Husband: Thomas William Sr. Condon, U.E.L. (1 2 3 4 5 6)
Born: 1757
Married: in New Brunswick, Canada
Died: 27 Aug 1839 in Wentworth Co., Ontario, Canada (7)
Wife: Ruth Leonard (9 10 11 12)
Born: about 1757
Died: 13 Apr 1830 in Wentworth Co., Ontario, Canada (13)
Spouses: Bryan Lafferty Stewart
01 (M): Thomas Lafferty Condon (15)
Born: about 1789 in New Brunswick, Canada
Spouses: Mary Hegeman
02 (M): Bryan Lafferty Condon (16 17)
Born: 1790 in New Brunswick, Canada
Died: before 14 Jan 1831 in Binbrook, Wentworth, Ontario, Canada
Spouses: Sussannah Cox
03 (F): Mary Stewart Condon (18 19 20 21)
Born: 1795 in St John's, New Brunswick, Canada
Died: 15 Jun 1880 in Richmond, Wayne, IN (22)
Spouses: John Boslow
04 (M): Johnson Lafferty Sr. Condon (23)
Born: 1799 in New Brunswick, Canada
Spouses: Amelia
05 (M): Nathaniel Bloodworth Condon (24 25 26 27)
Born: 22 May 1803 in New Brunswick, Canada
Died: 22 May 1857 in Brodhead, Green, WI
Spouses: Anna Eliza TenEyck; Rachel Magdalen TenEyck
Additional Information

Thomas William Sr. Condon, U.E.L.:

Buried: Tapleytown Cemetery, Stoney Creek, Ontario, Canada 8


The Thomas William Condon Story
1757 – 1839

February 11, 2004

Dear Sarah, Hannah, Timmy, and Becky,

Tonight I'm going to tell you about one of our ancestors who fought on THE OTHER SIDE during the American Revolution. He was a Loyalist. His name was Thomas Condon. We think Thomas was born about 1757 but we only know that because his age at death was written on his tombstone. We don't know if he was born in the colonies or in Ireland. But we think that if he was born in America then either his parents or grandparents came from Ireland.

There was a very famous battle over in Britain called the Battle of Boyne caused by two people who thought they should be king of England. James II had been king and William of Orange wanted to be king. The Royal Regiment of Ireland was fighting for James. So when James lost almost everyone of this Royal Regiment came to America and they liked it here. They were very aware that America was a land of opportunity for social advancement that just didn't exist in Britain. To many of these Irish people life was so much better in the colonies than it had been in Ireland, it was worth fighting to keep it just the way it was - colonies. Perhaps Thomas's people had come with the Royal Regiment, or perhaps later. We don't know yet.

We first hear of him in the colonies fighting with the Pennsylvania Loyalists and later, he became a member of the King's American Dragoons, an elite cavalry unit. He was a valued soldier in Captain William Stewart's troop. Some of the battles he fought in were Staten Island in February of 1782, Foster's Meadow in May of 1782, Camp Ireland Heights in September of 1782, Huntington in Nov of 1782 and February of 1783, Springfield in April 1783, and Jamaica in June of 1783. By the end of June 1783 Thomas was very ill and was sent to New York to get well.

Although the Dragoons were a cavalry unit, they saw very little action on horseback. They did most of their fighting from whaleboats using cannons. By 1782 and 1783 rather than fighting the “rebels”, they were mainly protecting Loyalist families from the “rebels.” As it became more and more obvious that the British would lose, many Loyalists felt they would be safer if they left the colonies.

England gave grants of land in New Brunswick, Canada, to soldiers who had been loyal to her. In June of 1783 a fleet of 32 ships full of Loyalists left New York to go to the wilderness of Canada but Thomas was not able to go with them. He probably went with the fall fleet that sailed in September of 1783. First they were given land grants on the harbor of St. John's River, but other people were already living there and didn't want them. So then King George moved them up the river to the township of Prince William and the King's American Dragoons were the first settler's there. Each family was given 200 acres of land along the river. Thomas had lot #227.

At this point our Thomas was still a bachelor. But he soon married Ruth Stewart, a widow with a child, John Fitz Stewart. Ruth had been married to one of the Stewart brothers that Thomas had served with through the war. Those brothers, William, Alexander, and Brian Lafferty Stewart were the sons of William Stewart and Priscilla Lafferty from Somerset County, New Jersey. Thomas served with them and went to Prince William with them in 1785. There is a little puzzle here. Who is the Ruth Stewart that Thomas married?

Priscilla Lafferty Stewart died in 1785 leaving a will in which she named her three sons and a girl, Ruth Leonard. Some people think Ruth Leonard was engaged to marry one of the 3 sons and this may be the Ruth Stewart that Thomas married. Others think Ruth was a Lafferty, perhaps a cousin of the three Stewart brothers. In those days people did sometimes marry their cousins. The main reason they think she was a Lafferty is, listen to this, the names she and Thomas gave to three of their sons, Thomas Lafferty Condon, Bryan Lafferty Condon, Johnson Lafferty Condon. Perhaps someone will one day find a document that will clear up this history mystery. I hope I live to see it. Ruth's son John Fitz Stewart was born in 1787. Her son Thomas Lafferty Condon was born in 1789 so Thomas and Ruth were married between there sometime. Their other children were Bryan Lafferty Condon born in 1790, Mary Stewart Condon 1795, Johnson Lafferty Condon 1800, and Nathaniel Bloodsworth Condon in 1803. Three sons with the middle name Lafferty seems almost certainly because of an ancestor named Lafferty. Nathaniel and Elizabeth Bloodsworth were neighbors and fellow Loyalists who lived on the other side of the river. Nathaniel Bloodsworth Condon was undoubtedly named for him but we don't know why. Both families were also members of the Baptist Church.

Thomas and Ruth received land grants in 1790, 1792, and 1795, one being on an island in the St. John's River. Then in 1802 they received 500 acres on the Pokiok River. In 1808 they sold all their property and the following spring of 1809, 25 years after Thomas had first come to Prince William, the family moved to the new frontier in Ontario or Upper Canada as it was then called. They travelled by boat; 225 miles up the rivers of New Brunswick, 330 miles up the St Lawrence, then 225 miles across Lake Ontario to Wentworth County. They took land on a high plateau in Binbrook Township. Thomas was granted 300 acres with 500 more in reserve for his sons and step-son. They were the very first settlers in Binbrook. It was the wild frontier where wolves howled at night. The small children had to have home-school because the only school was much too far.

Ruth died in 1830 and Thomas in 1835. They are both buried in the Tapleytown Cemetery in Stoney Creek, Ontario, Canada.

In the family records, Thomas has the letters U.E.L. after his name. That stands for United Empire Loyalists. In Canada it is considered an honor to be descended from a U.E.L. The loyalists were the early settlers that made Canada British. They are given credit for bringing orderly government, good schools, and high moral standards. But Thomas's children didn't all stay in Canada.

Our ancestor Thomas William Condon was a man of Irish descent. He appreciated America so much he wanted to keep it just the way it was – English. He joined the English side in the fight against the colonial Patriots and is honored today in his adopted country of Canada as a United Empire Loyalist.

Here is how we are related to Thomas: Thomas and Ruth were the parents of Mary Stewart Condon who married John Boslow. They had Harriet Boslow and came to live in Green County, Wisconsin. Harriet married Franklin H. Derrick and they had Mary Lorinda Derrick. Do you remember her? (You're supposed to ALWAYS remember Mary Lorinda Derrick.) She married John Balis and had Flora Balis. Flora married Edmund Stevens and had Harold Stevens. He was Grandpa's dad. Harold married Helen White and had Paul Stevens. Paul married me, Dianne Irene Zimmerman, and had your mom, Dawne Irene Stevens. Your mom married Jason Pamplin and had - you four wonderful children, Sarah, Hannah, Timothy, and Rebecca! And now you know how you were part of the American Revolution.

So Hooray for Thomas William Condon!


Ruth Leonard:

Buried: Tapleytown United Cemetery, Saltfleet Twsp, Wentworth Co., Ontario, Canada 14


Some think this may be the woman, Ruth Leonard, named in Priscilla Lafferty's will. Considering the fact that three of her sons were given the middle name of Lafferty, She may have been a Lafferty. R. Cox in his family tree says he believes she was Ruth Lafferty, born about 1754 in New Jersey,

2/24/2005 - I have a new theory. Wayne Olsen said in one of his Emails that he thought Ruth was Bryan Leferty's youngest daughter. But the generations are wrong. That daughter is Priscilla's younger sister. That would make the Stewart boys, one of with whom Ruth had a child, her nephews. This is possible, but not likely. This is what a New Jersey Historical Society article had to say about Priscilla's sister, Ruth "(Bryan Leferty's) children probably were . . . 5. Ruth, said to have been one of the most beautiful and most wayward girls in the county." We know that a Ruth Leonard was named in Priscilla Lafferty's will along with her sons. My theory is that Ruth Leonard is the child of Ruth Leferty and that Ruth Leonard had an illegitimate child with one of her Stewart cousins, John Fitz Stewart. Someone pointed out that in olden days "Fitz" was used to indicate an illegitimate child. So our ancestor Ruth Stewart Condon is quite possibly the girl named in the will as Ruth Leonard. This is my theory. I know of no way to prove it. But it's my Hunch.

December 8, 2009

Dear Children

Tonight I'm going to tell you the story of Mary Stewart Condon's mother, Ruth

The Ruth Leonard Lafferty Condon Story

1757 – 13 Apr 1830

This is a mystery story. Who was Ruth? She married our ancestor, Thomas William Condon, Sr.

Here is what we know about her. She had a son, John Fitz Stewart, with one of the sons of William and Priscilla Lafferty Stewart in 1787. In olden times the prefix “Fitz” was used to denote illegitimacy.

Priscilla Lafferty's father, Bryan Lafferty (Lefferty Leferty), was a judge in Somerset County, NJ. He was born about 1705 making him in his early 50's when our Ruth was born. So its not impossible for him to have been the father of our Ruth. Priscilla had a younger sister, Ruth, said to be one of the most beautiful and wayward girls in Somerset County, NJ, the type that might have a love child.

William and Priscilla's sons were William, Alexander, and Brian Lafferty Stewart. They were Loyalists, members of The Kings American Dragoons who went to Canada after the Revolutionary War. William was a captain and Alexander a lieutenant.

Apparently the Stewart boys were real Tories or scrappers when younger, for they appeared thusly in a Newark Journal article, "the notorious Bill Stewart and his brother B. Lafferty Stewart were confined to jail."

Thomas Condon, who married our Ruth, was also in the Stewart brother's Company of The Kings American Dragoons.

Thomas Condon was also a Loyalist and was continuously with the Stewart brothers, both during the Revolutionary War and settling nearby, after the war, so much so he married Ruth (Stewart) when her first husband(or boyfriend, father of her child) died.

Priscilla Lafferty Stewart died 1785 leaving a will mentioning her sons William, Alexander and Brian Lafferty Stewart, and a girl Ruth Leonard, thought to be the affianced of one of her sons.

Thomas and Ruth Condon had Canada land grants in 1790,1792, 1795 and 1802. Ruth as a widow had property before she was married to Thomas Condon.

Now our Thomas Condon & Ruth had 4 sons and a daughter, Mary:
Thomas Lafferty Condon 1789
? Bryan Lafferty Condon 1790
Mary Stewart Condon 1795
Johnson Lafferty Condon 1799
Nathaniel Bloodworth Condon 1803

Looking at these names really makes you think she was definitely a Lafferty, doesn't it?

However, there was also a family, the Thomas Leonard family of Somerset County NJ, who were also Loyalists and also had a daughter, Ruth. Perhaps this was the Ruth Leonard mentioned in Ruth Lafferty Stewart's will.

Another researcher found this information, referring to Ruth Lafferty, “her son's half-brother, William McDonald, made a runaway match with a sister of Jennie McCrea, who was murdered by Indians near Fort Edward, during the Revolution.” This would place Ruth Lafferty's birth well before the revolution and in line with our Ruth who was born 1757. However, we don't know of anyone named William McDonald.

Perhaps the wayward Ruth Lafferty married a Leonard, and had a daughter Ruth Leonard who took up with the Stewarts and then married Thomas Condon.

It's intriguing to me. What do you think? Maybe someday you will unravel the mystery of William Condon's wife, Ruth.

Here's how we're related to Ruth: Ruth had Mary Condon, Mary had Harriet Boslow, Harriet had Mary Derrick, Mary had Flora Balis, Flora had Harold Stevens, Harold had Paul Stevens, Paul had Dawne Stevens, Dawne had ... Sarah, Hannah, Timmy, and Becky!

So Hooray for Ruth! She adds mystery to our family.


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