Husband: Stephen Gates (1 2 3 4 5)
Born: 20 May 1599 in Hingham, Norfolk, England
Married: 05 May 1628 in Hingham, Norfolk, England
Died: 07 Oct 1662 in Cambridge, Middlesex, MASS (6)
Father: Thomas Gates
Mother: Rose
Wife: Ann Veare, (Hill) (7 8 9 10)
Born: 1602 in Norwich, Norfolk, England
Died: 05 Feb 1682/1683 in Stowe, Middlesex, Mass
Father: Veare
Mother: >>>
Spouses: Richard Woodward
01 (M): Stephen Gates (11 12 13 14)
Born: about 1634 in Hingham, Norfolk, England
Died: 09 Jul 1707 in Acton, Middlesex, MA
Spouses: Sarah Woodward
02 (M): Thomas Gates (15 16)
Born: in Hingham, MA
Died: 10 Aug 1726 in Preston, New London, Conn (17)
Spouses: Elizabeth Freeman
03 (M): Simon Gates (18 19)
Born: 03 May 1645 in Hingham, Norfolk, England
Died: 21 Apr 1693 in Muddy River, Brookline, Norfolk, Mass
Spouses: Margaret Barstow
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Stephen Gates:


From Wayne Olsen:

Listed in LDS Ancestral File, AFN: B62Q-D2

From "Early Settlers of Massachusetts:

Stephen, with wife and 2 ch. from Hingham, Eng., came in 1638 to Hingham, Fr. May 14, 1656. Removed to Cambridge about 1652; spent a few yrs. at Lancaster; Wife Ann: ch. Elizabeth (m. in Hing. John Lassell,) Mary, (m. John Maynard,) Stephen, Simon, Thomas, Isaac, Rebecca bapt at Hing. May 3, 1646, d. Jan 1650.

His will, dated 9 (4) prob. 24 (9) 1662, beq. to wife; sons Simon, Stephen and Thomas, daus. Elizabeth, and Mary Maynard. Elizabeth Bradstare to abide with his wife. The widow m. 2, Richard Woodward; she d. "Hannah G., widow" Feb 5, 1682; made will 18 April, 1682, prob. 9 (2) 1683; beq. to dau. Elizabeth Lazell; gr. ch. Mary, dau. of John Maynard, sons Stephen, Simon and Thomas G. "My last husband's name was Woodward, but I generally went by the name of Gates."

From "The Gustin and Carlisle Genealogy", by Lester C. Gustin, 1954, Modern Press, Newton, MA:
Born about 1600 probably, in or near Norwich Co. Norfolk, he came from Hingham, England to New England in the ship "Diligent:, of which Capt John Martin was master, and settled in Hingham, MA in 1638. He brought with him his wife, Ann Veare, born abt 1603, whom he married in Hingham England, together with their daughters Elizabeth and Mary and son Stephen Jr. He settled in Hingham MA where he received a grant of 3 acres for a house lot, 12 acres for a "greate lott" and a 3 acre planting lot. In 1647 he received a grant of one-half acre of Salt marsh. June 26, 1648 he sold his house lot, etc. to William Hersey, but remained in town for some time before his removal. He and his wife did not become members of the Hingham church until about May, 1646 when their children Simon,Thomas, Isaac and Rebecca were baptized. Birth dates of the children are not found in the Hingham record. In 1652 he removed from Hingham to Cambridge and the following year to Lancaster, MA where he subscribed to the Town orders Apr 3, 1654; was made freeman May 14, 1656 and was constable in 1657. In 1657 he failed to notify the voters about a town meeting and in consequence was fined 10 pounds but the fine was remitted when he informed the court that his failure was due to sickness. There was a controversy between the Gates and Whitcomb families at Lancaster that probably influenced Stephen Gates to return to Cambridge shortly after and he died in Cambridge in 1662. His will, dated June 9, 1662 and proved Oct 7th of that year, bequeaths to Stephen, his eldest son, the house and lot at Lancaster. His wife and son Simon received the place at Cambridge and his son Thomas was to remain with them at his pleasure. After his death his widow married as her second husband Richard Woodward of Watertown in 1663, but after the death of her second husband she resumed the name of her first husband.

From "Stephen Gates of Hingham, Lancaster and Cambridge, Mass, and Some of His Descendants" by the late Clarence Almon Torrey, reprinted from NEHGR in "Genealogies of CT Families" . Genealogical Publ Co., Baltimore, 1983:

They sailed in the Diligent of Ipswich in 1638.. according to Daniel Cushing's records , which seems to be accurate, he brought two children with him (The Register, vol 15, pp. 26-27, Jan 1861). About the family, Cushing appears to have made an erroneous statement. Stephen's children Elizabeth, Stephen and Mary were all born before 1638. It is unlikely that one of these young children should have been left in England and come at a later date.

It is believed that he was born probably in or near Norwich, co. Norfolk, England, about 1600.

In 1658, the trouble between the Gates and Whitcomb families was due to the fact that three sons of John Whitcomb had killed three swine belonging to Stephen Gates. Whitcomb agreed to pay for the swine, but afterward sought to be released from paying, claiming that he was "aged and weak and mean in estate." The court decided that he must pay for the swine. See Henry S. Nourse, "The Early Records of Lancaster (1884), p. 63 for particulars.

It is stated that Stephen Gates was deprived of his constable's staff. This probably occurred after his failure to notify the voters about the meeting. At the time of the Gates-Whitcomb trouble, Stephen Gates was living in Sudbury.

Ann Veare, (Hill):


From Wayne Olsen

Listed in LDS Ancestral File, AFN: 25N8-33

From "The Gustin and Carlisle Genealogy", by Lester C. Gustin, 1954, Modern Press, Newton, MA:

From "Stephen Gates of Hingham, Lancaster and Cambridge, Mass, and Some of His Descendants" by the late Clarence Almon Torrey, reprinted from NEHGR in "Genealogies of CT Families" . Genealogical Publ Co., Baltimore,1983:

She deposed in Middlesex County, MA Court, 12 Jun 1673 aged about 70 years, from which it appears that she was born in or about 1603.

In her will, dated 18 Apr 1682, she described herself as of Pompasitacutt (Ponpositicut, now Stow, MA). The will was proved 9 Apr1683. In it she calls herself "Ann Gates." A footnote states that "my last Husbands name was Woodward but I generally went by ye name of Gates notwithstanding." There are conflicting statements about the date of her death. According to Stow records Anne Woodward died 19 Feb 1682 (i.e 1682/3). Marlborough MA records state that Wid. Hannah (!) Gates died 5 Feb 1682 (i.e. 1682/3).

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    Stephen emigrated with his wife Ann (___) and two daughters Elizabeth and Mary. The family moved to Cambridge in 1652 and the year after that to Lancaster, then back to Cambridge before 1662. Stephen died in Cambridge in 1662 (will made 9 Jun 1662, proved 7 Oct 1662). Ann married in 1663 to Richard Woodward and she died 5 Feb 1683 at Stow MA. Stephen and Ann had seven children, all but the first two were baptized in Hingham MA:
    Elizabeth b. in Eng.; d. 3 Aug 1704 in Hingham. She married on 29 Nov 1647 in Hingham to John Lasell and they had eleven children.
    Mary b. in Eng.. She married John Maynard in Hingham on 5 Apr 1658.
    Stephen b. ?. He moved to Boston and then to Stow where he died about 1707. The name of his wife was Sarah and they had eight children.
    Simon bt. 3 May 1646; d. before 21 Apr 1693 "of Boston". He lived in Cambridge, next at Lancaster then back to Boston. Simon married and had at least seven children.
    Thomas bt. 3 May 1646. He lived at Marlboro, Sudbury and Stow and finally Norwich (CT?). He married in 1670 to Elizabeth Freeman of Sudbury and they had at least eight children.
    Isaac bt. 3 May 1646; d. 3 Sep 1651
    Rebecca bt. 3 May 1646; d. Jan 1650

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  10. Burr History and Genealogy (

    Stephen married Ann VEARE on 5 May 1628 in Hingham, England. Ann was born about 1603 in Norfolk, Norwich, co. England. She died on 5 Feb 1682/1683 in Stow, Middlesex County, Mass. She deposed in Middlesex County, Mass., Court, 12 June 1673, aged about 70 years, from which it appears that she was born in or about 1603._ Stephen Gates married Ann Veare (or Vere) in Hingham, Co. Norfolk, on_5 May 1628. On the transcript of the Hingham parish records I have, which_were copied from microfilm at the LDS Family History Library in Salt Lake_City, someone had written the name "Vere" on top of "Veare." If Ann's_surname was actually Vere, which I believe it is, then her father would have_been Sir. Horatio Vere and her mother was Mary Tracy. This Horatio Vere came_from a long distinguished line and he was knighted by The Earl of Essex on_Cadiz at the same time Sir Thomas Gates was knighted in 1596. Sir Thomas_entered Gray's Inn in 1598. Several other Gates has been to one or another of_the Inns of Court for legal training. Sir Horatio Vere and Sir Thomas Gates_obviously knew each other. it seems entirely possible that their children_would marry each other. I am still trying to read the original Latin old_secretary's script in the Hingham parish records to try to verify the name as_Veare or Vere. However, it was not uncommon to misspell names and it could_have certainly been Vere and actually written as Veare. Elsewhere in old_English records I have found what appears to be the name Gates written or_transcribed as Gate, Yeate, Yeates, etc. Dr. Torrey repuditates earlier statements that Stephen's wife was_Ann Hill. He says he can't find any trace of a "Veare" family in Norfolk._(This supports my speculation that Ann's surname was Vere - for which there is_a pedigree).

  11. Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints,, AFN: 25N8-0K.
  12. Burr History and Genealogy (

    Stephen GATES (Stephen) was born in 1640 in Cambridge, Suffolk, MA. He died on 9 Jul 1707 in Acton, Mass

    Stephen married Sarah Woodward dau of George and Elizabeth (Hammond) Woodward. of Watertown Mass. They also resided at Stow before settling in Preston, Conn. Stephen married Sarah WOODWARD of Watertown, MA. From HOBART-1912: "Stephen-2 GATES (Stephen-1) married Sarah Woodward, grand-daughter of his step-father, and led a very migratory life. In Boston, where he was living February 17, 1667 [citing Middlesex Deeds 3:262], he was an assistant to Edward Drinker, a potter and Baptist preacher. In 1673 he was of Cambridge, when Drinker deeded to him three hundred acres in the wilderness between lancaster and Concord on both sides of Elizabeth Brook [citing Middlesex Deeds 5:180]. He was of Stow in 1684 when he took an Indian title to the Elizabeth brook property [citing Middlesex Deeds 9:57], and there he and his son Stephen were taxed in 1688. "Of Stow, sick in body, he made his will September 5, 1701, giving his entire farm to his six sons, after the decease of his wife Sarah. Out of the moveable estate _30 was to go to his daughter Sarah and _20 to daughter Rebecca who had received part of her portion since her marriage. Executors: wife Sarah and eldest son Stephen. He [Stephen] died July 9, 1707, and the will was proved September 19, 1707 [citing Middlesex Probate No. 8966]." Stephen GATES and his wife Sarah had eight children: Stephen-3, Simon, Thomas, Isaac, Nathaniel, Sarah, Rebecca and Daniel. Of these, Stephen and Thomas are known to have been at Preston, CT by 1708. I know of no evidence that their father, Stephen, ever lived at Preston; certainly, their uncle, Thomas, had moved to Preston by October 1703.

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