Husband: Thomas Wiswall (1)
Born: 20 Sep 1601 in Warrington, Lancashire, England
Married: 1632 in England
Died: 06 Dec 1683 in Cambridge, Middlesex, MA
Father: Robert Wiswall, Jr.
Mother: >>>
Wife: Elizabeth
Born: 1604 in England
Died: 1665 in Dorchester, Suffolk, MA
01 (M): John Farr (2)
Born: 1633
Died: 29 Oct 1672 in Lynn, Essex Co., Mass
02 (M): Lazarus Farr (3)
Born: about 1635
Died: 09 Dec 1669 in Lynn, Essex Co., Mass
03 (F): Mary Farr (4)
Born: about 1637
04 (M): Benjamin Farr (5)
Born: about 1639
05 (F): Martha Farr (6)
Born: about 1641
06 (M): Joseph Farr (7)
Born: about 1643
Died: 03 Feb 1726/1727 in Lynn, Essex Co., Mass
07 (F): Elizabeth Farr (8)
Born: about 1645
08 (F): Sarah Wiswall (9)
Born: 19 Mar 1642/1643 in Dorchester, Suffolk, MA
Died: after 1676 in Suffolk Co., MA
Spouses: John Holmes
Additional Information

Thomas Wiswall:


From wayne Olsen:

From "The Gustin and Carlisle Genealogy", by Lester C. Gustin, 1954, Modern Press, Newton, MA:
Thomas Wiswall of Cambridge, a brother of John of Dorchester, long dwelt with him at Dorchester, where he settled in 1635. He brought with him his wife Elizabeth and son Enoch, and perhaps daughter Esther as she was baptized here in 1635. He was made freeman in 1653, and was a selectman of Dorchester in 1642. He removed to Cambridge Village (Newton) about 1654, and was ordained Ruling Elder of the Church there, in 1664. A pond in Newton near his residence bears his name. After his first wife, Elizabeth, died, he married second, late in life, Isabella Farmer, a widow from England, mother of Edward Farmer of Billerica. Her maiden name was Barbage, of Great Packington in Co. Warwick.

From "The Wiswall Descendants of Leofwine the Saxon" by J. M. Wiswall, Frehold Twsp. NJ, 1978.

First child (Enoch) was born in England.

Thomas, Elizabeth, and son Enoch emigrated to the Plymouth Colony, probably with Rev. Richard Mather and Company, who disembarked at Dorchester on 26 Aug 1635 from the ship JAMES. They lived for some time with Thomas's brother John before building their own home. On 12 Jan 1637 Thomas was granted 2 acres near Fox Point, on which he built a home. By Mar 1637 he owned 5 acres.

After serving two terms as a fence viewer, Thomas, and six others, were chosen as Selectmen on 24 Sep 1644 with full powers to run the town until 1 Nov 1645. He also served as Surveyor and as Rater on several occasions. Made several land purchases in Dorchester from 1645-1650.

Was made a freeman on 25 Feb 1652. Early in 1653 he moved to Cambridge but continued his membership in the Dorchester Church until 1664.

Was dismissed from the Dorchester Church on 5 Jun 1664 to help form a new church under Pastor John Elliot, the "Apostle to the Indians", at "Nonametown" or East Cambridge Village. He was appointed Ruling Elder. His wife was dismissed from the Dorchester church to the East Cambridge church on 11 Sep 1664.

East Cambridge Village was for some time called Nonametown because it was unclear where town lines should be. On 10 Nov 1656 Thomas was appointed a Surveyor of Highways at Cambridge and had something to do with straightening out this matter. The area later became the City of Newton and, since Thomas was the 15th inhabitant, he is rightfully considered one of the founding fathers of Newton. He donated part of the land used as a training center for the militia at Newton and was released from all "ordinary training" (1663) (he was 62 years old then).

At about this time his farm in Cambridge consisted of more than 400 acres, being the northerly part of the 1000 acre grant set out to Governor Haynes in 1634. His land included Wiswall Pond, a 33 and 1/2acre pond which was renamed Crystal Lake more than 200 years later when it became a water supply reservoir for the city of Newton. His house stood on the south bank of the pond, near the present Center Street, in a delightful spot. The barn was located between the house and the road, which was a common arrangement in those days, there being at least 38 homes similarly situated on Jones' Hill alone.

Elizabeth died sometime between 1664 and 1669. Thomas married, for the second time, Mrs. Isabella (Muston) Farmer, the widow of John Farmer of Ansley, Warwickshire, England, about 1670. Isabella was a sister of Rev. Thomas Muston of Wykin, and later Brinklow, England. Her first husband John died before 1669 and she and their children arrived in Plymouth Colony in 1669. It seems unlikely that Thomas knew her prior to her arrival in Plymouth, for they came from different parts of England.

Thomas died intestate on 6 Dec 1683 at Cambridge, but his burial place is not known. Apparently no headstone was ever erected, probably due to Court fights between his widow and his sons Enoch, Noah, and Ebenezer, who were appointed administrators of his estate. He was probably buried in the cemetery adjacent to the East Cambridge Village church he helped found.

Listed in LDS Ancestral File, AFN: 5DN0-WP

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