Husband: William L. White (1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8)
Born: 04 Nov 1839 in Elizabeth, Jo Daviess, Illinois (9)
Married: 31 Mar 1859 in Jo Daviess Co., IL (12)
Died: 24 Oct 1918 in Apple River, Jo Daviess, Illinois
Father: Andrew White
Mother: Matilda O'Neil
Spouses: Ellen Faragher
Wife: Rachel Black (10)
Born: about 1837 in PA (11)
Father: Daniel Black
Mother: >>>
Additional Information

William L. White:

Buried: West Ella Highland Cemetery, Apple River, Jo Daviess, Illinois


Madison, Wisconsin
October 31, 2005

Dear Children,

Tonight I want to tell you everything I know about:

William L. White
(1839 - 1918)

William L. was the oldest son of Irish immigrants, Andrew and Matilda White. They lived in Jo Daviess County, Illinois, in an area near Galena called Irish Hollow. Most of Illinois is very flat, but Jo Daviess County is a part of the Driftless Area that escaped the ice age glaciers. The counryside is made up of very picturesque hills and valleys with the Apple River flowing through it. I loved this part of Illinois long before I had ever heard of Whites or Stevens. When Nana first told me she was born in Apple River, Illinois I knew it was fate that had brought me to join this family.

I have found no record of what the L. in his name stood for. I believe it was Leslie, because one of his sons was Wilbur Leslie, and another was William Wesley. But that's only a guess.

When William was not yet 20 he married a girl down the lane, Rachel Black, whose family was also from Ireland. William's father had to sign for him as he was underage to marry. We don't know what happened to Rachel. Perhaps she died in childbirth as did many women at that time. What we do know is that by September of 1860 William appears on the census living back with his birth family. On April 26 of 1862 he married Ellen Barrett (nee Faragher) a widow with a four year old son, Enoch.

The next we hear about William is when he is acting as executor of his father's estate. His father, Andrew, died on August 23, 1863. His mother had already died, we don't know when. As the eldest son, it was William's responsibility to see that all his father's property and possessions were disposed of properly, a task he fullfilled. He was only 23.

William and Ellen moved to a farm in Apple River township right near Mt. Sumner, a funny mound that juts way up above the surrounding countryside. Together they had eleven children. You can read about their life together and about their children in the story about his wife, Ellen Faragher. They lived there until they sold their farm in 1908 and moved into the village of Apple River. William died there on the 24th of October, 1918, and is buried in the nearby West Ella Cemetery.

In trying to learn about this family I have searched through records from Jo Daviess County and Census records. It has been a little bit difficult because White is a common name. It's amazing how many William Whites there were in the county at the same time. For an example, I found there were four White families farming in sections 34 and 35 of Apple River Township in the year 1878. They were J.C. White, William L. White, William White, Sr., and William White, Jr. Fortunately our William almost always used his middle initial.

The only other thing I know about William is that he was an excellent craftsman with wood. We have a beautiful little drop-leaf table that he made for Ellen. His granddaughter, Helen, told that he made many pieces of furniture for her.

Here's how you are related to William L. White. William and Ellen had William Wesley White. William Wesley White had Helen Frances White. Helen Frances White had Paul Robert Stevens. Paul Robert Stevens had Dawne Irene Stevens. Dawne Irene Stevens had Sarah Elizabeth, Hannah Irene, Timothy Paul, and Rebecca Anne Pamplin. Hooray for William L. White!

Love, Granny

  1. White Tombstone - Apple River, IL.
  2. Census, Federal - 1850 - Jo Daviess Co., Illinois, Irish Hollow Precinct.

    Line 10 Dwelling # 1727 Family # 1781

    Andrew White age 50 male Farmer value real est. - $1000 born Ireland
    Matilda " 43 f "
    William L. " 11 m Ills
    Samuel D. " 9 m "
    Martha J. " 8 f "
    Mary " 6 f "
    Ann E. " 4 f "
    John Fitzpatrick 94 m " Ireland

  3. Census, Federal - 1860 - Jo Daviess Co., Ill., Elizabeth Twsp.

    Line 26 Dwelling # 4388 Family # 4553

    Andrew White 60 Male Farmer Value real est - 1000 pers est - 790 born Ireland
    Matilda 57 f "
    William L. 20 m farmhand Ills
    Samuel D. 19 m " "
    Martha J. 18 f domestic "
    Mathew 16 m farm Hand " Attends school
    Ann E. 14 f "

  4. Census, Federal - 1870 - Jo Daviess Co., Illinois, Apple River, Ancestry p. 10 of 28.
    (2 Jul 1870)

    line 6 dwelling 78 household #78

    White, William 30 M W Farmer value real estate 7200 personal est 320 born Ill
    " Ellen 33 F W Keep Home Eng
    " Rachel 7 F W Ill attends Sch
    " William 6 M W Do
    " John 4 M W Do
    Charlton, James 20 M W Farm Hand Ireland

  5. Census, Federal - 1900 - Jo Daviess Co., Ill., Apple River twsp., Ancestry p. 5 of 20.

    William White 60
    Ellen White 63
    Rachel White 37
    Joseph Henry White 27
    Anna E White 27
    Tibblas G White 24
    Lizzie E White 24

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  7. Census, Federal - 1840 - Jo Daviess County, Illinois, Apple River, 3 of 3.

    [This census shows the following family members: Males: 1 under 5, 2 over 30 & under 40.
    Females: 1 over 30 & under 40.]

  8. H. F. Kett, APPLE RIVER TOWNSHIP Biographical Directory From “The History of Jo Daviess County Illinois” by H. F. Kett & Co.; Chi (Chicago, Illinois; 1878).

    White, J.C. - farmer, Sec 35, P.O. Apple River
    White, W.L. -Farmer; Sec. 35; P. O. Apple River
    White, W., Sr. -Farmer; Sec. 34; P. O. Apple River
    White, W., Jr. - Farmer; Sec. 34; P. O. Apple River

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