Husband: Thomas Stevens (1 2 3 4)
Born: before 1758 in Nova Scotia (5)
Died: 1812 in Salmon River, Nova Scotia, Canada (6)
Father: Jacob Stevens
Mother: >>>
Wife: Nancy Agnes Elliott (7)
Born: about 1758 in Nova Scotia, Canada
Died: after 1838
Father: Anthony Elliott
Mother: Jemima
Spouses: John Reed; Thomas Hunt
01 (F): Sarah Stevens (8)
Born: 1795 in Nova Scotia (9)
Died: 21 Apr 1842 in Harmony, Colchester, Nova Scotia, Canada
Spouses: Samuel Whidden
02 (M): William Stevens (10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18)
Born: about 1785 in Onslow, Colchester, Nova Scotia, Canada (19)
Died: before 1869 in Nova Scotia, Canada
Spouses: Hannah Higgins
03 (M): Enoch Stevens (20 21 22)
Born: about 1793 in Nova Scotia, Canada
Spouses: Sarah Elliott
04 (M): Robert D. Stevens (23 24 25)
Born: about 1796 in Onslow, Nova Scotia, Canada
Died: 09 Aug 1886 in Debert, Colchester, Nova Scotia, Canada (26 27)
Spouses: Mariah Campbell
05 (M): James William Stevens (28 29 30)
Born: 1801 in Nova Scotia, Canada
Spouses: Jane Geddes
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Thomas Stevens:


Thomas and Nancy Agnes are possible parents for William and his siblings. The connection has not been proven. A book by Millar says Thomas and Nancy had 4 sons, but only names one, James William. The 4th son may have been Enoch Stevens, born about 1793, who married Sarah Elliott, a niece of Nancy Agnes. Enoch was living at New Annan in 1838 and Biddeford, Maine in 1850.

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Thomas Stevens (1758 - 1812)

Thomas Stevens
Born 1758 in Salmon River, Colchester, Nova Scotia, Canada
Son of Jacob Stevens and [mother unknown]
[sibling(s) unknown]
Husband of Nancy Agnes (Elliot) Stevens — married 1780 in Onslow, Colchester County, Nova Scotia, Canada
DESCENDANTS descendants
Father of James William Stevens
Died 1812 in Salmon River, Colchester, Nova Scotia, Canada

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  1. Neil Weatherbee; Gatineau, Quebec, Canada, Email 28Oct2006.

    As for the William who married Hannah Higgins, his
    parents may have been Thomas Stevens and Nancy Agnes
    Elliott. I had mentioned Thomas and Nancy in an
    earlier email in which I mentioned that Thomas
    Millar's book indicated that they had four sons and
    one daughter. Millar's book also stated that Nancy
    married two times after Thomas' death - first to a Mr.
    Read and then to a Thomas Hunt.

    I would feel comfortable in listing James, Robert and William (all the Stevens in the 1838 Londonderry census) as possible sons of Thomas Stevens and Nancy Elliott. As for the fourth son, he could have been Enoch Stevens, Husband of Sarah Elliott (nancy's niece), who was living at New Annan in 1838.

    Although I cannot confirm the children, the makeup of Thomas and Nancy Stevens' family may have been:

    Thomas Stevens (b. c. 1758) m. Nancy Agnes Elliott.
    - (?) William Stevens (b. c. 1780's) m. Hannah Higgins
    - (?) Sarah Stevens (b. c. 1790) m. Samuel Whidden.
    - (?) Enoch Stevens (B. c. 1793) m. Sarah Elliott
    - (?) Robert D. Stevens (b. c. 1796) m. Maria Campbell.
    - (?) James William Stevens (b. 1801) m. Jane Geddes

  2. Rootsweb (, Line 52.

    Thomas Stevens is assessed 1 shilling.

    ["Assessed Bill of Revenue Tax for township of Onslow for the year 1791"]

  3. Robert Kim Stevens and Cj Stevens, The Stevens Families of Nova Scotia (Oracle Press, NY; 1979).

    p. 395 Thomas Stevens married Nancy Elliot, a daughter of one of the first settlers of Onslow, Colchester Co. They had four sons and one daughter. ... The sons of Thomas and Nancy are not named by Miller (First Settlers of Colchester County, p. 9) nor is there any spare Thomas Stevens in the genealogies of Thomas and Jacob Stevens, early settlers at Onslow ...This Thmas Stevens could possibly be the father of Edmund Stevens, Enoch Stevens, and Robert D. Stevens, but no evidence to support this speculation has been found.

  5. Barbara Trenholm Genealogy site (

    Died 1812 in Salmon River, Colchester, Nova Scotia, Canada

  7. Neil Weatherbee; Gatineau, Quebec, Canada, Email: 28 Oct 2006.
  8. Ibid., Email: 28 Oct 2006.
  9. Carol Stevens Fisher, email of 17 Oct 2011.

    [Notes Carol copied from "Stevens" folder at Truro Historical Society Oct 2011.]

  10. Ibid., email 24 Jul 2010.

    I am a decendant of Elisha who was a son of William. The information I have comes from family history. It is hand written on a sheet of paper from years ago. I have Burpee's family bible. but it is not in that. It is on a separate paper. It reads as follows.
    The first Stevens we have on record.
    William Stevens married Hannah Crowell Nov 1810 (no birth or death dates)
    Their family: Sarah Stevens born March 1st 1811
    Mary Stevens b Dec 25th 1813
    Elisha (father of Burpee) b April5th 1815-Dec 24 1880
    Samuel b March 31 1817
    Rachel b May 1th 1819
    William b Dec 4 1822
    Elisha Stevens married Abigail Hall 1840
    William (Jr) Stevens married Ann Hall Feb 8th 1852
    died in BC

  11. Charles Stevens death certificate.
  12. Gene Jane's Road Map to Colchester Families (, will of Thomas Stevens.

    [Thomas Stevens, Onslow, estate # 192; Colchester Registry of Probate, Truro, NS, Canada]

  13. Jane (Currie) Wile Email of 8 Mar 2004.

    [ RR#1 Belmont,
    NS, Canada
    B0M 1C0

  14. Reminiscences of Some of the Early Settlers of Ramsheck Road (Truro Daily News, vol14, no. 82, 1 Apr 1904).
  15. Jane Wile's Genealogical Database (, Londonderry Twsp Census 1838, Colchester Co., Nova Scotia, Canada.

    [Shared courtesy of Gene Jane
    William Stevens is listed and also James William Stevens.
    Other names of interest include Crowe, Agnes Elliott, and Geddes.]

  16. Ibid., Folly Lake Residents Requesting Remain Annexed to Colchester County.
    (18 Jan 1840)

    John Carter
    Lawson Carter
    William Carter
    William Stevens
    Gilbert Totten
    James E. Vance
    Freeman Weatherbee
    Edward D. Weatherby

    [Shared courtesy of Gene Jane]

  17. Census, Canadian - 1838 - Colchester Co, Nova Scotia, Canada, Family 195.

    Family #195 - William STEVENS Spouse : Hannah Occupation : Farmer 1 - Female(s) under 6 years 2 - Male(s) over 6 and under 14 years : 1 - Female(s) over 6 and under 14 years : 2 - Male(s) above 14 years of age not a head of family : 3 - Female(s) above 14 years of age not a head of family : District : Londonderry

    [Families #110 and #195 are both Wm. and Hannah Stevens and have identical make-up. Possibly the same Family. GeneJane writes the following: "I have also marked the 2 William Steven households that you mentioned as possibly being the same family.... I examined the names of the near neighbors for both entries and cross-checked them with information I have on some of these and it would appear to me that entry #195 is the one that best describes the neighbors of William & Hannah of Folly Lake and is the entry that I consider to be their family.
    The #110 entry seems to be surrounded by families who lived in the Folly Village / Masstown area and although I've found no record of another William & Hannah Stevens in the area, that does not mean that there is not. " 30Apr2009

    (True, but extremely unlikely they'd have exactly the same family structure. DZS.)

    I had another look at the 1838 census and did more comparisons farther up and down the the list from each of the William and Hannah Stevens households and this is the results...

    FN 189 - SINGER - lived at Folly Lake
    FN 190 - PEPPARD - Great Village
    FN 191 - MAGAHEY - Folly Lake (I think this is Mageney)
    FN 192 - COOK - Acadia Mines
    FN 193 - COOK - Acadia Mines
    FN 194 - VANCE - Folly Lake
    FN 195 - STEVENS - William and Hannah
    FN 196 - JOHNSON - East Mines
    FN 197 - SINGER - I do not know where they lived
    FN 198 - DILL - Great Village
    FN 199 - DILL - Great Village
    FN 200 - JACKSON - do not know
    FN 201 - JACKSON - Economy
    FN 202 - CUMMINGS - Great Village

    FN 103 - PHILLIPS - Folly Mountain
    FN 104 - McLANE - Folly River (between Folly Village and East Mines)
    FN 105 - DUNN - do not know
    FN 106 - WEATHERBY - Folly Lake
    FN 107 - CHRISTY - Great Village
    FN 108 - McCULLY - Masstown
    FN 109 - McLANE - Folly Village
    FN 110 - STEVENS - William and Hannah
    FN 111 - MILLER - do not know
    FN 112 - CLARK - do not know
    FN 113 - STEVENS - East Mines
    FN 114 - FLETCHER - Lower Debert (between Masstown & Folly Village)
    FN 115 - FAULKNER - Lower Debert
    FN 116 - SLACK - can't determine
    FN 117 - GRAHAM - Debert

    The enumeration was obviously not done house to house following the roadways - that is for certain and given the haphazard way the families are listed I think it would be quite possible for a family to be recorded twice - they are 85 households apart by number and would be pages apart on paper. Still and all I have to reserve that possibility of another William and Hannah Stevens family being in the area - personally I don't think there is, but I have been fooled more that once by not keeping an open mind to possibilities :) (7/21/2009)

    Cheerio !

  18. Carol Stevens Fisher.

    [sent link to this land grant map.
    click on unit 71. Find Stevens property east of Folly Lake far upper right.]

  19. Ibid., forum 21 Jan 2010.
  20. Gene Jane's Road Map to Colchester Families (

    [Gene Jane notes Enoch as a possible son to Thomas and Nancy Elliott Stevens. And also that Enoch, his wife, and some of their children had moved to Biddeford, Maine by 1850. And that Enoch was a ship carpenter.]

  21. Census, Federal - 1850 - York Co., Maine, Biddeford, Ancestry p. 38 of 146.
    (6 Sep 1850)

    Line 9 Dwelling # 300 Household # 302

    Enoch Stevens age 57 m Carpenter b. Nova Scotia
    Sarah " 60 f NS
    Samuel " 22 m Sawyer NS
    William " 27 m Sawyer NS
    James " 25 m Sawyer NS
    Robert " 17 m Mason NS

  22. Carol Stevens Fisher, email 17 Oct 2011.

    There was a Philip Elliot living in Biddeford that Enock and Sarah would visit.

    [Notes Carol copied from "Stevens" folder at Truro Historical Society Oct 2011.]

  23. Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints,
  24. Gene Jane's Road Map to Colchester Families (
  25. Census, Canadian - 1838 - Colchester Co, Nova Scotia, Canada, per Colchester Historical Society listing.

    District - Londonderry Family # - 113

    Stevens, Robert head Occ: farmer Family total=6
    Maria spouse
    males under 6 yrs - 1
    males over 6 and under 14 - 1
    Females over 6 and under 14 - 2

    [Robt D. and Maria Stevens are listed as family 113. Robert's brother William is listed as 110 and also as 195. DZS.]

  26. Penny Lane, Email 26 Oct 2006.
  27. Neil Weatherbee; Gatineau, Quebec, Canada, Email 28 Oct 2006.

    [This source added the date of death.]

  28. Ibid., Email: 28 Oct 2006.
  29. Gene Jane's Road Map to Colchester Families (
  30. Census, Canadian - 1838 - Colchester Co, Nova Scotia, Canada, Per Colchester Historical Society.

    Family 329 - District - Londonderry

    Stevens, James - farmer
    Jane spouse
    1 female under 6
    1 male over 6 and under 14
    2 females over 6 and under 14

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