Husband: George Steele (1 2 3)
Born: 12 Dec 1591 in Fairsted, Essex, England
Died: 1664 in Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut
Father: Richard Steele
Mother: Elizabeth Bredy
Wife: Margery Sorrell (4)
Born: 1598 in Essex, England
Died: 1653 in Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut
01 (F): Rebecca Steele (5 6 7 8 9)
Died: 25 Jan 1662/1663 in Hartford, Hartford, Conn
Spouses: Abraham Elson; Jarvis Mudge; Nathaniel Greensmith
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    George Steele's name appears but a few times on the public records. All the circumstances respecting him compared, seem plainly to indicate that he was an older brother of John Steele, Esq., whose memorial has just been given. With him he appears to have come to New England; with him was proprietor of lands in New Town (afterwards Cambridge), in 1632; was admitted freeman at the general court of Mass. , in May, 1634; was one of the company in the settlement of Hartford, Conn., in 1635 or 6; was one of the proprietors of undivided lands therein in 1639; was a juryman in 1643, and also a plaintiff in three cases, before the general court, in 1644 and 647. Other and minor notices we omit. His residence in Hartford, was on the lane, now Washington street, south-east of Trinity College. He died in 1663, "very old."
    Of his wife we find no record. He had 4 children, and his descendants have been very numerous; many of them having filled prominent stations in the military life during the French war, and during the American revolution. Not a few have held responsible positions in civil life, and in the Christian ministry.

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  8. Morris H, email.
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    Rebecca Elson Steele is supposedly the daughter of George Steele, one of the founders of Hartford. I’ve had some problems verifying this – for example, she is not listed as a passenger on the ship “Lyon” on which George came to America in 1630. It could be that babies were not listed – she was born in 1629.

    The best verification that George was related to Micah is that he is mentioned in George’s will:

    In his will, dated 24 May 1663 and proved 2 March 1664/5, George Steele of Hartford bequeathed to "my dear and loving brother John Steele," 50s.; to "my daughter Elizabeth Wates," "my old mill" and several household objects; to "my grandchild Martha Hanison," best chamber pot; to "Moses and Micah Mudg," 10s. apiece; to "my grandchildren James and Mary Steele," one chest apiece; and to "my dear and loving son James Steele" the residue, he to be executor [ Hartford PD Case #5180; Manwaring 1:239].

    [It is not proved that Rebecca was indeed a daughter of George Steele.]

  9., shared by lindaleajones.

    @N7062@ NOTEPossible ancestor of Rebecca (--?--) (Elson) (Mudge) Greensmith.Great Migration: Jacobus concluded that Jarvis Mudge or his wife (who had previously been the wife of Abraham Elsen) "was quite likely related to George Steele, but she is not indicated as his daughter" [TAG 36:187]. [Some family researchers claim this is because she was hanged as a witch one year earlier. KP]George is thought to have moved from England to America on the ship Lyon with his wife and at least 4 children, and first lived first in New Town (later Cambridge), Middlesex Co MA in 1632, where he was "proprietor of lands." He was in the company that settled Hartford, Hartford Co CT in 1635-6, and "one of the proprietors of undivided lands" there, starting in 1639. George was a juryman in 1643 and a plaintiff in 3 cases before the general court in 1644 and 1647. He was a selectman and juror in Hartford, Hartford Co CT.George served in the Pequot War and was chosen surveyor of highways. His residence, interestingly enough, was southeast of where Trinity College is today. Trinity College, in turn, is just south of where Rebecca and her husband were hanged, a place called "Gallows Hill." Jarvis and Rebecca had at least 1 child, has this: [The following e-mail comes from researcher David C. Mudge at] "As I have said before, I know I am skating on thin ice, but it seems to be that the timing of George Steele's will (less than a year after Rebecca's execution) is critical to understanding what the will was attempting to accomplish."The taint of witchcraft probably caused George to avoid any mention of his daughter in his will, especially in regards to providing some slight provision for her two sons by Jarvis Mudge. Her daughters (only 2 of the 3 survived) may have already been absorbed into the family [this is unclear to me. KP] , but the two sons were left without any surviving relatives. If the family had been split up and disassociated with Rebecca, which seems to have occurred prior to her arrest and trial, then the family would probably have acted to draw as little "official" attention to the children as possible."This would have included a failure to mention the childrens' exact relationship in any official document, viz. will, etc. While Goerge wanted to provide a little something to the two Mudge boys, he didn't dare draw attention to their mother in his will. If the family had already been broken up, many people may not of been aware of the true parentage of the two boys, and George was loathe to draw attention to it."

    [about Rebecca's relation to George Steele]

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