Husband: Thomas Gates (1 2)
Born: in Hingham, MA
Married: 06 Jul 1670 in Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Died: 10 Aug 1726 in Preston, New London, Conn (4)
Father: Stephen Gates
Mother: Ann Veare, (Hill)
Wife: Elizabeth Freeman (5 6 7)
Born: 23 Jun 1648 in Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Died: before 10 Jul 1723 in Norwich, New London, Conn
Father: John Freeman
Mother: Elizabeth Noyes
01 (F): Elizabeth Gates (8 9 10)
Born: 12 Oct 1671 in Marlboro, Middlesex, Mass
Died: 14 Dec 1726 in Colchester, New London, CT
Spouses: John Holmes, LT
02 (F): Sarah Gates (11)
Born: 20 Nov 1673 in Marlboro, Middlesex, Mass
03 (F): Mary Gates (12)
Born: 10 Mar 1676 in Charlestown, Middlesex, Mass
04 (M): John Gates (13)
Born: 09 Apr 1678 in Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts
05 (M): Joseph Gates (14)
Born: 16 Mar 1680 in Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts
06 (M): Josiah Gates (15)
Born: 08 Mar 1681 in Colchester, New London, CN
07 (F): Deborah Gates (16)
Born: 22 Feb 1683 in Stowe, Middlesex, Mass
08 (F): Anna Gates (17)
Born: 18 Jul 1686 in Stowe, Middlesex, Mass
09 (F): Abigail Gates (18)
Born: 18 Feb 1688 in Stowe, Middlesex, Mass
10 (F): Mary Gates (19)
Born: about 1691 in Stowe, Middlesex, Mass
11 (F): Ruth Gates (20)
Born: about 1693 in Stowe, Middlesex, Mass
12 (M): Caleb Gates (21)
Born: 1693 in Stowe, Middlesex, Mass
Additional Information

Thomas Gates:

Christened: 03 May 1646, Hingham, MA 3


Per Wayne Olsen:

From "The Gustin and Carlisle Genealogy", by Lester C. Gustin, 1954, Modern Press, Newton, MA:

Born in 1642, baptized in Hingham, MA May 3, 1646, was afterwards of Marlboro, Sudbury and Stow, and in 1703 went to Norwich, CT in that part that later became Preston. He was constable of Sudbury and had land in Lancaster, but sold all of his estate in MA after removing to Norwich CT in 1703.

From "Stephen Gates of Hingham, Lancaster and Cambridge, Mass, and Some of His Descendants" by the late Clarence Almon Torrey, reprinted from NEHGR in "Genealogies of CT Families" . Genealogical Publ Co., Baltimore,1983:

Thomas left a will, dated 10 Jul 1723, with a codicil, 8 Apr 1724, in which his wife is not mentioned. He gave his new Bible to his son John of Stow. John had received land in Stow by gift of his father. He mentioned sons Joseph and Josiah who had received their portions, but he gave some more land to Joseph. He gave to son Caleb part of his homestead. Caleb's oldest son, Thomas, when he became of age, was to receive the rest of the homestead, "both lands, buildings, and orchards,never to be sold or mortgaged." He mentioned daughters Elizabeth Holmes, Deborah Standish, Abigail Fobes, Sarah and Ruth, then single, and Mary Rose. The inventory amounted to 535 pounds.

He was "of Norwich" in 1723, when he made his will, but his death was recorded in Preston. His land was probably partly in Norwich and partly in Preston.

From Rootsweb Freepages: In 1658 there was trouble between the Gates and Whitcomb families due to the fact that three sons of John Whitcomb had killed three swine belonging to Stephen Gates. Whitcomb agreed to pay for the swine, but afterward sought to be released from paying, claiming that he was "aged & weak and mean in estate." The court decided that he must pay for the swine. See Henry S. Nourse, THE EARLY RECORDS OF LANCASTER (1884), p. 63, for particulars concerning this case.

From Putnam's Historical Magazine, Vol. 9, p. 174

"Thomas Gates, son of the emigrant, born 1640, married Elizabeth, daughter of John Freeman. He bought land in Preston in 1692-93 and died there 10 Aug., 1726, leaving a will dated 10 July, 1723, of which will Joseph, Josiah and Sarah are named as executors. John had lands at Stow, Joseph and Caleb each receive 5 pounds to bring up their children to read and write the English tongue well; the daughters Elizabeth Holms, Mary Rose, Deborah Standig, Anna Tiler (Fyles?) and Abigail Forbes, 3 pounds, "to lern their children also."
He also names daughters Sarah and RRuth, and "to my daughter Mary Pose her mother's legacy in Sudbury, given her by her uncle Joseph Noyes*"
The list of children of Thomas Gates should be revised to eliminate Joanna, and to add Mary. The births of several of the children will be found in the Preston records printed in this magazine.

*John Freeman had Elizabeth who married Thomas Gates and had daughter Mary Rose. He also had a son Joseph, who married Dorothy, daughter of John Haynes and his wife Dorothy, daughter of Peter Noyes. Dorothy, wife of Joseph Freeman died in Preston 26 Jan 1697-8. Dorothy, wife of Joseph Freeman, had a sister Ruth, who married Joseph Noyes, son of Joseph,and grandson of Rev. James Noyes of Newbury. Thus, the uncle Joseph Noyes mentioned in the will was such because he married a sister of the sister-in-law of the mother of mary Rose."

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    Reply-To: [EMail address deleted] X-Mailer: EarthLink MailBox (Windows) From: "Wayne Olsen" <[EMail address deleted]> To: "Dianne Stevens" <[EMail address deleted]> Subject: RE: Thomas Gates Date: Sat, 27 Apr 2002 23:52:14 -0700
    Hi Dianne,
    I see that Thomas Gates was one of those for which I was sloppy and
    substituted his baptism date for his birth date. Looked back through my
    xerox files... have 4 written genealogies on the Gates family, and three of
    them state that he was baptized in Hingham MA on 3 May 1646. Two sources
    give his birth date as 1642, but don't state where. I assume by this that
    they are just estimating that year, since no primary birth record with
    specific date was referenced. The references cite that his parents arrived
    in MA Bay Colony on the "Diligent" with three children in 1638, and these
    children were Elizabeth, Stephen, and Mary (the Torrey reference in NEHGR,
    To be born in Hingham, England, Thomas would have been born in 1638 or
    earlier, thus would have been 10 years older than his wife Elizabeth
    Freeman. Although the husbands back then were routinely a few years older
    than their wives, being 10 or more years older was highly unusual. Thus, I
    think his birth in Hingham, MA is the most likely.

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