Husband: John Freeman (1 2)
Born: about 1600 in Pulborough, Sussex, England
Married: 1643 in Mass
Died: 1648 in Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Father: Edmund Freeman
Mother: Alice Coles
Wife: Elizabeth Noyes (3 4)
Born: 1624/1625 in Foxcotte, Hampshire, England
Died: after 1649 in Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Father: Peter Noyes
Mother: Elizabeth
Spouses: Josiah Haynes
01 (F): Elizabeth Freeman (5 6 7)
Born: 23 Jun 1648 in Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Died: before 10 Jul 1723 in Norwich, New London, Conn
Spouses: Thomas Gates
Additional Information

John Freeman:


Per Wayne Olson:

Much conflicting info in "First Settlers of New England", by Pope:

John, husbandman, ae. 35, with Sycilie, ae. 4, Marie, ae. 50, Johnae. 9, came in the Abigail in July 1635. He settled at Sudbury; propr. 1639. Wife Elizabeth; ch. Joseph b. 29 (1) 1645, James b. and d. 1647. Elizabeth Freeman (his widow?) m. 13 Nov 1649, Josiah Haine.

From "Freeman Genealogy," Boston, Franklin Press, 1875:

(repeated list on ships)...Whether all whose names are on the lists embarked, and actually came over, we are not able to determine; we can only trace with a probability approximating to certainty, besides those already mentioned as constituting the immediate family of our ancestor, the name of "John, ae. 35," who beyond question, was an original proprietor of the township of Sudbury in 1639, and who probably had a daughter Elizabeth who married Thos. Gates. Nor can we satisfactorily account for the apparent absence of any mention of the WIFE of our ancestor. Our opinion is, that she came over in the ship "Abigail" with her husband and children.

It has, we confess, been a question with us, whether she was the person mentioned as "Elizabeth, uxor, ae 35," and whether the "edward, husbandman, ae 34," was not intended for Edmund, a mistake being made either in the record or in transcribing. But then the ages given would in neither case favor the idea of these being parents of the four children first mentioned in the lists.

...By the English "admiralty records" it appears that there were several bearing the name of John Freeman registered as intending passage in the ship "Abigail" 1635. The first of the name, "john ae. 8," was beyond doubt the son of Edmund the proprietor of Sandwich. The "John ae 35, "it has been conjectured, with a probability amounting nearly to certainty, was he who is reported as original "proprietor of Sudbury, 1639". Whom he married we are unable to say; but he was probably father of the Elizabeth who married.... (need to get p. 446).

Mr. Carlton Gates of Yonkers supposes that the wife of the aforesaid John Freeman was the Elizabeth named in the admiralty records. He cites an original document: "Whereas Thos. Gates of Norwich, alias Preston in the colony of CT, having married Elizabeth the daughter of Mr John Freeman, .... It has been conjectured by some that the Jo. and Sycillae mentioned in the admiralty rec. were children of said John; and that the "Marie" mentioned was sister. Others have supposed that possibly she was the wife, or that possibly the record has not been accurately deciphered. We have not traced with any great degree of care the genealogy of the Sudbury Freemans; future researches of antiquaries may be rewarded with success.

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