Husband: Joseph Kellogg (1 2)
Born: 01 Apr 1626 in Of Great Leighs, Essex, England
Married: 09 May 1667 in Hadley, Hampshire, MA
Died: 27 Jun 1707 in Hadley, Hampshire, MA
Father: Martin Kellogg
Mother: Prudence Bird
Wife: Abigail Martha Terry (3)
Born: 21 Sep 1646 in Windsor, Hartford, CT
Died: 29 May 1717 in Hadley, Hampshire, MA
Father: Stephen Terry
Mother: >>>
01 (M): Stephen (Ensign) Kellogg (4 5)
Born: 09 Apr 1668 in Hadley, Hampshire, MA
Died: 05 Jun 1722 in Westfield, Hampden, MA
Spouses: Lydia Belden
Additional Information

Joseph Kellogg:


Per Wayne Olsen:

Bio listed in genealogy of Kellogg family in "Colonial Families of the US". In this version, he is the direct ancestor vice his brother Samuel. His father, grandfather, and great grandfather correlate with other sources. Excerpt follows:

Joseph Kellogg....he came to America in 1651 and settled at Hadley, MA, of which place he was one of the early proprietors. The house he lived in there is still standing (1914).; lived in Boston, 1659, and removed to Hadley 1661. Was Selectman; a Puritan who helped defend and conceal "the Regicides" of Charles I, Edward Whalley, William Goffe, and Col John Dixwel; was Lieutenant of Hadley in 1662, and fought in Capt. William Turner's Company, Falls Fight, 1676; married firstly 1650 Joanna, surname unknown, who d. at Hadley 14 Sep 1666; married second 9th May 1667, Abigail Terry. 9 children by first marriage, 11 children by second marriage. Stephen was 1st child of second marriage , b. 9 April 1668, and Nathaniel was second, born 8 Oct 1669.

From "Genealogies of Hadley Families", compiled by Lucius M. Boltwood,1905. Republished by Genealogical Publishing Co, Baltimore, 1996.

Weaver,of Farmington, CT, in 1651, removed as early as 1659 to Boston, and thence as early as 1662 to Hadley, where he was a LT and often one of the selectmen. He died age about 80 in 1707 or 1708, asappears from the fact that his will dated 1707 was proved Feb 4, 1708. He married first Joanna _____, who died Sep 14, 1666.

From "Notes of Terry Families in the USA" by Stephen Terry. Hartford CT, 1887.

States he died Jan 1708. He was a weaver, and lived in Farmington,CT, whence he removed to Boston MA and thence to Hadley. He became a LT of militia. They had 11 children.

From "Original Hadley Settlers," in the Grafton Magazine, special edition, by Dr. Franklin Bonne and Elbridge Kingsley:

Weaver; arrived in Farmington, 1651; To Hadley, 1662, where he was lieutenant and selectman. Married 1st Joanna; 2nd Abigail, dau. of Stephen Terry, Windsor. Died 1708. 19 children listed (although this maybe source of confusion for lineage,.... not all may be his or at least by one wife.)

Joseph Kellogg moved from east side when river encroached upon him and kept the Ferry and Tavern for many years. The old site in Garden of present homestead. Land remained in family until 1807.

Will named numerous sons and daughters, but unsure which wife was mother of which kids: children named in will were John, Martin, Edward, Samuel, Joanna, Sarah Smith, Sarah Ashley, Stephen, Nathan, Elizabeth Nash, Abigail Smith, Prudence Merrills, Ebenezer, Jonathan, Nathan, Joseph

From "Genealogical Notes", manuscript by Dewey at Westfield MA Library:

From "Notes on Some of the Descendants of Joseph Kellog of Hadley," byJustin Perkins Kellogg, 1836-..., London, Thomas Moring at the De La MorePress 1898, "for private circulation only":

He was in Farmington, CT prior to 1653. He joined Farmington Church 9 Oct 1653, from thence he removed to Boston, about 1659 where he bought a homestead, thence in 1661 to Hadley where he remained until his death.His will was dated... 1707... He came perhaps from Essex County, England, where the name Kellogg is found in the old Parish records of Braintreeand the adjoining Parishes of Bocking, Bradwell and Cressing. He was a cousin (perhaps a nephew) of Nathaniel Kellogg of Hartford, (prior to1639, who died at Farmington in 1657). Had lease for ferry from Hadley to Northampton. This lease was renewed from time to time, and seems to have been of some value to the Kellogg family, for it remained in their hands until 1758, and then passed to Stephen Goodman who married Joanna Kellogg, dau. of James and great granddaughter of Joseph Kellogg. His house in Hadley was the last on the west side of the old street at the south end, the corner south of the south road leading into the great meadow. The landing for the Northampton Ferry was not far from his house.

In those days all able bodied men, over the age of 16 were required to serve as soldiers. He was appointed a sergeant, Sep 1663; ensign in 1678, LT in 1679; and retained his command until 1692. In King Philip's War he was in the bloody fight with the Indians at Turners Falls, 19 May1676, in charge of the Hadley contingent of 18 men, 4 of whom were killed. The whole English force did not exceed 160 men, of whom 38 were killed, including the Commander. He was one of the Trustees of the Hopkins Grammar School at Hadley; and was one of the select men of Hadley in 1665 -74-77-79-81-85-92.

His will dated Jun 27, 1707 was very detailed, including the following for Stephen. "I give and bequeath to my loving sons Stephen Kellogg and Nathaniel Kellog, considering that I had a considerable estate with their mother out of Father Terry's Estate therefore I give to them all that allotment that was my Father Terry's lying in Hockanum in Hadley bounded by the land of John Smith northeast and the land of Thomas Hovey southwest abutting on the River both North and South to be equally divided to them after my wife's decease, not to have ye use or possession of said land till then and then to be to them and their heirs forever. This together with forty shillings a piece I have already given them I account a full portion for them."

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