Husband: Oliver Tryon (1 2)
Born: 15 Dec 1715 in Wethersfield, CT
Married: 1745 in Sharon, CT (26)
Died: before 19 Mar 1768 (3)
Father: Ziba Tryon
Mother: Dorothy Baldwin
Wife: Deborah Mudge
Born: 1726 in Hebron, Tolland Co, CT (4)
Father: Ebenezer Mudge
Mother: Abigail Skinner
01 (M): William Tryon (5)
Born: 10 Jul 1746 (6)
02 (M): Samuel Tryon (7)
Born: 27 Jul 1747 (8)
03 (F): Deborah Tryon (9)
Born: 19 Jun 1749 (10)
04 (M): Oliver Tryon (11)
Born: 02 Jun 1752 (12)
05 (F): Abigail Tryon (13 14 15 16 17 18 19)
Born: 01 Jun 1754 in Sharon, Litchfield Co., CT (20)
Spouses: Isaac Lamb; William Levi
06 (M): Ziba Tryon (21)
Born: 31 Mar 1756 (22)
07 (M): David Tryon (23 24)
Born: 02 Sep 1760 (25)
Additional Information

Oliver Tryon:


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5. Quaker Births & Deaths from Oblong M.M. H974.733 9(?) F93: Heads of
Families at Oblong, 1761, p.37 TRYON-children of Oliver TRYON and
Deborah [MUDGE] [I've changed the foll data from narrative to list for
ease of reading. det]
Oliver Tryon
+ Deborah [MUDGE from 7. below-det]
=2E. William, born, 10 of 7m, 1746
=2E. Samuel, 27 of 7M, 1747
=2E. Deborah, 19 of 6M, 1749
=2E. Oliver, 2 of 6M, 1752
=2E. Abigail, 1 of 6M, 1754
=2E. Ziba, 31 of 3M, 1756
=2E. David, 2 of 9M, 1760.

I have a copy of letter from Haviland Records Room, Records Committee,
New York Yearly Meeting, Religious Society of Friends, 15 Rutherford
Place, New York, N.Y. 10003, dated 18-VII-1984 to Ramona [Manchester]
Tryon, R.D. # 2, Schoharie, NY 12157 who was source of all herein (Items
1 to 7). It deals with information found in Albany by Ramona in volume O
5/1149, Oblong Monthly Meeting, Register, 1745-1783, p.199, Oliver's
arrival at Oblong in 1760/61; the lack of knowledge of whence he came
because "the register preceding this one has been lost." There is an
interesting short statement on when/where Friends settled. There is no
further mention of the Tryon family in the Oblong records.

Deborah Mudge:


Our Mudge story continues with Ebenezer and Abigail's tenth child, Deborah Mudge (b. 1726 Hebron, CT; d. bef 19 Mar 1768). Deborah married Oliver Tryon (b. 1715 Wethersfield, CT; d. bef. 19 Mar 1768). in 1745 and they had seven children. Either one or both of them died before March 19, 1768, because there is a court record of that date naming Elnathan Goodrich as a guardian for their fifth child, daughter, Abigail. Elnathan was a brother of Abigail's uncle by marriage. Let me put that another way. Abigail's mother, Deborah Mudge, had a sister, Martha Mudge. Martha's husband was David Goodrich, David's brother, Elnathan Goodrich. Elnathan became the guardian for Abigail Tryon on March 19, 1768 when she was 13. We don't have any record of what happened to Deborah or Oliver after that point.

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    [This source shows Oliver Tryon and Deborah Tryon as being present and signing as heirs, the will of Ebenezer Mudge (1683-1758).]

  2. Barbour, Lucius Barnes - compiler, "The Barbour Collection of Connecticut Town Vital Records: Groton" (Genealogical Publishing Company, Inc.; Baltimore, Maryland (974.6 CT/Vitals SCGS) ).

    [birth of Oliver is cited in this source as appearing in the Vital Records of Wethersfield, Conn.]

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    "Intestate:Lamb, Isaac - Amenia, US Army soldier Date: 5/11/1792 To whom assigned: Abigail, his widow, renounced her rights and Job Mead, Amenia farmer"

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    (10 Aug 1949)
  18. - Dutchess Co, NY, Message Board, 31 Aug 2004.

    I have a book "United Presbyterian Church in Amenia: History 1748-1910" that I purchased when I was there last week, while researching for my FARR ancestors in Amenia. In the records, it has an Isaac Lamb in 1758, donating 8 L to the building of the Red Meeting House. There is also a David Lamb donating 1 L , Nathan Mead Jr 6 L, Eli Mead 1 L, and Joab Mead 4 L - 10 S. ( L= pounds S= shillings). There is no baptismal records for either of these families between 1749-1775. There were no baptism records at all for the church between 1775-1786. Job Mead is mentioned in 1794 and is refered to as Capt Job Mead, and serving on the church committee. The Church was staunchly Puritan up til 1788, when it began it's move to Presbyterian. In 1800, Capt Job Mead donated $16.25 towards repairs to the church, Job Mead Jr 3.25, Nathan Mead 3.00. I do not find any Lamb's at all. Capt Job seems as tho he is a prominant figure within the church, until his death in 1819. I do have a copy of the Old Amenia Cemetery, showing all the graves, and who is buried where. I do not find any Lamb's as being buried in this cemetery (that I can see). I do find Mead's. There are other cemeteries in the Amenia area tho. Now, as to the meaning of what you found. I am going to venture a good guess at it. There was a lot of curfuffle happening in the church for some time. Some had left and became members of the newly formed Baptist church in town, not agreeing with the ways and administration of the Amenia Church. The church council changed the terms of covenant several times over the years. Being a member, you were to be totally committed, financially as well as spiritually. The church was one of great strictness it seems, almost to a form of a dictatorship by the elders. One of a few things could be probable. a) When Isaac died, his wife Abigail renounced her rights to his ownings, as well as Job Mead, as a leader of the church, as to what the church should get. b) Isaac owed Job monies, which he chose not to collect, being Bretheren to Isaac. c) depending when it was probated, it could have been that Abigail would receive nothing if she should re-marry (possibly, Mead). I do find an "A. Mead" buried in the cemetery near Capt Job. The financial records I found as charts in the book. I will read more of the actual text, and see if I can find more about Isaac. Good Luck ...... Mark

    [posting by Mark Farr]

  19. Mudge, Alfred, Memorials: Being a Genealogical, Biographical and Historical Account of the Name of Mudge (Boston 1868), p.73.

    Probate Court held March 19, 1768, "Abigail Tryon, dau. of Oliver Tryon, late of Sharon, deceased, a minor, ae. 13 years on the first day of June last, made choice of Elnathan Goodrich as her guardian."

    [Elnathan Goodrich was the brother of the husband (David Goodrich) of Abigail's Mother's (Deborah's) sister Martha Mudge (b. 1720)]

  20. Ibid., p.73.

    "b. June 1, 1755,"

    [This source misstates Abigail's birth through an arithmetic error. It lists her birth as "b. June 1, 1755," But it also cites a probate court record from 3/19/1768 which says "Abigail Tryon...13 years on the first day of June last..."]

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  24. Rootsweb (, Archiver>TRYON>1997-03>0858402308.

    From Descendants of Stephen Pierson, by Frederick L. Pierson.
    David TRYON, born at Fish Kill, N.Y. in 1762, lived at Shaftsbury,
    Bennington County, Vt., and served during the Revolutionary War from
    Mar. 1780 to Dec. 1780, under Capt. William Hutchins in Col . Ebenezeer
    Allen's regiment. He married Mary Wakeman Pierson, at Sharon, Conn.,
    Sept. 9, 1784. She was born at Newton, Conn., Nov. 5, 1763. They lived
    in Grand Isle, Vt., and he applied for a pension on Feb. 20, 1835, under
    the Revolutionary Claim Act of June 7, 1832. He was granted $30 per
    annum, receiving arrears amounting to $150, plus the semi-annual
    allowance to Sept. 1836 of $15. They had 12 children, and lived at
    Middleburg, Schoharie County, N.Y. Their 4th child and 1st son is named

  25. The Tryon Family in America.
  26., Edmund West, comp.. Family Data Collection - Individual Records [database on-line]. Provo,.

    [The Family Data Collection - Individual Records database was created while gathering genealogical data for use in the study of human genetics and disease.]

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