Husband: Arthur Franklin Jarvie (1)
Wife: Vertuel J. Bessie Violet Mitchell (2 3 4 5)
Born: 17 Jun 1909 in Galena, Jo Daviess, Illinois
Died: 25 Oct 1989 in Fox Lake, Illinois
Father: Joseph Mitchell
Mother: Matilda White
Spouses: Morris; Peter Gessner; Seeback
Additional Information

Arthur Franklin Jarvie:


Franklin per Pat Marek Email of 30 Sep 2007

  1. P Marek, Email 9 Apr 2007 & 25 Apr 2007.
  2. Census, Federal - 1910 - Jo Daviess Co., Illinois, Galena 5th Ward, ED # 38, sheet 7B (Ancestry p. 14 of 27).
  3. Jon Radermacher.

    [Email 8/6/06]

  4. Census, Federal - 1920 - Jo Daviess, Illinois, Galena Ward 4, ED 44.
    (8 Jan 1920)

    Line 72 409 Dodge St. Dwelling # 120 Family # 126

    Leffler, Charles, M. head age 45 b. IL F b. Penn M. b. Ind. Occupation: house Painter
    Matilda wife 47 IL IL IL
    Vertuel J. dau 10 IL IL IL
    Lucile M. dau 4 1/12 IL IL IL

  5. P Marek, Email 9 Apr 2007.

    Hi Dianne:

    You don’t know me but you have been in contact with a cousin of mine, Jon Radermacher.

    While I don’t have much info, I can tell you that my Mother’s Mother, my Granny, was Vertuel B Mitchell, daughter of Joseph Mitchell and Matilda White.

    I have found that Matilda was born in Aug 16 1872 in Jo Daviess Country and died in the Manteno Nursing Home on Nov 16 1947. Matilda was apparently married a couple of times…at least once before Mr. Mitchell.

    I have no info on Joseph Mitchell. Matilda then married Charles Lefler.

    Back to my Granny, while she is listed as Vertuel J Mitchell, I believe her name was Vertuel Bessie Mitchell. This is what she told us and it is what is on a certified copy of a birth certificate issued by Jo Daviess County in the 1970’s. . . .
    Granny (Vertuel) was born June 17 1909 in Galena and died October 25 1989 in Fox Lake, IL. We never knew Granny as Vertuel. She absolutely hated the name and was called Violet. When it was time to collect Social Security, she was forced to legally change her name to Violet to match all earnings. Other than my Mom and one Aunt, we were NOT to know her original name. Funny, huh?

    If you need more info from me, please don’t hesitate to write. I admire your hard work. Finding info is one thing but when a parent is married several times and didn’t keep records, it’s almost impossibility.

    Thank you for reading this

    Patricia Rust...,

    Granddaughter to Violet B Mitchell. Married names: Jarvie (not Jarvis), then Morris, then Gessner and then Seeback and back to Gessner (I believe her true love).

    Hi Again:
    Again, Jon Radermacher gave me your link. His paternal grandmother was
    Lucille Leffler, my Granny's half-sister. I mislead you, Granny was only
    married 4 times, she just went back to the Gessner name. Grandpa Peter
    Gessner was much older than she and he died in 1952. As I mentioned, he was
    the love of Granny's life I think. I was only 4 when he died but I know I
    loved him dearly. Story....... he would sit on the sofa, I'd sit on the
    back of the sofa, and he would let me comb his hair!

    Sounds like Granny's Mom "got around" as well. I too saw the 16 children
    and 3 living at one point. Granny never talked about her family until her
    end but she mentioned that "Mamma" (Matilda White) had a couple of sets of
    twins that died young. We didn't know if any of that was true. Besides her
    half-sister Lucille (a really fun lady), there was an "Uncle Vade". I am
    sure she said he was a half-brother as well. So, I think Matilda's first
    marriage was to a Reitz as Uncle Vade was Nevada Reitz.

    So are you related to Samuel D White and/or Josephine Mougin, Matilda's

    I wish I could be of help. I wish I had stories to tell. Feel free to ask
    any questions of me. Jon Radermachers two aunts are the only descendants of
    Matilda that are older than I am. I put Barbara age
    70 this year and Diane ... at age 66.

    Patricia Ann Marek (nee Rust)

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