Husband: Peter C. Kravitch (1)
Born: 14 Sep 1918 in Calveras County, Califorrnia (2)
Married: 18 Jul 1956
Died: 05 Jul 1990 in Santa Clara, California (3)
Wife: Henrietta Pearl Luth (4)
Born: 16 Dec 1928
Died: 17 May 1987
Father: Henry Christian Luth
Mother: Verna Pearl DeMouth
Spouses: Living; Living
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Henrietta Pearl Luth:


~Henrietta....the story goes Verna died March 1957 and my Uncle Johnny was getting ready to get married in August of 1957...Henrietta got married in June of 1957, so between June and August Henrietta and John got in a big fight and he called her some better bad words and my mother went down (California) and got my grandpa because he was not taking care of himself and he came to live with until he died. But Henrietta disappeared about the same time and was never to be seen again....My mother was able to track her down, but it was to late, she had died 4 yrs. earlier....She was living in St. Louis, Missouri and was married to a guy named Paul Eugene Williams...My mom wrote to every Paul Williams in the phone book of St. Louis, Missouri and they said they were not married to her.....I would so much like to find if she had family for my mother....But I can't find anything......John lives in California and has a wife and 2 children.

  1., Nevada, Marriage Index, 1855-1985.

    Name: Peter Kravich
    Gender: Male
    Marriage Date: 18 Jul 1956
    Marriage Place: Carson City, Nevada, USA
    Spouse: Henrietta P Luth
    Marriage Description: Carson
    Marriage Record Number: 39666778

  2. California Birth Index 1905 - 1995.

    Name: Pete Kravich
    Birth Date: 14 Sep 1918
    Gender: Male
    Mother's Maiden Name: Siso
    Birth County: Calaveras

  3. Social Security Death Index.

    Name: Peter C. Kravich
    SSN: 554-03-7944
    BORN: 14 Sep 1918
    Died: 5 Jul 1990
    State (Year) SSN issued: California (Before 1951)
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  4. M Celius (<>).
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