Husband: Veare (1)
Born: about 1570
01 (F): Ann Veare, (Hill) (2 3 4 5)
Born: 1602 in Norwich, Norfolk, England
Died: 05 Feb 1682/1683 in Stowe, Middlesex, Mass
Spouses: Stephen Gates; Richard Woodward
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    Stephen married Ann VEARE on 5 May 1628 in Hingham, England. Ann was born about 1603 in Norfolk, Norwich, co. England. She died on 5 Feb 1682/1683 in Stow, Middlesex County, Mass. She deposed in Middlesex County, Mass., Court, 12 June 1673, aged about 70 years, from which it appears that she was born in or about 1603._ Stephen Gates married Ann Veare (or Vere) in Hingham, Co. Norfolk, on_5 May 1628. On the transcript of the Hingham parish records I have, which_were copied from microfilm at the LDS Family History Library in Salt Lake_City, someone had written the name "Vere" on top of "Veare." If Ann's_surname was actually Vere, which I believe it is, then her father would have_been Sir. Horatio Vere and her mother was Mary Tracy. This Horatio Vere came_from a long distinguished line and he was knighted by The Earl of Essex on_Cadiz at the same time Sir Thomas Gates was knighted in 1596. Sir Thomas_entered Gray's Inn in 1598. Several other Gates has been to one or another of_the Inns of Court for legal training. Sir Horatio Vere and Sir Thomas Gates_obviously knew each other. it seems entirely possible that their children_would marry each other. I am still trying to read the original Latin old_secretary's script in the Hingham parish records to try to verify the name as_Veare or Vere. However, it was not uncommon to misspell names and it could_have certainly been Vere and actually written as Veare. Elsewhere in old_English records I have found what appears to be the name Gates written or_transcribed as Gate, Yeate, Yeates, etc. Dr. Torrey repuditates earlier statements that Stephen's wife was_Ann Hill. He says he can't find any trace of a "Veare" family in Norfolk._(This supports my speculation that Ann's surname was Vere - for which there is_a pedigree).

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