Husband: James Greenswike (1)
Born: 1795
Wife: Charlotte Temple (2)
Born: 1816
01 (M): David Warren Greensway (3 4 5)
Born: 05 Aug 1839 in New Jersey (6)
Died: 15 May 1912 in NJ (7)
Spouses: Catherine DeMouth
02 (F): Susannah Greenswike (8 9 10)
Born: 1842 (11)
Died: after 1900
Spouses: Thomas DeMouth; Daniel P. Merritt
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    Catherine Demouth ... first marriage was to John Riker, they had two daughters. Mary Ann or Maryann and Phebe E. John died and then Catherine remarried David Warren Greensway. They had a daughter Amy Catherine Greensway (Nov. 1868 d. 1917) and a son Charles Newton Greensway b. Sept. 1875.
    Catherine Demouth's father was Adam Demouth (1789-1859)

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    Name: Thomas Demouth
    Widow: Susan Demouth
    Comments: Daniel P. Merrett, Gdn.

  9. Lonnie DeMouth McManus .

    Thomas DeMouth, son of James of Meriden, aged about 33, died January 26, 1863 at U. S. General Hospital, Washington, D.C. and is buried at Military Asylum Cemetery, D.C. He left a widow Susan Greenswicke DeMouth and two children, Martha and Vinnir.

    [Thomas Demouth is mentioned in a copy of a letter sent to me by Lonnie Mc Manus Demouth on 19 Jan 2006. The letter is dated October 4, 1944 and is from Grace P. (?) Rose, Librarian, Morristown, N.J., to PFC Victor E. DeMouth, Ward 100, Hospital #2, Fort Bragg, N.C.. It is in response to his query for info on his ancestors James DeMouth and Elizabeth LaZaur (?)]

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