Husband: Philip Love White (1 2 3 4 5)
Born: 23 Aug 1904 in Apple River, Jo Daviess, Illinois
Died: 15 May 1999 in Brownwood, Brown, TX
Father: William Wesley White
Mother: Anna Adelaide Nicklas
Wife: Ezra Edna Grimes (6 7)
Born: 09 Jan 1898 in Bell Co., TX
Died: 18 Jun 1994 in Texas
01 (F): Dorothy Nell White
Born: 05 Aug 1928 in Dallas County, Texas (8)
Died: 03 Aug 1992 in Sonoma, Sonoma, CA (9)
Spouses: Dave Wilson; Cecil H. Tripp
02 (?): Living
Additional Information

Philip Love White:


Philip had to quit high school and help his parents. He married a Texas woman, Ezra Edna Grimes. You can read about Ezra in her own story. Ezra brought an adopted daughter, Dorothy Nell, to the marriage. Philip and Ezra adopted a second child, Bruce Elmer. Philip tried farming in Missouri but that didn't go too well. Paul spent one summer with him and his family on their farm in Jasper, Missouri. Then for 25 years Philip and Ezra operated a coin laundromat in Lawrence, Kansas, an endeavor which proved more productive for them. After they retired they bought a trailer and toured the western states, making many friends and thoroughly enjoying life. They'd spend winter in Texas and go north in the spring to Idaho where they enjoyed picking wild huckleberries, and canning apricots, apples, strawberries and rhubarb. Philip was a very friendly, good humored man. His wife was six years older than he and lived to be 96. During her later years she suffered from several debilitating conditions and required much care. Philip cared for her until she died, at which time he himself was 90 years old. He was never heard to complain. Philip lived another 5 years, dying in Brownwood, Texas in 1999. Philip Love White was a good and happy man. Their daughter, Dorothy Nell, married several times, moved to California, and had six children. Their son Bruce married a girl of Mexican descent, had two children, and retired in Mexico.

Ezra Edna Grimes:


The following article is from the Llano Grande Lake Park weekly newsletter
VOL. 7, Issue 10 Jan 5, 1979
Personality Profile
We, here at Llano Grande Lake Park, are privileged to have EZRA WHITE a Texas pioneer, observing her birthday - 82nd - on Wednesday. She was born January 9, 1898 in Bell County, Texas, twelve miles from Temple, Texas.
Her family moved to West Texas when she was three. There were no fences and only one neighbor. Prairie dogs were everywhere, with a rattlesnake in every fourth hole.
Later at 4 she lived on a cattle ranch what was then called the bottom land of the Texas Colorado River. Her 9 year old brother walked four miles to Bronte to school, crossing the river. One morning a wolf chased him up a tree where he stayed 'til past noon.
When she was 5, her older brother (and Ezra) drove a horse and buggy to the same school. One cold morning the river was frozen hard almost to the center. They tried to cross the river - the horse broke through the ice, but they continued on over with the buggy as the horse scrambled to gain his footage on the ice. They laughed, thinking it was fun.
Her father bought a cattle ranch near Eden, Texas. There was no town there then. The nearest neighbor was ten miles away. Post office and place to buy supplies was San Angelo - 50 miles away. Twice a year this family of five drove this 50 miles in a covered wagon, camping along the way. There were no roads - just a sense of direction to follow! There were few fences and occasional ones, the father pulled the staples from the wire at 2 or 3 posts. The children stood on the wire as he drove over, then restapled the wire to the fence.
Ezra's mother taught the children at home. She was in the 6th grade when she entered public school. She graduated in 1914 with a degree and a teacher's certificate from Southwest Texas State University at San Marcos - and later taught at a whopping salary of $60.00 a month - room and board for $24.00.
She became a home demonstration agent in New Mexico. During World War I she worked in the Census Bureau in Washington D.C. and was called back to the ranch in San Saba, Texas because her father had lost his eyesight. Many people in West Texas lived in DUG-OUTS. Windows were above the ground. (Note from Ezra adds: This bit about the dug outs was not where my family lived but in a newly formed county in the pan handle of Texas where a big ranch was divided into 7 counties at the death of the owner. I was an extension agent there.)
While working and still single Ezra adopted a little girl one year old. She met Phil while he was president of the Farm Groups in NM, they married and lived on her father's ranch. Later they adopted another child, a boy. To date they have 8 grandchildren and 7 great-grandchildren. More moves - farmed in Cherokee, near San Saba, then to Missouri for ten years. For 25 years they operated a coin laundermat in Lawrence, Kansas.
After they retired they bought a trailer and toured the western states. Spent 4 years in Harlingen, Texas in Fun-in-Sun and in the meantime purchased 2 lots in Llano Grand Lake Park. They have 5 trailers and presently have a 35' fifth wheeler, which is their "home away from home." Their 16' wide mobile is located on #16-17 Guadalajara, and their 5th wheeler is being rented for the winter - next door.
One of the highlights of Ezra's life was the jet boat trip on the Snake River two years ago out of Lewiston, Idaho - called Hell's Canyon of the Snake River. Four summers were spent at Vallecito Resort in Colorado - 25 miles from Durango. The last three years have been spent in the summer in Kamloops Park in northern Idaho picking wild huckleberries, canning fruit, apricots, apples, strawberries & rhubarb.
Her activities in the park have been fabric painting, playing bingo, and attending pot luck suppers. She has FROSTED many BIRTHDAY CAKES for the gringos.
She remembers well the early days! Everyone had a sense of honesty. You had no laws just a sense of pride. Y'all didn't dare brag about yourself - if you bragged about Texas that was ALL RIGHT - that was drilled into them from infancy on.

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    Helen 24 - Public school Teacher

    *Dorothy indicates she has been unemployed for 3 months.

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