Husband: John Moore, Deacon (1 2 3)
Born: about 1603 in England (4)
Married: about 1628 (11)
Died: 18 Sep 1677 in Windsor, Hartford, CT (5)
01 (F): Mindwell Moore (6)
Born: 10 Jul 1643 in Windsor, Hartford, CT
Died: 24 Nov 1682 in Windsor, Hartford, CT
Spouses: Nathaniel Bissell
02 (F): Abigail Moore (7 8)
Born: 14 Feb 1638/1639 in Windsor, Hartford, CT (9)
Died: 04 May 1689 in Windsor, Hartford, CT (10)
Spouses: Thomas Bissell
Additional Information

John Moore, Deacon:


From Wayne Olsen:

Listed in LDS Ancestral File, AFN: 44LH-NR

From "The Griswold Family: The First Five Generations in America." TheGriswold Family Association, 1990:

Came on the "Mary and John" to Dorchester and late went to Windsor where he was a deacon and deputy in 1643.

From "The Fulton-Hayden-Warner Ancestry in America", compiled by Clarence Ettienne Leonard. Tobias A. Wright Publ. NY 1923.

John Moore came to Dorchester, MA in 1630 from England and removed to Windsor, CT in 1639, where he was a Deputy to the General Court in 1643.

From " ",

Came to Dorchester, MA with Mr. Warham's church and removed to Windsor, CT, with the first emigration. In Windsor, he was a juror frequently and a deputy in 1643. He was ""ordayned deacon Jan 11, 1651". An excellent and esteemed citizen, he died Sep 18, 1677 in Windsor. He dealt largely in real estate; manufactured pipe heads; farmed, and built a ferry about 1671. He inherited from his father a garden lot on which he built. His wife was probably Abigail, whom he married Jun 16, 1639. His wife's last name is blurred in the records.

From "Genealogies and Biographies of Ancient Windsor," by Henry Stiles:

Came to Dorchester 1630 with Mr. Warham's Church, and removed to Windsor with the first emigration; was juror frequently, and deputy 1643;"ordayned deacon Jan 11, 1651"' an excellent and esteemed citizen; d. 18Sep 1677. Dealt largely in real estate; manufactured pike heads; farmed; built a ferry abt 1671; had from his father the present garden lot of Judge H.S. Hayden on Broad St. Green, Windsor, where he built. His wife also a member of the Windsor church. From O.C.R., where the rec. is partly illegible, we judge her name to have been Abigail, and that they were married 16 Jun 1639; she was living 22 Dec 1677.

From "The Great Migration Begins":

Church membership: Deacon at Windsor; Freeman: 18 May 1631; Education: signed as witness, 3 Sep 1633; Origin: Unknown;
Birth: by about 1603 based on estimated date of marriage.
Marriage: By about 1628, to (unknown), assuming she was the mother of all his children. She had been a member of the church at Dorchester, and on 22 Dec 1677 was one of only 6 women in the Windsor church who could make that claim.
"The list of baptisms in the second church at Dorchester opens with the "returns of such children as have been baptized in the church at Dorchester by communion of churches, their parents one or both being members of the church at Windsor, or Hingham"; the first two names in this list are Thomas Moore and Elizabeth Moore. In his 17 Aug 1677 list of "what children has been born in Windsor from our beginning hither to so far as I am able to find out," Matthew Grant credited "Deacon Moor" with three children, which would indicate that Elizabeth and Thomas were born in Dorchester, and after the move to Windsor were brought back to Dorchester for baptism. (???)
"If Hannah, the eldest daughter of John Moore, was twenty when she married, then she should be several years older than her next eldest sibling, which might suggest that she was by an earlier wife. On the other hand she might have been a few years younger than 20 at marriage, which would eliminate the chronological gap in the list of children. "
"The wife of John Moore is generally given as "Abigail", but in the records maintained by Matthew Grant she is always called "Deacon More's wife." In his listing of the children of Deacon John Moore, Grant at first omitted the daughter Abigail, and then placed her on a line above John Moore's name, which may have led some genealogists in the past to think that this was the name of his wife. "
"John Moore was probably brother of Thomas Moore of Dorchester and Windsor. They appear together as witnesses to the nuncupative will of John Russell on 3 Sep 1633. Most of the parcels of land in Windsor granted to John Moore were adjacent to parcels granted to Thomas Moore.

Changed birth date from 1614 to about 1603, based on estimate in "Great Migration Begins" versus conflicted data from other sources. If he was made a freeman in 1631, he must have been at least 21, thus born before1610. Also deleted Abigail Pinney as wife. His wife outlived him.

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    The Lyon left the Bristol, Thames, Gravesend, England April 5, 1629 along with five other ships, George Bonaventure, Four Sisters, Lyon's Whelp, the Mayflower and the Talbot, arriving in Salem late May or June 1629.
    William Peirce, Master
    (previously brought the last settlers to Plymouth in 1623, as master of the Anne,
    and made a voyage to Salem in 1623, as master of one of the Mayflowers)
    Moore John, bound for Roxbury

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