Husband: Abner Kent (1 2)
Born: 07 Jun 1701 in Suffield, Hartford, Connecticut
Married: 05 Jan 1726 in Suffield, Hartford, Connecticut
Died: 03 Oct 1776 in Westminster, Windham, Vermont
Wife: Elizabeth Roe (3 4)
Born: 04 Mar 1699 in Suffield, HaMpshire, Mass
01 (F): Apphia Kent (5)
Born: 20 Oct 1731 in Groton, Middlesex, MA (6 7)
Spouses: Daniel Gilson
Additional Information

Elizabeth Roe:


Though her birth information says Suffield Mass, It is actually the same town as her husband was born in.

From the Suffield Library site, "Suffield remained a Massachusetts town until 1749 when it became a part of Connecticut. Suffield was, for most of its history, primarily a small agriculturally based town. Tobacco put Suffield on the map economically. As in so many Connecticut valley towns, tobacco was an important crop almost right from the beginning. It was the primary crop in the 1800’s and through much of this century. The first cigar factory in the United States was built here in 1810."

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