of this Church and, as will be seenlater, he made no provision for her in his will. It has been thought bysome that she died prior to his removal to Northampton. Whether this isthe fact or not, she evidently did not survive her husband

From "Thomas Woodford" section of ____ family genealogy:

On7 Mar 1631/2, Thomas Woodford was listed among those to betransported to New England, and came on the William and Francis withEdmund Winslow of Plymouth and Joseph Weld of Roxbury. He settled inRoxbury, MA.

It appears that both Thomas Woodford and Mary Blott came over asapprentices in their teens, though Woodford must have been nearly of age,as he was made a freeman of MA Bay 4 Mar 1634/5. Their marriage occurredin Roxbury, according to Eliot, and was doubtless before 1639, for on 3Jan 1639/40 Thomas Woodford was to receive six acres in the division oflands at Hartford, and his eldest daughter married by 1654; hence themarriage may have taken place about 1635-6.

On 3 Mar 1640/1, he became the sexton in Hartford by town vote.

In 1644 he was appointed with Richard Fellows to collect the rateassessed for maintenance of the College at Cambridge. He had landsrecorded in Harford from Feb 1939/40 to 19 Oct 1655, but about the latterdate John Bidwell and Nathaniel Ruscoe had lands recorded which had beenpurchased from him. Ruscoe's purchase was of the house and home lot, sothis date marks Woodford's removal to Northampton, where he was signer ofa petition 10 Apr 1656 and was elected a Townsman, 8 Feb 1657/8. His isthe 3rd signature to the Covenant of the Northampton Church, 18 June1661.

The name of his wife does not appear among the church members. Shewas certainly not living in 1662 when her father made his will, and mayhave died in Hartford or shortly after the removal of the family toNorthampton.

From "The Fulton-Hayden-Warner Ancestry in America", compiled by ClarenceEttienne Leonard. Tobias A. Wright Publ. NY 1923.

Thomas Woodford came from England to America, and settled inRoxbury, MA in 1632, from whence he removed to Hartford, CT, then toSpringfield, MA and then to Northampton MA.

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