Husband: Jacob Greeley (1)
Born: 22 Aug 1762 in New Castle, Maine
Married: 03 Mar 1791
Died: Aug 1838
Wife: Hannah Hazeltine (2)
Born: 05 Apr 1773 in Chelsea, Maine
Died: 16 Feb 1852
01 (M): Daniel E Greeley (3)
Born: 03 Apr 1796 in Palermo, Maine
Died: 18 Mar 1879 in Clinton, Maine
Spouses: Rebecca Elizabeth Erskine
Additional Information

Jacob Greeley:


The Greely genealogy continues in the "Greely Manual" thus:

Jacob Greely (b. 1762 Salisbury, MA) son of

Jacob Greeley (b.1739 Salisbury, MA) son of:

Samuel Greely b. 1716 Salisbury, MA) son of:

Jonathon Greele (b. 1672-3 Salisbury, MA) son of:

Philip Grele (born 1644 Salisbury, MA) son of:

Andrew Greele (born 1617 Great Britian) - Andrew came to America before 1640 and was a proprietor of Salisbury, MA.

Page 2: "The Greely Clan originated on the Island of Barra in Scotland. Original spellings were MacGrele and MacGrail. This data courtesy of Barbara Myers Parmelee"

Page 3 refers to "Genealogy of the Greely-Greeley Family," published by George Hiram Greeley in 1905, printed by Frank Wood of Boston, MA.

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