Husband: Matthew Noble (1 2)
Born: about 1668 in Westfield, Hampden, MA
Married: 10 Dec 1690 in Westfield, Hampden, MA
Died: about 1744 in Sheffield, Berkshire, MA
Father: Thomas Noble
Mother: Hannah Warriner
Wife: Hannah Dewey (3)
Born: 21 Feb 1672/1673 in Westfield, Hampden, MA
Died: after 09 Jul 1745
Father: Thomas Dewey
Mother: Constant Hawes
01 (M): Elisha Noble, Captain (4 5)
Born: 09 Feb 1702/1703 in Westfield, Hampden, MA
Died: 27 Aug 1771 in Sheffield, Berkshire, MA
Spouses: Abigail Warner
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  2. compiled by Lucius M. Boltwood, History and Genealogy of the Family of Thomas Noble (printed privately).

    "...He put himself under the watch of the Westfield church, Aug 19,1694, and together with his wife, joined the same, Nov 3, 1728, after their removal to Sheffield, the church at the latter place not being then organized. The precise date of his removal to Sheffield has not been ascertained. It is known, however, that the land in that township, which, in 1725, had been divided into lots by John Ashley and Ebenezer Pomeroy,was very soon occupied by settlers, who came in, and planted themselves upon the river bank."

    "In a "History of Berkshire County, MA, by gentlemen in the county, clergymen and laymen," Pittsfield, 1829, is a carefully prepared sketch of Sheffield by Rev. James Bradford, who on the 13th of Oct 1813 was settled over the Congregational church in that place. In this sketch, appears the following statement, respecting the first settler ofSheffield:

    "Mr. Obadiah Noble was the first white man who came to reside in Sheffield. He was from Westfield, and came and spent the first winter here with no other human associates than the Indians. In the spring, he went back to Westfield, and in June, his daughter, afterwards the wife of Deacon Daniel Kellogg, returned here with him. She was the first white woman that came into the town. She travelled from Westfield, when about 16 years of age, on horseback, bringing a bed with her, and lodged one night in the wilderness, in what is now the east part of Tyringham."

    "The above statement has been quoted with more or less fullness, by J.W. Barber, in "Massachusetts Historical Collections"; by J. G. Holland, in his "History of Western Massachusetts," and more recently by J. G. Barnard, and G. A. Hoadley, in their addresses at the Centennial celebration of the town of Sheffield, on the 19th of June, 1876."

    "Mr. George D. Noble, an intelligent citizen of Sheffield, born there on the 23rd of Aug 1813, the great grandson of Obadiah Noble, informed me, in 1876, that his grandfather Nathaniel Noble, whom he well remembers, and who died, May 28, 1824, aged 87, used to say, "My father, Obadiah Noble, was the first white settler of Sheffield; he came from Westfield to Sheffield in the fall of the year, lived the first winter in a wigwam, and the next spring went for his wife, and soon brought her, a bride, to Sheffield."

    "To Mr Bradford's statement, the objections are these: In the firstplace, there is no evidence that Obadiah Noble ever had a daughter, his family consisting of 5 sons, whose births are recorded on the town record of Sheffield. In the second place, Hannah Noble, who subsequently became the wife of Deacon Daniel Kellogg, is known to have been the daughter of Matthew, and not the daughter of Obadiah Noble."

    To the statement of Mr. George D. Noble, we have this objection to make, that in 1724, when Hannah Noble, afterward the wife of Dea. Daniel Kellogg, was sixteen years of age, Obadiah Noble, her brother, was but 18, quite too young to have been the pioneer settler of the town. Again, the eldest child of Obadiah Noble having been born May 22, 1734, it is not probable that he was married much before the year 1733, whereas, the first settler would, according to G.D. Noble, have been married as early as 1725. "

    "We incline, therefore, to the opinion, that if any person by the name of Noble was the first settler of Sheffield, it was Matthew, and not his son Obadiah. Matthew is known to have been there on the 3rd of Feb 1727, for at that date, as appears by Hampshire Deed, E. P. 61, "Matthew Noble, of Housatunnuck, husbandman, in consideration of a certain sum paid by Capt. John Ashley of Westfield, gentleman," makes over to him"two certain tracts or Parcells of lands, with a house, barn and orchard or orcharding upon it, which Parcells of lands containing in quantity by Estimation about 200 acres, lying and being partly within the boundaries and precincts of ye township of Springfield, and partly within ye boundaries of the township of Westfield, in the aforesaid County, it being a tract of land, which the first Mathew Noble formerly dwelt upon, and lyeth easterly of ye mountain, which rangeth between the s Westfield and Springfield, and also lyeth Southerly of Westfield river."

    "If Matthew Noble was in Sheffield, in Feb 1727, he could not have removed during the winter, but must certainly have removed as early as the previous year. How much earlier he fixed his abode there, we have no means of determining.

    "In 1733, Matthew Noble issued the following warrant for the first two meetings in Sheffield:...(town meeting to choose town officers)...(see the reference for who was elected... lots of familiar names).

    "Matthew Noble died intestate. " Details of his estate are contained in the reference.

    [as quoted in PAF file: Boslow_Anc_Stevens.paf, rec'd via EMail 0n 14 APR 2002 from Wayne Olsen.]

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  5. compiled by Lucius M. Boltwood, History and Genealogy of the Family of Thomas Noble (printed privately).

    Bio contained in "History and Genealogy of the Family of Thomas Noble",compiled by Lucius M. Boltwood and printed privately.

    "...He entered into full fellowship with Westfield church, Dec 8,1728. Soon after this, he must have removed to Sheffield, for he is known to have been there June 17, 1730, and at the organization of the town, in1733, was chosen constable. In 1745, his house was "forted", and Rev.Samuel Hopkins, D.D., of Great Barrington, MA, records in his diary, under date of Nov. 22, 1745, that alarmed by the reports that the Indianshad taken Stockbridge, he went down and lodged in Elisha Noble's fort, but 'had a very poor lodging,' as 'the house was crowded with women andchildren.' In 1755, he had command of a company of men, who enlisted for reenforcing the army destined for Crown Point. In his will, dated Aug 8, 1771, and proved the 6th of Sept following, he names wife Abigail, son Enoch, daughter Abigail, wife of Oliver Ashley, children of dau SarahSaxton, late wife of James Saxton, and dau Hannah, wife of William Sheldon of Sheffield. He appoints wife, Abigail, executrix, and gives for a family burying-ground, a piece of land in Sheffield, 'where my daughter, Sarah Saxton, lies buried.' His estate was inventoried at 1243 pounds and change..."

    [as quoted in PAF file: Boslow_Anc_Stevens.paf, rec'd via EMail 0n 14 APR 2002 from Wayne Olsen.]

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