Husband: Jeremiah Lee (1)
Born: in Of England
Wife: Mary Todhunter (2)
Born: in Of Hutton, Cumberland, England
01 (M): Joseph B. Todhunter (3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11)
Died: 1890 in Sherman, Clark, WI (12)
Spouses: Mary White
Additional Information

Mary Todhunter:


Cumbrian Genealogy site lists the following Todhunter:
TODHUNTER John yeoman Hutton (1847)

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  4. Census, Federal - 1860 - Waukesha Co., WI, Twn of Brookfield, vol 2, p. 58.

    Name: Joseph Todhunter
    Age: 48
    Birth Year: abt 1812
    Gender: Male
    Birth Place: England
    Home in 1860: Brookfield, Waukesha, Wisconsin
    Post Office: Elm Grove
    Family Number: 421
    Value of real estate:800
    Household Members:
    Name Age
    Joseph Todhunter 48
    Mary Todhunter 47
    Hannah Todhunter 19
    Joseph Todhunter 15
    Issac Todhunter 11
    Mary Ann Todhunter 9
    Sarah J Todhunter 6
    William Todhunter 2

  5. Census, Federal - 1870 - Clark Co, WI, town of Loyal, p. 6&7.
    (14 Jun 1870)

    Joseph Toddhunter 57 England works on farm
    Mary Toddhunter 56 England housekeeping
    Isaac Toddhunter 20 Wisconsin works on farm
    Mary A Toddhunter 18 Wisconsin at home
    Sarah J Toddhunter 16 Wisconsin at home << future wife of Frank O. Pierce
    Willie Toddhunter 12 Wisconsin at home

  6. Census, Federal - 1850 - Waukesha Co.,WI, town of Brookfield, p. 187, Ancestry p. 32 of 47.
    (27 Sep 1850)

    Name: Jos Todhunter
    Age: 39
    Birth Year: abt 1811
    Birthplace: England
    Home in 1850: Brookfield, Waukesha, Wisconsin, USA
    Gender: Male
    Family Number: 1428
    Household Members:
    Name Age
    Jos Todhunter 39
    Mary Todhunter 38
    Hannah Todhunter 8
    Jos Todhunter 5
    Issac Todhunter 1

  7. Steel, John, Steel Email dated 23 May 2002.

    From the Bishops Transcripts
    9 Dec 1810 Baptized Joseph the illegitimate son of Mary Todhunter of
    Hutton, Jeremiah Lee the reputed father.

  8. Census, Federal - 1880 - Clark Co, WI, town of Sherman, Family History Library Film 1255419, NA Film # T9-1419, p. 447C.

    Name: Joseph T. Hunter
    Age: 70
    Birth Year: abt 1810
    Birthplace: England
    Home in 1880: Sherman, Clark, Wisconsin
    Race: White
    Gender: Male
    Relation to Head of House: Self (Head)
    Marital Status: Married
    Spouse's Name: Mary Hunter
    Father's Birthplace: England
    Mother's Birthplace: England
    Neighbors: View others on page
    Occupation: Farming
    Cannot read/write:


    Deaf and dumb:

    Otherwise disabled:

    Idiotic or insane:

    View image
    Household Members:
    Name Age
    Joseph T. Hunter 70
    Mary Hunter 69
    Isaac T. Hunter 31
    William Hunter 21

    [On this Census the name is written "Hunter" with the Tod part being represented as a middle initial by Joseph and Isaac.]

  9. US Dept of the Interior - Bureau of Land Management - General Land Office Records (, Land Patent Doc # 40066.

    Names On Document
    PatenteeWASHBURN, C C,
    PatenteeHUNTER, JOHN T,
    WarranteeHUNTER, JOSEPH B

    Accession Nr: MW-0224-226 Document Type: Military Warrant State: Wisconsin

    Issue Date: 10/10/1866 Cancelled: No

    Land Descriptions:

    State-Meridian Twp - Rng Aliq. Sec. County
    WI - 4th PM - 1831 MN/WI 026N - 001E NW¼SE¼ 15 Clark

    WI - 4th PM - 1831 MN/WI 026N - 001E NE¼SW¼ 15 Clark

    Total acres 80.0

  10. Clark Co., WI Internet Library, ALHN & AHGP website (, 6 June 2012.

    Township of Sherman

    Clark County, Wisconsin

    "Clark Co. Illustrated" by Saterlee, Tifft & Marsh, 1890.
    Transcribed by Janet Schwarze.

    SHERMAN TOWNSHIP consists of but one township, which is located in the eastern part of the county, and described as town twenty-six, range one east. It was organized in 1873. The town has been settled by eastern people and Germans chiefly; also by people from different parts of Wisconsin. The town is not as yet very thickly settled, but there are a few quite large farms here that have been worked for several years, and are as good as the best of the farms in the county. The settlement has been confined and has some valuable pine, but the greater part of the pine has already been cut. There are large sawmills on each side of the town- east and west. The Spokeville lumber, shingle, lath and excelsior mills on the west line of the town, and the large mills at Spencer on the east line. These mills, although formerly engaged in cutting pine, are now doing a large business in hardwood, and are beginning to make a fair market for hardwood in their vicinity. The Yellow River and several small tributaries to the to One Or two parts of the town, until within the past few years, but is now spreading over the entire territory. The soil and surface in different parts of the town does not differ materially. The soil is rich and easily cultivated, and the surface is slightly rolling. The town is rich in hardwood timber, and has some valuable pine, but the greater part of the pine has already been cut.

    There are large sawmills on each side of the town--east and west. The Spokeville lumber, shingle, lath and excelsior mills on the west line of the town, and the large mills at Spencer on the east line. These mills, although formerly engaged in cutting pine, are now doing a large business in hardwood, and are beginning to make a fair market for hardwood in their vicinity.

    The Yellow River and several small tributaries to the same flow through the town in a southerly course, and the whole territory is generally well watered.

    As has been intimated, lumbering has occupied a large share of the attention of the people of the town in the past, but as the timber is cleared away, cultivation of the soil begins and agriculture is receiving its share of attention, and when the timber is all cleared away (which will be many years yet) agriculture will be the chief industry and source of employment.

    There is, as yet, no railroads in operation through the town, but the Wisconsin Central Line runs but one mile east of the line, and the thriving village of Spencer, which has a population of about five hundred, is only one mile east of Sherman on the Wisconsin Central, so that the town is by no means isolated from railroads or railroad stations. Besides this the Wisconsin Central Company now grading a road across the southern part of the town, which will be the main line to St. Paul, and which is to be completed by November 1st, next. This, when completed, will make the timber, and real estate generally more valuable.

    The survey of the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul road also crosses the southwestern part of the town, both lines running through Spokeville, Loyal and Greenwood.

    The highways and bridges through the town have received special attention during the past year or two, and they are now in excellent condition, and would do credit to a much older town. Several new bridges have been constructed, including one or two expensive iron bridges.

    A stage line from Spencer through Spokeville to Loyal passes through the town, which will probably be discontinued as soon as the railroad is completed.

    When the natural resources of the territory are thoroughly developed it will stand foremost among the wealthy Clark County towns.

    A large cheese factory has recently been started near the central part, and is doing a good business. This is nearly the first step of any importance that has been taken in the interest of dairying, but will undoubtedly be followed by others in the near future.

    There are several good district schools in the town, enough so that none of the children are any great distance from school.

    The steady growth of the town is shown by the following figures: In 1875, soon after the town was organized, the population was 172; in 1880 it was 300; in 1885 it was 460, and now estimated at 600. This shows a steady and gratifying growth.

    The officers of the town for the current year are as follows: Chairman, C. M. Bradford; clerk, E. G. McVean; treasurer, Otto Rehbein; assessor, John Fisher.

    [Township of Sherman

    Clark County, Wisconsin

    "Clark Co. Illustrated" by Saterlee, Tifft & Marsh, 1890.
    Transcribed by Janet Schwarze.]

  11. State of Wisconsin, County Court for Clark County, Joseph Todhunter Probate Papers.

    Joseph Todhunter Estate Papers - Notes by DianneZ. Stevens

    SUMMARY: Joseph Todhunter (1810-1890)- His estate papers cover a period of 22 years. I don't know what the hang-up was, but I have several guesses. Number 1: There was a Joseph Warren Pierce that claimed to be the adopted son of Joseph's daughter Mary Ann but there were no adoption papers.
    Number2: Joseph Todhunter died Intestate, meaning there was no will. His wife, Mary, lived on for nine years after Joseph's death. Joseph and Mary had two bachelor sons that lived with them. Probably after Joseph's death Mary and the two sons, Isaac and William, were happy to just go on like they had before and were not anxious to have the estate settled. Number 3: They had trouble with administrators. Below you can see reference to S. M. Marah, attorney in behalf of said estate. The administrator, Henry Mulvey, died. They tried to get Fred Draper but he declined. Finally they got Homer Root in October of 1912, 22 years after Joseph's death. I got these ideas by reading the probate papers. The copy received from Clark County did not include a final distribution report.

    Mary Ann Todhunter and her sister Sarah Jane Todhunter married two neighbor boys, Jay W. and Frank Orlando Pierce. Jay W. Pierce and Mary Ann Todhunter were married 14 and half years until she died in 1890. They never had children.

    Mary Ann and her father, Joseph, both died in 1890. During the settlement of the estate, Joseph Warren Pierce came forward saying he was the adopted son of Mary Ann Todhunter Pierce. He was also known as Jonnie Berrette.

    I labeled five documents I thought were informative.

    Document A:

    Here is the testimony in Joseph's Estate Papers. This particular deposition is not dated. However, It mentions Mable Pierce Tucker who became a Tucker at her marriage in July of 1896, and :Elzora Pierce who did not become Elzora Pierce DeMouth until Nov 1902. Therefore this testimomny was between those dates.

    State of Wisconsin in the County Court of Clark

    In the Matter of the Estate of Joseph Todhunter, deceased

    The above entitled matter being adjourned from time to time and S. M. Marah attorney in behalf of said estate and F. W. Draper appearing in person and being first duly sworn on oath testifies as follows:-
    (There is no date on this document)
    By the Court -

    Q. Were you acquainted with Joseph Todhunter during his life?

    A. Was not. I know him by sight. But personally acquainted that I couldn't say.

    Q. Know at the time of his death what children he left surviving him?

    A. Yes, three boys, Isaac, Hannah Todhunter Arquette, William Todhunter, and two Pierces women.

    Q. Also children of his deceased daughter Sarah J. Todhunter Pierce whose names are, Mabel Pierce Tucker and Elzora Pierce?

    A. Yes.

    Q. You know of him having any other chhildren?

    A. He had one daughter the wife of J. Pierce, her name was Mary.

    Q. Besides Sarah he had Mary Pierce?

    A. Yes two daughters that married two Pierces, brothers, J. Pierce and Frank Pierce.

    Q. Did Mary Die to?

    A. Yes sir.

    Q. Leave any children?

    A. None of her own.

    Q. Might have adopted some?

    A. Yes.

    Q. Know whether she did?

    A. Yes, but I never saw the adoption papers. Supposed to have adopted Joseph Pierce, I also knew him by the name of Jonnie Berrette.

    Q. As far as you know Mr. Todhunter never adopted any children?

    A. No.

    Q. Your well acquainted with Isaac and William.

    A. Am not acquainted with William but somewhat with Isaac.


    OCT 17, 1912 County Court for Clark County
    Lists Heirs as:
    Isaac Todhunter
    Hannah Arquette, formerly Hannah Todhunter
    William Todhunter
    children of said deceased
    Mabel Pierce Tucker
    Elzora Demouth, formerly Elzora Pierce
    Joseph W. Pierce
    grandchildren and heirs at law of said deceased.

    15 FEB 1912
    Petition of Joseph Warren Pierce by ________ and A.L. De__s his attorneys representing among other things that Joseph Todhunter an inhabitant of Town of Sherman said county, residing at the town of Sherman in the fall of 1890 at town of Sherman died intestate, leaving estate to be administered.

    That the petitioner is the adopted son of one of the heirs of said deceased and praying that administration of said estate be granted to Fred W. Draper or some other suitable person.
    It is ordered that said application be heard at a special term of said County Court, to be held in and for said county, in the courthouse in the city of Neillsville, on the third Tuesday, the 19th of March A.D. 1912.

    Document D

    Lists heirs same as above
    Lists value of estate:
    Personal estate does not exceed $500
    real estate of probable value $4000
    anual rents and profits will not exceed $500

    Document E

    General Inventory 11 Feb 1903

    Real Estate 3200.00

    cookstove & kitchen furniture 6.00
    kitchen table .50
    6 wood chairs 1.25
    1 box stove 2.00
    2 beds and bedding 5.00
    1 wood rocking chair .10
    1 clock .25
    1 large cauldron kettle .25

    The following I find on the plow although the heirs claimed they owned belonged to the estate in anywise:
    1 old _____ 10.00
    1 plow 5.00
    1 small cutting ____ 1.00
    1 swing ? fork? harrow? 1.00
    1 wagon old 10.00
    1 buckboard old 1.50
    1 team? horses? f_____ 25.00
    2 3-tine hay forks .35
    1 ____ fork .25
    1 hay rake 4.00
    1 old cutter 3.00
    __ tons hay bushels 180.00

    1 white & brown heifer-2 yrs old 18.00
    1 red & white heifer-3yrs old 25.00
    1 black & white " " 18.00
    1 red spotted white " 22.00
    1 red & white cow- 5 yrs old 30.00
    1 brown & white cow-5 yrs old 26.00
    1 red spotted white cow-5 yrs old 28.00
    1 black & white cow- 7 yrs old 24.00
    25 hogs 5.00
    1 black & white cow-5 yrs old 26.00
    1 red & white cow-5 yrs old 24.00
    \1 dark brown spotted white cow-5 yrs old 26.00
    1 ___ cow-5 yrs old 24.00
    1 black cow-5 yrs old 20.00
    1 black bull-1 1/2 yrs old 10.00
    1 red bull-1 1/2 yrs old 12.00
    3 calves black& white 18.00
    1 yellow calf 5.00

    Document F- 15 Oct 1912

    About change of administrators of the estate
    Henry Mulvey - died
    Fred Draper - declined
    Homer Root - appointed 15 Oct 1912

  12. Ibid., file # 2468.
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