Husband: Elisha Noble, Captain (1 2)
Born: 09 Feb 1702/1703 in Westfield, Hampden, MA
Married: 18 Mar 1726/1727 in Westfield, Hampden, MA
Died: 27 Aug 1771 in Sheffield, Berkshire, MA
Father: Matthew Noble
Mother: Hannah Dewey
Wife: Abigail Warner (3)
Born: 06 Feb 1703/1704 in of Northampton, MA
Died: after 1782
Father: Mark Warner
Mother: Lydia Phelps
01 (F): Hannah Noble (4)
Born: 01 Apr 1735 in Sheffield, Berkshire, MA
Died: 1810 in Clarence Hollow, Erie, NY
Spouses: William Sheldon
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  2. compiled by Lucius M. Boltwood, History and Genealogy of the Family of Thomas Noble (printed privately).

    Bio contained in "History and Genealogy of the Family of Thomas Noble",compiled by Lucius M. Boltwood and printed privately.

    "...He entered into full fellowship with Westfield church, Dec 8,1728. Soon after this, he must have removed to Sheffield, for he is known to have been there June 17, 1730, and at the organization of the town, in1733, was chosen constable. In 1745, his house was "forted", and Rev.Samuel Hopkins, D.D., of Great Barrington, MA, records in his diary, under date of Nov. 22, 1745, that alarmed by the reports that the Indianshad taken Stockbridge, he went down and lodged in Elisha Noble's fort, but 'had a very poor lodging,' as 'the house was crowded with women andchildren.' In 1755, he had command of a company of men, who enlisted for reenforcing the army destined for Crown Point. In his will, dated Aug 8, 1771, and proved the 6th of Sept following, he names wife Abigail, son Enoch, daughter Abigail, wife of Oliver Ashley, children of dau SarahSaxton, late wife of James Saxton, and dau Hannah, wife of William Sheldon of Sheffield. He appoints wife, Abigail, executrix, and gives for a family burying-ground, a piece of land in Sheffield, 'where my daughter, Sarah Saxton, lies buried.' His estate was inventoried at 1243 pounds and change..."

    [as quoted in PAF file: Boslow_Anc_Stevens.paf, rec'd via EMail 0n 14 APR 2002 from Wayne Olsen.]

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