Husband: John Moore (1)
Born: 1608 in Henham, Essex, England
Died: 06 Jan 1673/1674 in Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts
01 (F): Elizabeth Moore (2)
Born: in England
Died: 03 Aug 1705 in Framington, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Spouses: Henry Rice
Additional Information

John Moore:


From Wayne olsen:

Bio in "History of Sudbury," by Alfred Serano Hudson, 1889, publ by town of Sudbury:

John Moore was at Sudbury by 1643, and may have come to America from London in the "Planter", in 1635, at the age of 24, or he may have arrived in 1638. He was twice married, his first wife's name being Elizabeth, and he had several children. His seond wife was Ann, daughter of John Smith. His daughter Mary married Richard Ward, and Lydia (bornJun 24, 1643) married, in 1664, Samuel Wright. In 1642 he bought the house-lot of Edmund Rice. In 1645 he bought of John Stone "his house' lot,..." The Moore family have long been numerous in Sudbury, members of it living on both sides of the river, and at times taking prominent part in the affairs of the town. ...Listed in LDS AncestralFile, AFN: 9QHL-DW

From "Bullard and Allied Families":

The surname Moore came to England with the Conqueror, and among the survivors of the Battle of Hastings in 1066 was Thomas de Moore, who was the recipient of many favors at the hands of the triumphant invaders. Bearing on its roll the names of Sir John Moore and Tom Moore, this family has just reason to be pround of their honored surname.
John Moore, the immigrant ancestor of an early New England family of this name, was born in England, and is found on the town records of Sudbury MA as early as 1642, at which time he purchased of the pioneer, Edmund Rice, a house and land in Sudbury. The Rice farm was in the oldest part of the town, and was in that section later called Wayland. John Moore took the oath of fidelity in Sudbury July 9, 1645, and died there Jan 6, 1674. His will, dated Aug 25, 1668, was proved Apr 7, 1674, at Cambridge, MA. He bequeaths to sons John of Lancaster, William, Jacob, Joseph (to whom he left the homestead), and Benjamin. Also daughters Elizabeth, wife of Henry Rice; Mary, wife of Daniel Stone; and Lydia, wife of James Cutler. The inventory of the estate showed goods valued at 804 pounds and 7 shillings. His widow, Elizabeth was named executrix. He married, doubtless in England, Elizabeth, daughter of Philemon Whale. Widow Elizabeth Moore died in Sudbury, Dec 14, 1690.

From "Dawes-Gates Ancestral Lines," by Mary W. Ferris, privately printed 1943:

John Moore was a resident of Sudbury by or before 1642 for on Sep 1 of that year he bought of Edmund Rice his dwelling house and land on the old north street between Hugh Griffin and Henry Rice in the section that is now Wayland. In 1645-6 he bought of John Stone "his house lot and all other land belongings..."
John is said to have been a town officer. He very evidently was married first to a wife who died, probably in England, leaving a daughter Elizabeth and a son John whom John in his will designated as his eldest daughter and eldest son. He married secondly before his arrival at Sudbury and perhaps even before his emigration, Elizabeth Whale who survived him. No especial trade or occupation is recorded relative to John though he is called "yeoman." John Moore made his will on Aug 25,1668, referring to his "age". It provided for his wife Elizabeth, gave 5 shillings each to his "eldest son"John of Lancaster, "eldest" daughter Elizabeth wife of Henry Rice, daughter Mary wife of Daniel Stone, and youngest daughter Lydia wife of James Cutler "for that I have already paid them their portions" and of Lydia it added "when I gave her in marriage unto Sam Wright her former husband." It made bequests to his sons William, Jacob, Joseph, and Benjamin. He made wife Elizabeth his executrix and died on Jan 6, 1673-4. The will was proved on Apr 7, 1674, showing an estate of over 804 pounds.
Evidence that Elizabeth Whale Moore was not the mother of the two older children of John Moore is further evidenced by the will of her father Philemon Whale dated Jan 19, 1675-6, for therein he made bequests to the "four sonnes of my loving daughter Elizabeth Moore, viz William, Jacob, Joseph, and Benjamin." Widow Elizabeth survived John Moore 16years, dying at Sudbury on Dec 14, 1690.

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