Husband: Roy Nicholas Zierke (1)
Born: 06 Apr 1891 in Glencoe, Mcleod, Minnesota
Married: 05 May 1915 (5)
Died: 04 Apr 1959 in Brainerd, Crow Wing, Minnesota
Father: Christopher Wilhelm Zierke
Mother: Caroline Heitz
Wife: Ivy Evalina Hall (2)
Born: 06 Jul 1896 in Green Prairie, Minnesota
Died: 25 Oct 1981 in Brainerd, Crow Wing, Minnesota
01 (F): Arla Ivy Zierke (3)
Born: 13 Nov 1916 in Crow Wing, Crow Wing, Minnesota
Died: 11 Jun 1967 in Brainerd, Crow Wing, Minnesota
Spouses: Arleigh Shaw, Sr; Melvin Donald Ahlgrim
02 (M): Calvin Zierke (4)
Born: 08 Apr 1923 in Brainerd, Crow Wing, Minnesota
Died: Apr 1984 in Savage, Scott, Minnesota
03 (?): Living
04 (?): Living
Additional Information

Roy Nicholas Zierke:


Per P Clark Email 17 Mar 2004:
"Roy moved to Brainerd by age 19 from Glencoe to seek his fortune. At age 20 (1910) he was Co-operator of a general store with Thomas Welsh. In the early 1930's he worked as Chief of Police. In the 40's and 50's he owned a bowling alley midblock on Front Street between 5th and 6th streets. He also operated a grocery store on E Street and 5th Ave. NE for many years. He was an intelligent and soft spoken man who became overweight and bald in the second half of his life. As a young man he loved playing baseball and he was always an avid fisherman. He was a great reader and enjoyed history."

Ivy Evalina Hall:

Cause of Death: heart disease


Per P Clark 17 Mar 2004:
" Ivy was a small energetic woman with long dark hair. She loved gardening and outdoor activities. She rode a bicycle and ice-skated well into her 60's. She had at least 3 or more pets. She played the piano very well and could often be heard playing as one approached the house. She was especially fond of her grandparents and was a very simple loving woman. She died of heart disease. She was very far sighted."

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