Husband: Shubael Ewer (1)
Born: about 1717 in Barnstable, Barnstable, MA
Married: 03 May 1751 in Falmouth, Barnstable, MA
Died: 20 Jan 1794 in Mashpee, Barnstable, MA
Father: John Ewer
Mother: Elizabeth Lumbard
Wife: Jane Hatch
Born: 13 May 1716 in Falmouth, Barnstable, MA
Died: 04 Mar 1799 in Sandwich, Barnstable, (Cape Cod) MA
Father: Thomas Hatch
Mother: Mary Cathcart
01 (M): Paul Ewer (2 3 4 5)
Born: 09 Sep 1752 in Sandwich, Barnstable, (Cape Cod) MA (6)
Died: 17 Jul 1835 in Dryden, Thompkins Co., NY (7)
Spouses: Susannah Hamblin; Mercy Crocker
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    "The Revolutionary War brought peculiar distress to the population of Cape Cod. Not only did they suffer the burdens of the war, such as fell upon the whole state, the drain of men and money, but their principal occupations, fishing and coasting, were almost entirely broken up. With the loss of all ordinary means of livelihood, and constantly depreciating currency, they were compelled to seek some other location where willingness to work and persevering diligence would be in themselves resources more valuable than money.... Marvelous stories, transcending any fish stories, had been carried to Cape Cod in regard to the fertility of the soil of the new lands on the Housatonic....But the reality was ahard and trying experience of obstacles and difficulties which only undaunted perseverance, strong arms and stout hearts could overcome. The snows were deep and lay long on the hill-sides. It was no easy matter to travel any distance, even with the aid of snow shoes....The name of Cape Street was given to the eastern section of the town, because so largely occupied by people from Cape Cod....The people lived in small log houses, mostly located upon the sides of the mountains. Marked trees served for roads, and a tree felled so as to fall across the river served for a bridge, where such a contrivance was necessary or convenient..."

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