Husband: Jacques Bignuette (1 2 3)
Born: 1730 in Montbeliard, Doubs, France
Married: 07 May 1754 in St John Anglican Church, Lunenburg, Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Canada
Died: Apr 1805 in Wentworth, Nova Scotia, Canada
Wife: Marie Calame (4)
Born: 1734 in Montbeliard, Doubs, France
Died: in Nova Scotia
Father: Abraham Calame
Mother: Suzanne
01 (F): Catherine Jane Bigney (5)
Born: 05 Feb 1764 in Lunenburg, Lunenburg Co, Nova Scotia, Canada
Died: 1845 in Mattatall Lake, Colchester Co, Nova Scotia, Canada
Spouses: John Frederick Patriquin
Additional Information

Jacques Bignuette:


K Marshall shares notes she received from A. Alexander. He found theis information in
"The Montbeliard Setlers At Tatamagouche: DesBarres' First
Settlers in the 1770s". It's a small, informative booklet which indicates
that James Bigney and his family were one of the thirteen families that left
Lunenburg and moved to Tatamagouche at the invitation of Joseph Frederick
Wallet DesBarres, a man whose family came originally from Montbeliard.
DesBarres was trained as a military engineer in England and arrived in North
America at the time Louisbourg was captured. As a reward for surveying the
land that had been owned by the Acadians, prior to their expulsion from Nova
Scotia, DesBarres was granted 20,000 acres of land, including the former
Acadian lands at Tatamagouche.
Wanting to be like European land owners who rented out their farms to
tennants, DesBarres invited Bigney and the other 12 families to move to
Tatamagouche and farm on his land. This they did. Not wanting to be
tennant farmers forever, the Bigneys eventually moved from Tatamagouche to
River John (a distance of about 20 miles) where some of their descendants
still live. The first children of James BIGNEY and Mary CALAME were born in
Lunenburg; the rest were born in Tatamagouche.

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    Primary Immigrant: Calame, Abraham
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    [Gary Michael Patriquinn born 11/22/1951]

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