Husband: Isaac Sheldon (1 2)
Born: 1629 in probably Ashwell, Bakewell, Derbyshire, England
Married: 1686
Died: 29 Jul 1708 in Northampton, Hampshire, MA
Spouses: Mary Woodford
Wife: Mehitable Gunn (3)
Born: 28 Jul 1644 in Windsor, Hartford, CT
Died: 30 Jan 1720/1721 in Northampton, Hampshire, MA
01 (M): Jonathon Sheldon (4)
Born: 29 May 1687
Additional Information

Isaac Sheldon:



Info from genealogy of Lillian Hubbard Holch, listed in Compendium of American Genealogies, found at Mannheim Library.

Additional info from Sheldon Family History.

From "A History of Deerfield":

Isaac Sheldon, born abt 1629; in 1652 he held a home lot and was permitted to "keep house" there with Samuel Rockwell, "so they carry themselves soberly, and do not entertain Idel parsons to you expense (?)of time by night or daye;" this bachelor life soon ended; in 1654 he sold out to Samuel Rockwell and removed to Newhampton, where he was one of the first settlers; in 1660 he was assigned a home lot on Bridge Street, which has been handed down fr. father to son to the present day; he was selectman 1656 and a leading man in town affairs; Married twice. 14 Children listed..

Bio contained in "Various Ancestral Lines of James Goodwin and Lucy (Morgan) Goodwin of Hartford, CT. " Compiled by F. C. Starr. Hartford. 1915.

According to this record Isaac Sheldon was born about 1629. The earliest evidence thus far discovered regarding him is on the Land Records of Windsor, CT. A the top of folio 40 of the original vol. 1 ofthe Land Records of Windsor, CT, is this date: "Jan 11th 1640." This line is erased on the record, and below it is a record of the Sheldon lands: For a long time it was supposed that the date Jan 11, 1640 at the top of the page of the Windsor Records, had reference to the time of entry of the Sheldon lands. A careful study of the subject shows this to have been impossible. In 1640 he was only 11 years old... Sheldon was the owner of this property by 13 Sep 1652, at which time he was the subject of a vote in the town records.

Was executor of his father-in-law's (Thomas Woodford) estate, will dated Apr 26, 1665.

The date of Isaac Sheldon and Mary Woodford's marriage is not known, but it must have taken place after Sep 13, 1652, when the Windsor authorities allowed Isaac Sheldon and Samuel Rockwell to keep bachelor's hall. Based on his daughter's marriage in 1670-71, when she was presumably at least 15 years old, she was born about 1655, and therefore Sheldon's marriage must have taken place about 1653 or 54.

June 25, 1657, he was granted six acres of land by the town of Northampton.

He became resident of Northampton before Feb 1656-7. His home lot in Northampton was on the east side of what is now King street, his father-in-law Thomas Woodford adjoining him on the south, and his brother-in-law Samuel Allen adjoining him on the north.

Was admitted freeman in Mass Bay Colony, March 1663.

Was appointed Fence viewer for the First Division from the Great River, and for that section of the town known as Hog's Bladder, 1669-1673.

Was chosen Constable in Jan 1668-69.

Was one of six tithing men chosen by the Selectmen of the town, 1678. Was chosen for this office 1679, 1692, and 1698, and was elected an Overseer of the poor.

He and his wife Mary were among the persons who signed the covenant June 18, 1661 when the church at Northampton was organized.

Probably buried with wife Mehitabel in the old graveyard on Bridgestreet, Northampton, but no stones are now standing.

From "The Sheldons of Bakewell, Derbyshire, England and Isaac Sheldon of New England," by J. Gardner Bartlett of Boston, MA, NEHGR, vol 80, no. 4,Oct 1929, pp. 378-401:

Article makes connection to England ancestors, but has evidently not been widely accepted. Later article shoots holes in Bartlett's paper.

(following paragraph is the summation of the English connection identified as Isaac:) Isaac (10) Sheldon (Ralph (9), Arthur(8), Roger(7), Richard(6), John(5), John (4), Richard(3), Hugh(2), Richard(1)) was born probably at Ashford, in the parish of Bakewell, co. Derby, presumably late in 1629 or early in 1630, his parents having been married on 27 Apr 1629. As the registers of Ashford before 1687 are lost, the record of his baptism has not ben found; but he was evidently the eldest child of his parents, and as his younger brothers, Samuel Sheldon and Solomon Sheldon, married in 1656 and 1657 respectively, it is apparentthat he was born as early as 1630. By the will of his grandfather, Arthus Sheldon, dated 10 Jun 1651, he was to receive a legacy of 8 pounds; and this provision in his grandfather's will is the only record of him that has been found in England. In 1663 a hearth tax was assessed on every fireplace in England; the rolls of this tax for Derbyshire are preserved at the Public Record Office in London and give the name of every householder in the county, with the number of hearths in each house.While the names of his brothers, Samuel Sheldon and Solomon Sheldon, appear on these rolls of 1663 as living at Ashover, co . Derby, no trace of this Isaac Sheldon is found in them, and presumably he was not then living in his native county. What had become of him between 10 Jun 1651 and 1663? It is probable, beyond any reasonable doubt, the he was identical with the Isaac Sheldon who, as "Isaac Shelding Senr.," deposed at Northampton, Mass, 29 Apr 1679, "aged 50 years or thereabouts." regarding property there of Thomas Mason, and who first appears in New England records on 13 Sep 1652, when at a meeting of the townsmen (or selectmen) of Windsor, Conn., the ....(Isaac was identified)

(following para gives known Isaac info in America): Isaac Sheldonof Windsor CT and of Northampton, MA was born about 1629 (according to his deposition of 1679) a date which agrees with the supposed date of the birth of Isaac (10) Sheldon, son of Ralph and Barbara (Stone) Sheldon of Ashford, in the parish of Bakewell, co. Derby, England, and died at Northampton MA 27 Jul 1708, aged 78 yrs.

Between 1640 and 1650 a number of Derbyshire families settled at Concord, MA at Stratford, New Haven, and Branford, in the New Haven Colony, and at several other places in New England; and shortly before 13 Sep 1652, when the order quoted above was passed at a meeting of the townsmen of Windsor, Isaac Sheldon bought of John Stiles a house and 3 acre lot in Windsor. In 1656 he moved from Windsor to Northampton, MA which was thenceforth his home.

From "Sheldon's Prior to 1700", by E. Hortense Sheldon, privately printed, Bakersfield, VT, 1961:

Goes into much detail shooting down J. Gardner Bartlett's article which attributes Isaac Sheldon as coming from Bakewell, Derbyshire,England.

Details of Isaac and his children given in "S-5 Isaac Sheldon of Windsor, Hartford Co., CT and Northampton, Hampshire Co, MA," by Shirley Sheldon Rider & Rose Sheldon Newton for the Sheldon Family Association in 1991

From "Isaac Sheldon of Windsor,CT," by Mrs. Charlotte Alling Hunt, inNEHGR, vol 117, Apr 1963:

"...we know only that Isaac Sheldon was born about 1629; that he owned property in Windsor prior to 13 Sep 1652 when he and Samuel Rockwell were allowed to "keepe house together in ye house ye is Isaak's"; that he married Mary Woodford of Hartford in 1653, and soon removed to Northampton, MA, where all of his children except the first were born. His wife, Mary, died Apr 17, 1684, and he married, second, about 1685 or 86, Mehitable (Gunn), divorced wife of David Ensign, who gave him his 14th and youngest child, Jonathan, born May 29, 1687. Isaac died in Northampton on Aug 29, 1708. Since his will, on record, is signed with his mark, we also know that he was unschooled. This much can be proven. All else is conjecture. As to who his parents were, where he came from, and when he arrived in Windsor; the record gives us no knowledge. In the Sheldon Magazine he is S#5 Isaac, the true head of this Sheldon family in this country.

Direct ancestor of President Franklin D. Roosevelt through son Thomas Sheldon.

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    The names of those that presented their Names to Major Pinchon to bee presented to the Honored Gen Couret who engaged to doe yr indeuer to atend the conditions of ye grant
    Elder John Strong Isark Shelden
    Joseph Parsons Sen'r Matthewe Clessen
    Samuel Wright Sen'r Joshuah Pummery
    Joseph Dirkinson John Alexander
    George Alexander Cornelius Merry
    Thomas Bascomb William Smead
    Robert Liman Richard Weller
    Thomas Roote Sen'r John Kilburne of Wethersfield
    William Jeanes John Hilleor
    William Hubbard Micah Mudg
    Nathaniel Phelps Sen'r Ralph Hutchison
    William Miller Sen'r."

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