Husband: Warren E. Pierce (1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11)
Born: 20 Jun 1821 in Vermont
Married: 30 Sep 1870 in Lyndon, Caledonia, Vermont (15)
Died: after 1869
Father: Warren Pierce
Mother: Sally McManus
Spouses: Lucy M. Streeter; Jane S. Gould; Gilla Bundy; Jane Campbell
Wife: Sarah Miranda Piper (12 13)
Born: 1827 in Lyndon, Caledonia, Vermont
Died: 07 Feb 1885 in Greensboro, Caledonia, Vermont (14)
Additional Information

Warren E. Pierce:


1860 Census-daughter Ann, 16, born in NY - daughter Phebee W. , 9, born in Wisc. Indicates Warren Pierce came to Wisconsin after 1844 and before 1851. But he didn't marry Jane til 1849. Ann must be his daughter from a previous marriage (to Lucy M. Streeter in 1844.)

1860 Census says very clearly that Warren was born in Vermont.
Occupation - "Farmer" - value of Real estate - $300.00. Value of personal Estate - $200.00.
Also listed in the Warren Pierce household on the 1860 Census is Sarah Willard, age 13, born in NY.
We have determined this is the niece of his wife, Jane.

1850 Census - Waterloo, WI - two of Warren's brothers, George and Abel are listed.
It appears the sister of Abel's wife, Harriet Vanderpool, married Charles Streeter, a probable brother to Warren's 1st wife, Lucy Streeter.

1850Census - Warren is listed in Dane Co, York twsp.
His name is misspelled "Orrin Peirce"
but family gives him away and living next door is Eliza, Jane's sister!

1855 Wi State Census - Jefferson Co., Waterloo, p. 10

According to "A History of Portland" Warren Pierce manufactured pumps.

1 SEP 1857 There is a record of Warren purchasing 40 acres of land in Adams County. I found it on Cyndi's

A Warren Pierce, laborer, born abt 1822 in Vermont, is on the 1880 census index for Lyndon, Caledonia Co., VT. His wife is Sarah M. Pierce.
Name Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age Birthplace Occupation Father's Birthplace Mother's Birthplace
Warren PIERCE Self M Male W 58 VT Laborer VT VT
Sarah M. PIERCE Wife M Female W 53 VT VT VT

  1. Wisconsin - Clark Co Marriage Records before 1907.
  2. Census, Federal - 1860 - Adams Co., WI, Strong's Prairie Twsp., P.O. - Friendship, Image # 149 Roll M653_1399; Ancestry p.2 of 15 p. 48, line 1.
    (27 Jun 1860)

    Line 1 Family # 350

    Pierce, Warren age 38 Farmer Real Estate: $800 Personal: 200 born: Vermont
    Jane S. 44 NY
    Ann 16 NY
    Phebie W. (M) 9 WI
    J.W. 8 WI
    Frank O. 5 WI
    Sabrina 3 WI
    Willard, Sarah 13 NY

  3. Census, Federal - 1850 - Dane Co., WI, York, 417 Ancestry p. 14.
    (23 Oct 1850)
  4. Compiled by James A. Sheridan, A History of Portland (D

    Warren Pierce manufactured pumps which he supplied to the surrounding country until 1868 when he
    removed to Greenwood , Wis.

  5., Thomas Pierce of Charlestown, Mass.

    [Family tree of R L Pierce - source #1 for Warren E. Pierce]

  6. Census, Wisconsin - 1820-90.

    1855 Wisconsin Census
    Name: Warren Pierce
    State: WI County: Jefferson County Township: Waterloo
    Page: 010 Database: WI 1855 State Census Index

  7. US Dept of the Interior - Bureau of Land Management - General Land Office Records (

    U.S. General Land Office Records, 1796-1907
    Name: Warren Pierce “of Adams County” Issue Date: 1 Sep 1857
    State of Record: Wisconsin Acres: 40
    Accession Number: WI3370__.357 Metes and Bounds: No
    Land Office: Stevens Point Canceled: No US Reservations: No
    Mineral Reservations: No Authority: April 24, 1820: Sale-Cash Entry (3 Stat. 566)
    NE ¼ of NE ¼ Sec 32 Twp 18 N R 5 E --- 40 acres
    Document Number: 8845 Legal Land Description:
    Section Twp Range Meridian Counties
    32 18-N 5-E 4th PM - 1831 MN/WI Adams

    [Same property - Wisconsin Land Records
    Name: Warren Pierce Land Office: STEVENS POINT Issue Date: 1 Sep 1857
    Sequence #: 1 Document Number: 8845 Total Acres: 40 Signature: Yes
    Canceled Document: No Mineral Rights Reserved: No Metes and Bounds: No
    Statutory Reference: 3 Stat. 566 Multiple Warantee Names: No
    Act or Treaty: April 24, 1820 Multiple Patentee Names: No
    Entry Classification: Sale-Cash Entries Land Description:
    1 NENE 4TH PM - 1831 MINNESOTA/WISCONSIN No 18 N 5 E 32

  8. Frederic Beech Pierce, Pierce Genealogy (Worcester:Press of Chas. Hamilton, 311 Main Street; 1882), p. 303.

    3731. Warren 9 Pierce (Warren 8 , Daniel 1 , Daniel 6 , John 5 ,
    Josiah 4 , John 3 , Thomas 2 , Thomas 1 ), b. June 20, 1821 ; m. 1844,
    Lucy M. Streeter, b. Feb. 8, 1827. Res. Westmore, Vt. Child :—

    4754. i. J. Henry, b. Oct., 1845; m.

  9. Census, Federal - 1870 - Jo Daviess Co, IL, Warren, Ancestry p 41 of 42.

    Name: Warren Pierce
    Age in 1870: 48
    Birth Year: abt 1822
    Birthplace: Vermont
    Home in 1870: Warren, Jo Daviess, Illinois
    Race: White
    Gender: Male
    Post Office: Warren
    Value of real estate: $200
    Household Members:
    Name Age
    Warren Pierce 48 occ: peddler
    Gilley Pierce 35 b. Indiana
    Thomas Pierce 13 works on farm, born WI
    Charles Pierce 12 WI
    Alice Pierce 11 WI
    Edith Pierce 9 WI

    [Gilley or Gilla Bundy was divorced in 2 May 1863 in Vernon County from Bundy

    These children are most likely hers from previous marriage and not Pierces.]

  10., Message of 2 feb 2012.

    The children on the 1870 census were his wife's children by her first marriage to William Bundy. Either the census taker mistakenly assumed that they were Warren Pierce's children or the couple misrepresented them as his children.
    Gilla was divorced from William Bundy in 1863. I found the divorce record in the Vernon County Circuit Court April Term 1863, to wit May 2d 1863 - 6th day of term. The original court record book is at the Wisconsin Regional Archives in the library at the University of Wisconsin - LaCrosse. Most Mason researchers assumed that she died before 1880 since William Bundy had a different wife by that time. Gilla actually died in 1898 in Marshall County, Iowa.

    I found the record of Warren Pierce's marriage to Gilla Bundy on the following microfilm:

    Lafayette County (Wis.) registration of marriages,1854-1881(Names arranged by first letter of husband's surname, then by date.), FHL microfilm 1276064.

    He apparently abandoned Gilla, too. I did not know what became of him after the 1870 census

  11. Census, federal - 1880 - Caledonia Co., Vermont, Lyndon.

    Name: Warren Pierce
    [Wm A Pierce]
    Age: 58
    Birth Year: abt 1822
    Birthplace: Vermont
    Home in 1880: Lyndon, Caledonia, Vermont
    Race: White
    Gender: Male
    Relation to Head of House: Self (Head)
    Marital Status: Married
    Spouse's Name: Sarah M. Pierce
    Father's Birthplace: Vermont
    Mother's Birthplace: Vermont
    Neighbors: View others on page
    Occupation: Laborer

    Household Members:
    Name Age
    Warren Pierce 58
    Sarah M. Pierce 53

  12. Ibid.

    Name: Warren Pierce
    [Wm A Pierce]
    Age: 58
    Birth Year: abt 1822
    Birthplace: Vermont
    Home in 1880: Lyndon, Caledonia, Vermont
    Race: White
    Gender: Male
    Relation to Head of House: Self (Head)
    Marital Status: Married
    Spouse's Name: Sarah M. Pierce
    Father's Birthplace: Vermont
    Mother's Birthplace: Vermont
    Neighbors: View others on page
    Occupation: Laborer
    Cannot read/write:

    View image
    Household Members:
    Name Age
    Warren Pierce 58
    Sarah M. Pierce 53

  13., Vermont Vital Records.

    View Record Name Birth Date Birth City Marriage Date Marriage City Death Date Death City Relatives View Images
    View Record Miranda S Piper abt 1827 Lyndon 30 Sep 1870 Lyndon John, Lucy, Warren
    View Record Warren Pierce abt 1821 St Johnsbury 30 Sep 1870 Lyndon Warren, Sarah, Miranda S
    View Record Charles A Piper abt 1850 22 Aug 1871 Middlebury James M, I B S, Alice E
    View Record Aaron S Piper 6 Jan 1836 Middlebury Charlotte M
    View Record Cullen S Piper abt 1859 Baltimore 23 Feb 1881 Springfield Perry B, Lydia M, Clara T
    View Record Cullen S Piper abt 1859 Baltimore 29 Jan 1906 Chester Bingham, Lydia, Anna M
    View Record Ellen M Piper abt 1829 Washington 27 Oct 1873 Thetford Samuel, L, Nathan B

    Note: These records are less likely to match your search but may be helpful. Edit your search or learn more.
    View Record M J Piper abt 1844 Richmond 17 Nov 1874 St. Albans City J H, Mary, S S
    View Record Ellen L Piper abt 1856 Middlebury 15 Dec 1874 Middlebury James M, Betsey, Charles J
    View Record Emma M Piper abt 1851 Springfield 30 Jan 1876 Springfield Brigham, Sarah, Sardine G
    View Record Charlotte Parker 6 Jan 1836 Middlebury Aaron S
    View Record Clara J Williams abt 1861 23 Feb 1881 Springfield John, Irene, Ellen S
    View Record Anna M Wyman abt 1857 Lyme 29 Jan 1906 Chester Martin, Mary, Cullen S
    View Record Ida A Baker abt 1859 17 Sep 1875 Springfield Squire, Charlotte M, Albert A
    View Record Isaiah Piper abt 1838 Wheelock 15 Sep 1870 Greensboro Daniel, Betsey, Susannah
    View Record Emma A Piper abt 1849 Weathersfield 2 Aug 1870 Chester Thomas, Osmon A
    View Record Polly Piper Elkins
    [Polly Piper Piper] abt 1820 Wheelock 5 Nov 1871 Wheelock Daniel, Betsey, Hosea Beals
    View Record Dorcas B Farley
    [Dorcas B Piper] abt 1824 4 Dec 1869 Jamaica Thomas B, Betsey, James B
    View Record Collins L Piper abt 1838 15 Nov 1871 Brattleboro Leonard B, Elvira, Mary E
    View Record Almeda Piper abt 1854 1 Jun 1871 Canaan William, Jacob
    View Record Almeda Piper abt 1854 Stewartstown 1 Jun 1871 Canaan Wm, Lucretia H, Jacob W
    View Record Jenett Piper abt 1848 2 Sep 1868 Franklin John, Eli
    View Record Ambrose H Piper abt 1812 31 Dec 1868 Windsor Artensas, Mary, Margaret Pretman
    View Record George H Piper abt 1841 5 Jan 1868 Weston Perry B, Sarah, Belina
    View Record Mary Piper abt 1842 Middlebury 1 Jan 1868 Middlebury Silas, Mary, Jarome B
    View Record Artamus C Piper abt 1851 Sidney 2 Jun 1872 Chester Abner, Betsey, Lizzie H
    View Record Frederick E Piper abt 1851 Baltimore 25 Mar 1872 Weston John W, Esther, Elizabeth
    View Record Adelaide Piper abt 1853 Weathersfield 15 Apr 1872 Cavendish Perry B, Sarah A, Henry D
    View Record Hattie E Piper abt 1849 8 Sep 1867 Springfield Alfred, Mary, James M
    View Record Sardine S Parker abt 1846 Weathersfield 30 Jan 1876 Springfield Benjamin, Betsey, Emma M
    View Record Eliza J Piper abt 1826 21 Apr 1873 Cavendish Amasa, Hannah, B H
    View Record Edgar G Piper abt 1843 Middlebury 24 Dec 1873 Middlebury Silas, Mary C, Anna E
    View Record Trella J Piper abt 1846 Weathersfield 6 Nov 1867 Springfield Beny B, Sarah C, Albert H
    View Record Ella G Piper abt 1849 Cavendish 16 Nov 1867 Cavendish Rufus, Mclvin E
    View Record Adna F Piper abt 1853 8 Aug 1873 Bradford E P, Frances, Eliza J
    View Record Benjamin Piper 13 Feb 1867 Thetford Sarah
    View Record Albert H Piper abt 1848 Middlebury 15 Sep 1874 Ripton Daniel H, Elvira, Julia V
    View Record Ellener E Piper Lyndon 15 Sep 1866 St. Johnsbury Dennis Huntley, Horace
    View Record Edmund W Piper abt 1841 Stockbridge 20 May 1866 Landgrove G W, Abbie E
    View Record Joseph Piper Jr abt 1843 9 Jan 1866 Chester Joseph, Mary, Adelaine T
    View Record Ward G Piper abt 1843 18 Jun 1874 Rutland Albert W, Sarah M, Cornelia G
    View Record Adelaide Piper abt 1846 25 Jun 1866 Northfield Auther
    View Record Clara V Piper abt 1847 3 Jul 1866 Colchester Wm S
    View Record Sidney D Piper abt 1850 Merton 6 Aug 1874 Rockingham David A, Almira A, Ella L
    View Record Lucy Piper 21 Aug 1866 Greensboro Chaney
    View Record Lucy Ross
    [Lucy Piper] abt 1836 Aug 1866 Wheelock David, Pally, Charey
    View Record Susanna Bean abt 1848 Wheelock 15 Sep 1870 Greensboro Joseph, Diana, Isaiah
    View Record Albert G Piper abt 1817 Baltimore 29 Jun 1865 Springfield Amos, Mary, Eliza J
    View Record Nelson G Piper abt 1840 Ludlow 10 Oct 1865 Cavendish Leonard V, Almira
    View Record Louisa Piper abt 1846 Greensboro 13 Jan 1865 Westmore Isaac, Samantha, Louisa W

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    Name: Miranda S Piper
    Gender: Female
    Birth Date: 1827
    Birth Place: Lyndon
    Marriage Date: 30 Sep 1870
    Marriage Place: Lyndon, Vermont, USA
    Marriage Age: 43
    Card Type: Bride
    Father Name: John Piper
    Mother Name: Lucy Streeter
    Spouse Name: Warren Pierce
    Household Members Name
    Warren Pierce
    Miranda S Piper

    [Her mother's name was Lucy Streeter. One of Warren's wives was Lucy Streeter b. 1827.]

  14. Ibid.,

    [Allen Langenhuizen tree]

  15. Ibid., Vermont Vital Records 1720-1908.

    Marriage - Groom

    Name of Groom: Pierce, Warren
    Residence of Groom: Warren, IL
    Date of Marriage: Sept. 30 1870
    age in yrs: 49 No. of Marriage: 3 (widowed, Divorced)
    Occupation: Mechanic
    Place of Birth: St Johnsbury
    Father's name: Warren Pierce
    Mother's Name: Sarah
    Name Party Officiating: Rev. R. Pritty
    Town: Lyndon
    Town Clerk: I. W. Sanborn

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