Husband: Robert(Thomas) Blott (1 2)
Born: 1582 in of Waltham, Essex, England
Married: 31 Aug 1609 in Harold, Bedford, England
Died: 01 Mar 1664/1665 in Boston, Suffolk, MA
Wife: Susannah Selbee (3)
Born: 1586 in Essex, England
Died: 20 Jan 1659/1660 in Boston, Suffolk, MA
01 (F): Mary Blott (4 5)
Born: 1609 in Harold, Bedfordshire, England
Died: 10 Jan 1659 in Hartford, CT
Spouses: Thomas Woodford
Additional Information

Robert(Thomas) Blott:


From Wayne Olsen:

From "First Settlers of New England"":

Thomas Woodford, steward, embarked March 7, 1631-2, for New England. Settled at Roxbury in 1632. (E). He married Mary, daughter of Robert Blott, who names her and her children in his will. Rem. to Hartford, CT. Thence to Springfield, where he is mentioned in the Compact of settlers in 1636. Rem. to Northampton.

From "Pioneers of Massachusetts: A Descriptive List", by Charles Henry Pope. Genealogical Publishing Co, 1977:

Robert, Charlestown, 1634; frm. March 4, 1634-5. With wife Susana d m. chh. Boston from Charlestown 28 (10) 1644. Sold land at Concord, Samuel Stretton, 29 (5) 1648.
Will dated 27 Mar 1662, codicil 27 Mar 1665; prob. Feb 2 1665-6. Dau Sarah, her husband Edward Ellis, and her Ch (/) whose names are Woodford; dau. Tosier and her ch. of whom the eldest is John Green; dau. Lovett of Braintree and her ch.; son-in-law Daniel Lovett; son in-law DanielTurin's ch. (Reg XV.)

From "Various Ancestral Lines of James Godwin and Lucy (Morgan) Goodwin of Hartford CT. " Compiled by F.F. Starr. Hartford. 1915.

Granted land in Charlestown, MA in 1634, thus he had become a resident and owned a house before 2 April that year.

Admitted as freeman of MA Mar 4, 1634-35, on same list as his future son-in-law Thomas Woodford. Was a member of the Roxbury Church, but no record of him living there. Among the names of those who were admitted to the Charlestown Church appear "John Blacke and Susanna his wife" the original town record is a list of the inhabitants of the town in Jan 1635, one of whom was John Black. "Against Black's name in the list of inhabitants in the transcript made by the Town Clerk Green in 1664, there has ben written in the margin the name "Robt Blott".

Was appointed cow-keeper in Boston Town Books 1660.

Robert Blott was the only man of that surname who was admitted to the First Church in Boston during this early period and he was the only Blott owning lands in Suffolk County prior to 1680, as proved by the Boston Book of Possession and the Suffolk County Deeds. References cited to Thomas Blott, and others were probably Robert Blott.
His home-lot in Boston was bounded by the streets Washington and Winter, now in the heart of the business section.

It has been shown that Robert Blott and his wife Susanna were, in Dec 1644, admitted to membership in the First Church of Boston from the Church of Charlestown. It has also been surmised that she was the widow of John Black of Charlestown, who with his wife Susanna was admitted to the Charlestown Church in Jan 1634-35. If Blott's wife was the widow of John Black, she did not marry Blott until after 1634, and therefore she was not the mother of his older children and perhaps of none of them.
The Boston Records give the death of Susanna, wife of Robert Blott, on Jan 20, 1659-60. The records do not disclose the date of Robert Blott's death, but it must have taken place between March 27, 1665, the date of the codicil to his will, and Aug 22, 1665, when an inventory of his estate was taken.

5 daughters listed.

From "The Fulton-Hayden-Warner Ancestry in America", compiled by Clarence Ettienne Leonard. Tobias A. Wright Publ. NY 1923.

He came in 1632 from England to America and settled at Roxbury, MA, removing first to Charlestown, and then in 1644 to Boston.

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