Husband: John Arquette (1 2 3 4 5 6 7)
Born: about 1844 in Brasher, St Lawrence, NY (8 9)
Married: 23 Dec 1881 in Port Washington, Ozaukee, WI (14)
Died: after 1920 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Father: Peter or Isaac Arquette
Mother: Betsey
Spouses: Hannah Mabel Todhunter
Wife: Imogene Judd (10)
Born: in Saukville, Ozaukee, WI
01 (F): Allene Arquette (11)
Born: 08 Apr 1882 in Port Washington, Ozaukee, WI
Died: 11 Jan 1968 in St Alphonsus Hospital, Port Washington, Ozaukee, WI (12)
Spouses: John T. Powers
02 (F): Irene Arquette (13)
Born: Aug 1883 in Port Washington, Ozaukee, WI
Died: after 1939
Spouses: Arthur S. Roewer
Additional Information

John Arquette:


from The Clark County Press, 12 Jun 1875

C. M. Miller, so long connected with the stage business in this county, and for the past six months with the Greenwood line, exclusively, has sold that line to John Arquette, and retired from the business. Mr. Miller intends giving his attention to the pursuits of agriculture, for the present, in opening up and farther improving his farm near the village of Loyal. If as successful as a farmer as he was in the business from which he has retired he cannot fail.

Another prison record at the historical society gave this description of Arquette:
Sheriff - W. D. Harsham
can read & English
Habits: Temp.
wt: 190
US Army

It appears John was again in prison on the 1910 census. See Dodge County, Waupun, Ancestry p.7.

Stevens Point Journal, April 14, 1900
"John Arquette, who was recently acquitted in Janesville of the charge of arson, has brought suit against Rock County for $10,000."

The Daily Northwestern (Oshkosh, WI) Nov 3, 1908
Pleads Guilty to Fraud - Has Served Time Before.
Black River Falls, Wis., Nov. 1 -
Quick work was made of the case of John Arquette, charged with erasing the name of Mrs. Katie Terrill from a stolen deed and substituting his own and having the deed recorded. He decided to plead guilty before Judge O'Neill and was given a five year sentence at Waupun. A singular coincidence was that about twenty-five yearsago Arquette was convicted of arson in Clark County and prosecuted by Judge O'neill, then a young lawyer. But a new trial and change of venue cleared him. In his plea for clemency before the judge this was brought out and also the fact that he had served two terms at Waupun, one for bigamy and one for horse stealing. he is sixty-nine years old."

Imogene Judd:


daughter of William and Priscilla Judd

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    [He is listed as head, single, age 75. He has lodgers.]

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    John Arquette, #2451, sentenced Dec 11th, '77 for four years, from December 11, 1877 short time expires May 23, 1881, if no black marks reported.

  6. John Von Haden, articles from Port Washington Weekly Star archives.

    John Arquette Stories from Port Washington Weekly Star

    Aug 25, 1883; p. 8, col 3
    Arrested for Bigamy

    John Arket, a character who has been living in this neighborhood for the past few years and who has gained considerable notoriety by his escapades, was arrested last Tuesday by Frank Delles, city marshal, on a charge of bigamy.

    Some two years a go Arket first came into notice on account of a warrant sworn out by a young lady of this city charging him with being the paternal progenitor of an embryo inhabitant, without having first gone through the formality of obtaining a legal pronounciamento declaring them to be man and wife.

    Arket, however, escaped prosecution by marrying the aforesaid miss, whom he almost immediately deserted.

    Reports, is some way, reached the ears of the father-in-law of Arket, that the notorious John had been previously married, and that his wife was still living. Investigation disclosed the fact that the report was apparently true, whereupon City Marshal Delles immediately started for the Oneida reservation some ten Miles west of De Pere, to subpoena the Rev. S. W. Ford, a missionary among the Oneida Indians, who was reported to be the minister who married John to Mrs. Arket No. 1. The marshal accordingly sought out Ford and found him to be a genial and obliging gentleman of about 60 years, from whom he learned that Arket had been married in 1867, in Milwaukee county, and that wife No. 1 was living in Neilsville, at the expense of the town, the considerate John having deserted her.

    The marshal having accomplished his purpose, returned to this city, Mr. Ford promising to come down yesterday afternoon, and appear at the examination, which was set for this morning at 9 o'clock before Court Commissioner Tholen.

    Sep 1, 1883; p. 8, col. 3
    Held for Trial

    John Arket, who was arrested for bigamy last week had his preliminary examination last Saturday before Court Commissioner Tholen.

    The most important witness examined was Rev. S. W. Ford, of the Oneida reservation, who testified as to the fact of Arket's first marriage, which occurred in Milwaukee county in 1867. Ford recognized the prisoner as a person whom he had seen before but could not recollect where or at what place.

    At the conclusion of the examination Arket was held in $1000 bonds, which not being forthcoming, he was remanded to jail, there to await the action of the Circuit Court.

    Sep. 8, 1883; p. 8, col. 3

    John Arquet, who was arrested some time ago for bigamy, had his trial before the Circuit Court this week. Arquet was first married in 1867, to a Miss Todhunter, at Wauwatosa, and afterwards moved to Neilsville, where Mrs. Arquet still lives. Arquet, in 1877, was sentenced to four years in state prison, for horse stealing, in Winnebago county. At the expiration of his term of service, Arquet came to this neighborhood, and worked for several farmers hereabout. Shortly after his arrival here, he married a Miss Judd, to escape a criminal prosecution. In some manner, probably from the indiscreet talk of Arquet himself, the report was started that he had another wife living. The authorities investigating the matter found the report to be true, and caused the man's arrest.

    The case was given to the jury Thursday afternoon, but the evidence was so conclusive that it required but a few minutes to agree on a verdict, which was: guilty.

    Friday, Arquet was brought before Judge Sloan to receive his sentence. The Judge sentenced him to three years in the state prison, and gave him some good advice. Arquet, on receiving his sentence, was moved to tears, and promised to reform when released.

    Sep. 15, 1883; p. 8, col. 3

    John Arquet, who was last week convicted of bigamy by the Circuit Court, and sentenced to three years in state prison, would probably have received a much longer sentence but for several mitigating circumstances. Through the influence of Mr. Tom B. Philpoth, of Loyal, Wis., ex-sheriff of Clark Co., Arquet was prevailed upon to deed his wife, considerable property, which he had acquired during his sojourn in this city, amounting to two or three hundred dollars, and also to transfer what funds he had, some $60, to his wife. These facts were taken into consideration by the judge when sentence was pronounced, and in consequence Arquet escaped with a much lighter sentence than would otherwise have been accorded him. Mr. Philpoth deserves great praise, from the people of Clark County, for having prevailed upon Arquet to relinquish his title to the property, as he, (Philpoth), done a good act for the county and for Mrs. Arquet. Mrs. Arquet is said to be a respectable and hard working woman, who has, with some slight assistance from the town, managed to support herself and five small children. Arquet was conveyed this week to Waupun, by Sheriff Spehn, where he will have an unequaled opportunity for contemplating the folly of disregarding the laws of the great commonwealth of Wisconsin.

  7. Clark Co., WI Internet Library, ALHN & AHGP website (, In the Good Old Days - Clark County News - June 1877.

    The fact was brought to light that the family of John Arquette, deserted by him some time ago, was found to be in a starving condition. Their immediate needs were supplied by contributions solicited by Mrs. James O’Neill, Sr. The town fathers should see that the family is not allowed to starve in the future.

  8. Census, Federal - 1870 - Clark Co, WI, town of Loyal, p. 6 & 7.

    [Per the 1908 newspaper story John was born in 1839]

  9. John Von Haden, copy of Arquuet-Todhunter marriage record from Volume 2, p. 438 at Milwaukee Co. Couthouse.

    [marriage certificate says "Brazier, NY" However, 1850 census shows a Peter and Betsey Arquette family in "Brasher" NY< which I believe is correct spelling.]

  10. Ibid., copy of statewide vital statistics marriage (Ozaukee county)- volume I, p. 318.
  11. Ibid., Family group sheet rec'd 7 Mar 2010.

    [John cites the following sources for Allene:
    1) Pre-1907 WI vital records, Ozaukee Co., mariage certif, Vol 2, p. 293
    2) Ozaukee County Couthouse, death certificate, Vol 27, p. 101
    3) obituary, Port Washington Pilot, 17 Jan 1968, p. 6, col 8]

  12. Ibid.

    [cites: source: Ozaukee county courthouse, death certificate, Vol. 27, page 101 source: obituary, Port Washington Pilot, Jan. 17, 1968, page 6, column 8 ]

  13. Ibid., Family group sheet rec'd 7 Mar 2010.
  14. Ibid., copy of statewide vital statistics marriage (Ozaukee county)- volume I, p. 318.

    Husband: John Arquett, son of Isaac and Betsey Arquett, occupation - laborer, born in St Lawrence Co, New york, current residence - Port Washington, Ozaukee Co, WI

    Wife: Imogeane W. Judd, daughter of William and Priscilla Judd, born in Saukville, Ozaukee Co, WI

    Marriage occurred 23 Dec 1881, Town Port Washington, Ozaukke Co., WI

    Ceremony conducted by:, James McCarthy, Justice of the Peace, Port Washington, WI

    Witnesses: Harry Bolenns and John P. Wetzer

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