Husband: Vincett (1)
Wife: Suzanne M Denman (2 3)
Born: 1865 in Essex County, New Jersey
Died: 1938 in Glenburnie, Ontario, Canada
Father: Theodore Frederick Denman
Mother: Margaret DeMouth
Spouses: Elmer E. Lindley
Additional Information

Suzanne M Denman:


This poem about the wonderful old DeMouth stone house is included in the family History of Lois Wells.


I will sing you a song about Stoney Brook Bridge And the rivulet running below;
There my dear mother played when a child on the ridge,
Or basked in the warm evening glow:
Great Grandmother had a stone house at the place
That is now called the old Reservoir,
While in Rockaway Vale lay the first of our race,
Who had come to the spot long before.

There was Abner De Mouth with his mill and his shop
On his seven thousand acres of land,
Who invited the ministers always to stop
When they preached to the small zealous band;
There were other historical spots I have seen,
As I traveled the vale, ridge to ridge,
But the place that I love beyond others, I ween,
Are the Old Home and Stoney Brook Bridge.

Old Stone House on the Hill, where my mother was born,
And her own mother played when a child,
Where the golden rod blew in the glorious morn,
And love was a thing undefiled,
Thou art sacred to me and enshrined in my soul,
And my plea ever is to be true,
To the prayers that went up to the heavenly goal
From the hearts that were sheltered by you!

Susan Denman Vincet

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